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Complaint Review: Dine Brands Global Inc. - Niagara Falls Ontario

Reported By:
Howard - los angeles, California, United States

Dine Brands Global Inc.
6546 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
(818) 240-6055
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Friday, July 5th, 2024

Mr. John Peyton, Chief Executive Officer DINE BRANDS GLOBAL, INC. 10 West Walnut Street Pasadena, California  91103 (818) 240-6055   Regarding:  Very Serious Complaint!

Dear Mr. John Peyton:

Good morning or good afternoon to You!

How is your day today in sunny Pasadena, California and/or wherever else You are in the World? My day could be going much better, thank you, except due to the Fact that I, as well as my friend Rob did NOT have a Very Good, Positive Dining Experience at your Applebee's Grill + Bar Located At:  6546 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario  Canada  L2G 3W2  (905) 356-6965   Firstly, I ordered their Shrimp And Parmesan Steak which cost $49.00 and Jeff, the Server, had the Bloody Nerve To Offer ME Gravy For My Mashed Potatoes And Then He Wanted To Charge ME $3.00 Dollars Extra!  Are You Seriously Crazy?     That Was Such A d**n Turn-Off!   I also ordered an Oreo Cookie Shake which cost $10.00 Dollars!   Not Only Was My Food Beyond Expensive, But The Portions For Both The Parmesan Steak And The Oreo Cookie Shake Were Definitely QUITE SMALL AND OBVIOUSLY, "NOT WORTH THE PRICE"!   Please Note:  I Did Complain About This To Jeff, The Server Who Did Absolutely Nothing About It To Satisfy The Paying Customer!   Again!  Ridiculously Unprofessional!   Please Note:  I used to be a Server in a Restaurant And I Treated My Customers The Same Way That I Wanted To Be Treated!  The Right Way!  Of Course!   Please Note:  I Do Not Know Who Hired Jeff, the Server, But He Is Beyond Horrible And Inconsiderate To Paying Applebee's Customers!   Moving Right Along:  For My Friend, Rob, He Got their Chicken Fajita which cost $32.00 Dollars, plus their Brisk Lemonade that cost $6.00 Dollars which again was Quite Expensive For The Price That He Paid as well!   To Make Matters Worst:  When I got the bill, There Was Some Illegal, Fraudulent, Scam Fee Called "B.A.I.F." from my Recollection Which Was Around $5.00 Dollars and I was Furious To See This Additional Scam Fee On The Receipt which was NOT the Sales Tax At All!   Of Course, Your Lovely Server, Jeff Obviously Never Even Bothered To Explain This Additional, Scam Fee as well!   My Friend Rob started to get Annoyed because I Freaked Out Over This Fraudulent, Malicious, Sneaky Fee That Was Purposely And Deliberately Added To The Bill that He Decided To Pay The Whole Thing (Just To Get The Hell Out Of There) Which Came Out To Around $120.00 Dollars In Total and Yes, I Did Pay Him Back For My Portion When We Got Home!   For Your Information:  If I Were The One (1) Who Was Seriously Paying The Beyond And Above, Very Expensive Bill, then I Would Simply NOT Pay For That Additional Scam Tax That Jeff, The Server Added On To The Bill, Plus, I Would Not Tip Jeff Either For The Very Louzy And Selfish Service That He Had Provided, Nor Would He Ever Work For My Restaurant If I Ever Did Own One (1)!   Moving Right Along:  I am so Angry and Upset With This Disgusting Experience that I Already Posted Your Very Expensive Food With A Description On What Had Happened On My Youtube Channel To Warn Other People About Dining At Your So Called Legitimate Applebee's Grill + Bar Located At:  6546 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario  Canada  L2G 3W2 (905) 356-6965.   Please Note:  If You Wish To See The Youtube Video, Then Please Let ME Know!  Thank You.   I will also Publish Negative Reviews On Social Media To Warn Customers About Dining At This Location And I Am Contacting The Better Business Bureau as well!   If You would like to contact ME back directly in order to discuss my letter of Very Serious Complaint in further detail, then please contact ME at:  Voice/Messages/Text:  (323) 399-3342.   You may also email ME back at:  [email protected] or [email protected].   I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.   Thank you.   Sincerely yours,           Howard Paul Shore + Rob Angry And Upset Dine Brands Global, Inc. (Applebee's Grill + Bar) Customer   /HPS

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