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Complaint Review: Attorney Defend Me LLC Another Web based Scamsite being Run out of 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY 11752 by Michael Martino East Islip NY - Islip Terrace New York

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Smoked - West Islip, NEW YORK, United States
Sun, December 19, 2021

Attorney Defend Me LLC Another Web based Scamsite being Run out of 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY 11752 by Michael Martino East Islip NY
99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace, 11752 New York, United States
advertising scam, ATTORNEY
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Mike Martino of 9 Watson Street East Islip NY 11730 runs a discount thrift store on 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY 111752 and Fairview Ave on the corner.

But Zogies Deals isnt the only business being run out of there..This guy is running a scamsite advertizing lawyers and other services which are most likely lawyers and bail bondsmen he scammed on Linked-In with his phoney resume..Yep Mikes resume is very very phoney and I can prove it..Read on.......

Look at the Resume where it says HLS for 11 years then look at the information from the business licnse office...It says HLS Foreclosure Protection LLC has been active only 7 MONTHS!!!

Then look at where it says Homeland Settlement Corps...Look at the start date of 2007..Then look where it says it was shut down by the IRS and it was and the president Lisa Vitale got busted while Mike got away squeeky clean.......

Look at Construction Realty Concepts.It says 1 year 7 months. Look at the business license entry. It says the business has been active only 7 MONTHS!!!

Look at Zogies.....It says 3 years 7 months....Look at the business registry license entry. It says the business has only been active 8 months..

Then look at when he joined Linked-In and look at how many people Michael Martino is scamming at the moment too but what Mike doesnt know yet is I contacted Wix and I contacted Linked-In and I gave them the facts of who Michael Martino really is with info about former scamsites hosted by GoDaddy and told them to contact GoDaddy too as they are libel for what Mike posts as a liar and a scammer.......I told Linked-In that they need to have members prove their facts on their resumes too and make sure the information is correct and factual or face a news story and a class action lawsuit so Mikes accounts should be shutdown and also I told Linked-In that to not be libel for his scams they host that they need to also contact all of Miikes contacts and tell them they were victims in a possible scam scheme involving Michael Martino too as he isnt who he portrays himself out to be.....................LOL

What Michael Martino of 9 Watson St East Islip NY 11730 and 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY 11752 left out was AeroStar Servicing Corps and AeroStar Financial Recovery also USA Mortgage with another scammer but died in 2010 and his name was Salvatore Paine and theres RipOff Report stories about Salvatore Paine of USA Mortgage on Medford Ave Patchogue NY and the scams they ran on people too....

AeroStar Servicing Corps and AeroStar Financial Recovery was another couple of Mikes scamsites but when exposed he shut them down..The story is here on RipOff Report for all to read too about this crook/scammer and also see all the proof to his scams..

Michael also left out being owner of Trueline Contracting Inc and MMI Contracting......Look up 9 Watson Street East Islip NY and see how many businesses he has registered there.Im posting them as proof too..

He also left out his homebased gunstore called MMI Distributors and Pets1 Boutique.

Why is that so?...Wait....;- I know the answer because all of those entities have been mentioned here on Ripoff Report!!! Thats Why..!!!...LOL..

What is the scammer gonna do now that every one of his new scam businesses are gonna be on RipOff Report?..Who knows but I cant wait to find out after I reveal all of them....LOL

Now Michael Martino has once again popped up and even has a different group of scam businesses registered out of upstate Albany NY 350 miles away instead of registering them in Suffolk County NY and also to mention there are no business branches in Albany..

Its just a mailbox service run by another scammer that gives people addresses for registering businesses for a fee and staying anonymous but Mike added his real addresses and name..LOL...What an idiot but then again we all know Michael Martino has a 6th grade education but has a masters in scamming people..

Look at all the trouble Mike is in...He just recently retained Sharon Silver out of Islandia but before that he went to court Pro'Se.....LOL..How come he doesnt have the best of the best representing him?

