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Complaint Review: Denise Lapearl Betts Moore - Houston, Sugarland, Missouri City, Broken Arrow Oklahoma Texas

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Quinn - United States

Denise Lapearl Betts Moore
4338 King Cotton Ln Missouri City, TX Houston, Sugarland, Missouri City, Broken Arrow Oklahoma, 77459 Texas, United States
(281) 845-1773
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10/3/22 A friend of mine asked if I knew anyone that needs nonprofit or business funding. I told her that I was interested.

10/6/22 I attended a Zoom meeting for business funding.

10/14/22 I had a phone call with Denise Moore, she explained her process. She states she is a financial broker; she is paid to find funding for business owners that may not traditionally qualify for business funding. I told her to give me some time to think it over, and I'd reach out if it is something that I'd like to proceed with. She states think quickly, I'm not sure how long the offer will be available.

10/17/22 I texted Denise, to let her know that I'd like to proceed with the business offer. We talked on the telephone, then I submitted the required information (name, SSN, DOB, Business name, address, license and payment to her).

11/16/22 I texted Denise for the status of my application. She states she will call me in an hour. She never called.

11/22/22 I texted Denise to ask for a good time for us to talk. She states give her 30 minutes; she will call me. No call.

From this point, I persistently text her, sometimes I receive a response, sometimes I don't.  I also call, sometimes she answers with no resolve to my issue, sometimes she does not answer. This exchange has gone on for months. I finally got her on the phone and asked for an update on my application. Each time that I'm able to get her on the phone, there is a different excuse. I asked her if she needs an assistant, b/c she seems to be overwhelmed with clients and can't keep up with her workflow. She said she would love for me to help her. We completed two training sessions. Yet still have no resolve to my issue. At this point, it is apparent to me that something is not authentic about Denise.

I contacted my credit union, the transaction was processed account to account, so my credit union is unable to resolve the issue. I reached out to Denise to let her know this and asked how the issue can be resolved. She gives excuses.

4/10/23, I texted Denise to advise her that I sent her a refund request via Zelle. She states she will take care of it next week. She’s not sure what day but would reach out to me with an exact date.

5/16/23 The Zelle request expires, I resend and notify her.

5/22/23 I texted her. No response from her.

6/1/22 I call her. She texted that she was at church and will call me first thing in the morning. I responded that a call is not needed, a text to update me on my refund is fine. No response from her. I have not contacted her or heard from her, since 6/1.

I have contacted Houston’s Financial Crimes Unit, they advised me that since I am a Colorado resident, I need to start the process in my state.

6/22 I call her. She texted stating she has not forgotten or ignoring me, she’ll text me tomorrow with a definite for my refund.

6/30 I text to ask about my refund. No response.

7/6 I call her. She texted stating she will send my refund on Wednesday of next week.

7/11 I texted her to advise that I sent her a Zelle request, so she can promptly pay on 7/12. No response.

7/15 I emailed and texted her a copy of my intent to sue letter. No response.

I have no physical address for Denise, and she uses the Grasshopper app to protect her personal telephone number.

7/31 Denise texted that she just saw my text, and her email address is not working correctly, so I should’ve received a bounce back response when I emailed her. I didn’t receive any error messages from the intent to sue email that I sent her. She asked for 2 business days to refund me, as she was not interested in going to court, and hope that we can resolve this. I responded that I hope we can too. Thank you.

8/3 She texted me to let me know that she’s still working on this, and she’d reach out in the morning with some definitive information.

8/11 I texted her for an exact payment update as we are now past the 20 calendar days mentioned in my intent to sue letter. No response.

8/29 2p I call her. She texts, I’ll call you right back 5:15p I call again. She texts, I have not forgotten to call you. 7:26p I texted her to ask if she knows when she’ll refund me, as we’re close to one year of the initial transaction. No response.

8/30 I send the same exact text as above. No response.

9/10 I text for an update. No response.

9/13 We had an unpleasant exchange via text. It’s now crystal clear that Denise never intended to refund me, and it’s time to exhaust other means for my refund.

I advise anyone that conducts any type of business with a company or person to research the company’s name and the person’s name. A Google search does wonders. Denise Lapearl Betts-Moore who is originally from Oklahoma but currently resides in Texas has scammed people for years. The only difference now is she pays others a commission to bring unsuspecting clients to her for “services”.

I hope previous and current victims come forward as this will be the only way to stop her. My current goal in life is to make sure she’ll never be able to scam anyone else

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