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Complaint Review: Laura Dym Cohen - Los Angeles California

Reported By:
Mussaw - Los Angeles, California, United States

Laura Dym Cohen
111 North Hills Street Los Angeles, 90014 California, United States
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Urgent Notice:

Stanley Mosk Court has a corrupt, crooked, dishonest commissioner, by name of Laura D. Cohen aka Laura Dym Cohen on the bench. Commissioner Laura Cohen was appointed to the bench in a secret backroom dealing because she was involved in drug deals and child trafficking deals with certain government officials (The same government officials who were involved in the City Of Bell scandals some years ago).

Commissioner Laura Dym Cohen aka commissioner Laura Cohen is one of the dirtiest, most dishonest judicial officers to serve on the benc--And what Laura Cohen serves is nothing short of completely illegal rulings, favoritism for the parties with the most to hide, perpetrators who use the court sustem to file invalid restraining orders against other people only to retaliatae against them with no reason or justification for a restraining order. Commissioner :uara Cohen sits on the bench to issue the most ridiculously unfair rulings with complete lack of support for the claims upon which restraining orders are filed by retaliatory parties. Commissioner Laura Cohen has made a mockery of the court system, the rights of litigants and respondents, and has carried out the wishes of petitioners who are liars and lack credibility.

Our court system and our rights are paramount in any proceedings, even in restraining order proceedings in whcih courts can use their judgement in reaching rulings. However, when crooked, dishonest judicial officers such as commissioner Laura D. Cohen intentionallymisuse the concept of "clear and convincing" and leaway in "judgement" the issue rulings against respondents and litigants who have not ever committed the actions that vindictive petitioners file against them, then our court system has been rotted and ruined from the inside and our rights have not only been jeadordized, but completely violated. And that is when we, as human beings and litigants and defendants are in danger. Restraining orders are not criminal proceedings in the initial phases. However, when corrupt, dishonest, shoddy judicial officers such as Laura Dym Cohen issue unfair, slanted, prejudiced rulings against litigants in favor of vindictive petitioners with an agenda, said petitioners can then go farther and subsequently make additionally false allegations against said litigants and turn the restraining order into a criminal case. Our country was founded upon certain principles and checks and balances. But when those principles, rights, requirements, processes are so blatantly violated by corrupt judicial officers such as commissioner Luara Cohen, then we no longer live in a country that claims to offer leagl and other protections. We now live in a country where anyone can make false allegations, freely file restraining orders while using the courts as their personal forums for vendettas against whomeever they please and destroy their lives because there sits a willingly blind judicial officer who deliberately abuses her authority, eben in the face of strong evidence that proves a respondent is not nearly guilty of the lies and other falsifications of a petitioner who specifically lacks any and all evidence of his or her allegations. And in so doing, by continuing to allow this rotten, low-hanging fruit named Laura Dym Cohen to remain on the ebnch and violate rights and issue predatory rulings that are completely unsupported by fact or reason, our court system and even government is saying that we live in  a communist state of affairs.

If you have any court proceeding pending that is resided over by commissioner Luara D. Cohen aka Laura Dym Cohen, you can leagally and very quickly and easily have her removed from your case. Simply fill out a very short form called a 170.6 Motion To Disqualify. With this wonderful freeling and legally binding form, you do not need to give reason or evidence. All you must do is fill out your name, case number, the name of Laura D. Cohen and submit it to the court room in which she presides. Legally, she is required to grant the motion and be off of your case. However, it is best that you submit the form 170.6 Motion For Disqualification immediatly and as soon as possible, in order to avoid any chance of her using a loohole to deny the motions. The motion is extremely simple, quick, and easy. Do have commissioner Luara Dym Cohen disqualified from your case or else you will experience the most unfair ruling and face regrets and far reaching consequences.

Keep in mind that commissioner Laura D. Cohen abuses alcohol and other illicit substances while off the bench and off the clock. Also beware that Laura Dym Cohen also has many shockingly terrible backroom dealings. She is a child predator. She has child trafficking business and other forms of income. How many times have you heard rumors of government officials, doctors, lawyers, and other prominenet members of the community being involved in the most shocking acitivites but did not believe it, only to soon after hear of them being cancelled due to those very rumors which proved to be completely true and factual? That is the very case here. Open your eyes, open your minds and choose to see beyond the pretend exteriors of people--exteriors that are as false and phony as a corner drug junkie who will do anything to hide her horrible secrets.

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