How come in the last 8 years his home has been in pre foreclosure 4 times and how its possible to do that and still have credit.

Thats because Michael Martinos sister Luisa Hartman of West Islip and his sister-inlaw named Annette Martino of Islip NY have credentials to get into the national debt database and erases Mikes debts to make the debts look like they were a mistake as Mike lies to the entities heowes money to and says that he gets mixed up with the numerous Michael Martinos in the world and they buy the bullshit.

This guy Michael Martino is a joke and a scammer and is Faking it trying to make it thats for sure...LOL

Wait until the Suffolk County Fire Marshall , The Town of Islip plus Public safety and a couple other entities visit Michael Martino at his businesses also his home again and fine him again for his newest set of violations Im sure hes gonna accrue that will most likely fall back on the landlord of the building too as the landlord is just as crooked as Mike....LOL

Im pretty sure the Town of Islip is gonna go back to Mikes house too as it seems Mr Martino changed the survey of the house and added extra sq footage plus he also removed critical load bearing walls inside the home and built improper walls to bear the load on improper deck style foundations and he did it without permits or architectural drawings or even town inspections or any ok's so Mikes house at 9 Watson Street East Islip Ny 11730 is gonna get condemned hopefully and he will be scrambling for somewhere to live...

Don't worry Mikey I got your back brah..Somebody gotta keep you in line with the law.....lol

Maybe Michael and his wife plus mother-in-law can live in the hut behind Zogies Deals where he runs the web based scam businesses out of but then again when the fire marshall gets to Zogies Deals theyre gonna find that lil house in the back and gonna inspect it so I hope its all legal and legit for rental and business use Mikey!!!,,,LOL

Oh wait I also forgot..Seeings Mike has so many businesses between 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace Ny 11752 and 9 Watson Street East Islip Ny 11730  I think that the Workmans Comp and Labor Dept will also have to be contacted and Im sure they will fine Mike heavily because how can 1 guy run 15 companies by himself between 2 addresses legally?....He cant thats why and the labor dept will shut the scammer down as he pays everyone who does works for him cash under the table which will trickle down to an IRS audit......LOL

d**n;- Even his Linked-In resume will trigger that audit....I wonder how much money Michael Martino got paid the last 14 years with Homeland settlements and the money He made in the last 11years with HLS and how come the guy has been in foreclosure with his home at 9 Watson Street East islip Ny 11730 4 times in the last 8 years? Then all the salaries he got from the other 2 businesses.....Mike should be a millionaire by now but it seems hes going to be going into the super negative real soon........

Im out to finish this scamming idiot off and show the world how much of a loser and a weasel Michael Martino really is having help from his wife and a quaalude dealer awho is also a predatory lender as Mikes money backer for the bail bondsmen services...

Look at the pictures posted and compare them against the business registries...Its clear to see Michael Martino is an Ultra Scammer and needs to be stopped and also needs some hefty prison time to cool his jets and realize that people with 6th grade educations work 9-5 50 hours a week for atleast 50 years and should of accepted that as his life would of most likely been better too..

Oh and I cant forget that I need to contact Lowes & Home Depot and tell them not to accept photocopied receipts from you or let you return stuff without a receipt so you cant scam any investors like you scammed the last set of investors at Coram Commons Shopping Center where you accrued over a million dollars in returns in 4 years in Home Depot of Coram NY while staying on par with your investors..Im gonna give them your picture too so dont send your workers and dirty them up...

Its a miracle you didnt get busted for that Home Depot scam seeings they stopped you from returning anything more without receipts but just know I told Home Depots main headquarters about your Million dollar return scam you pullled on the Coram Store so who knows maybe youll still get busted and become another news story.......LOL

I wonder if any of Michael Martinos lawyers at Attorney Defend Me.com LLc will represent him and I wonder what his bail bondsman will charge him....LOL

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