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Clay - Houston, United States
Fri, March 17, 2023

United States
Car sales
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I am a legal researcher and as such dug all the way down on Carvana/bridgecrest.

Carvana Captures a block of credit for the full value of the car. You Sign a promise and they keep the credit capture and give you a repayment contract. The security Interest in the car YOU give it to Them! You can take it back.

Carvana LLC a.k.a. "sponsor" Gives your contract to:

Carvana Depositor, LLC a.k.a. "Depositor" who gives your contract to:

Carvana Auto Receivables Trust, LLC a.k.a. "Issuer" who "issues" a security in the form of an "anticipation note" and sells the note to investors for full cash value.

Bridgecrest Credit Co. a.k.a. "Servicer" only services the security, not your contract! When you create an account with bridgecrest that is what creates the obligation on the security they created. using the account obligates you to the account. here is the proof in this affidavit: https://www2.greenvillecounty.org/scjd/PublicIndex/PIImageDisplay.aspx?ctagency=23002&doctype=D&docid=1566219690922-398&HKey=1118011111771511128680991105677112120687843971151161176511089841067451121101115104114107691137189531199885&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

the obligation came through the creation of the bridgecrest account. Once your loan is paid off the will ask you to create another account to review payment history, thus a new security with the SEC, thus more obligations...

my suggestion is check your contract. If Bridgecrest is not listed as the servicer or there is no assignment agreed on the contract then do not open an account with bridgecrest. (they will use the voluntary autopay authorization form to justify bridgecrest being the servicer by this is deception as it is voluntary and you can cancel at any time.)

Send them a letter stating it was your intent to receive full cash value for the consumer credit transaction. ask for the credit capture to be returned then file a 1099 OID for the full value of the transaction. let the IRS go get the money for you. they will send you a treasury check for the loan and send the check to bridgecrest to pay it off. DO YOU RESEARCH!!! they are scamming everyone. Bridgecrest is chasing you to pay for for their obligations not yours

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Highlands Ranch,
United States

#2Consumer Comment

Fri, March 17, 2023

Is only available at this site. Just type in 603724 and it appears in Consumer Comment #19 at Ripoff Report #603724.

Thanks again for providing all of us with the information about this “scam” that appears to be taking place in America. Make sure to spread your Ripoff Report all over the worldwide web every day at sites like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. And don’t forget to email a copy of your Ripoff Report to your Attorney General immediately!

Please keep us updated with additional information.



Highlands Ranch,
United States

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, March 17, 2023

Is available at this site. Just type in 555030 and it appears in the comments section at Ripoff Report #555030. (You can also type in: CEO SHAME, and that will take you to Ripoff Report #555030.)

Thank you for sharing your Ripoff Report with everyone. Feel free to email a copy of your Ripoff Report to your Attorney General immediately. Also mail copies to 60 Minutes CBS and to Dateline NBC in New York.

Both addresses to 60 Minutes and to Dateline NBC are available at this site. Just type in 271771 and they appear in Consumer Comment #1 at Ripoff Report #271771.

Good luck to you!

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