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Mariah - Phoenix, United States

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Every business in Arizona does not call you back when you speak to them directly over the phone. They leave you hanging so you cannot confirm that your are purchasing something and when it will be delivered or reserving a site and RV Park you (you call and email them and they never respond.

All the businesses in Arizona are beyond incompetent this does not happen in any other states in the Union like New Mexico Texas Arkansas,  (only in Arizona) I do not think half the people in Arizona even have a high school education?

They talk like they are children they do things  that are inappropriate (childlike behavior) and they are very disrespectful people State that's because California's moved into Arizona and pretty much took it over that is why we are just as bad as they are now.

When they speak to you they are always very rude and disrespectful a link will show you how New York deals with disrespectful Californians when they come. (I travel the world and I have only seen this in the state of Arizona), it is like a different world.

You are better off speaking to the people in the middle of a jungle in Africa, you will get a better language responses and punctuation and understanding of your needs; instead of spinning you in circle like the businesses do in Arizona. What a big mistake ever visiting this state.

They tax the hell out of you three taxes on a sales tax 15.95% sales tax on paying and then they inflate the cost of everything gas in New York is $3.25.9 a gallon and in Arizona it's $4.19.9 a gallon but most stations are near $5.49.9 something a gallon inflated a little bit more Arizona you stealing from everybody that visits your state.

Traveling here from the state of New York I am paying 45% more for the same items I used there this shows you how Arizona inflates the cost of everything you need to be rich to live in this state because Arizona will steal every penny out of your pocket that they can.

The state and county tax equals and remember people sales tax when it was imposed into law was not supposed to go above 3% that was the limit when they impose sales tax and look at the way the politicians are stealing from all of us.

Criminals in charge now I can understand why America is the most corrupt nation in the world America pays $1.7 trillion dollars to stay off the most corrupt Nation list. That's why most businesses across all 49 other Union states send their workers to an educational class on the proper way to speaking to customers who are spending their hard-earned cash that keeps you in business and gives you a paycheck not like Arizona where they are arrogant and Rude.

I just walk out of the store I will not spend my money at these disrespectful businesses across the State of Arizona. It taught me a good lesson now I Amazon 99% of what I need it takes 2 days to get the merchandise but it saves me gas time and aggravation and I don't get disrespected.

What is the sales tax rate in Suffolk County? The minimum combined 2022 sales tax rate for Suffolk County, New York is 6.25%. This is the total of state and county sales tax rates. The New York state sales tax rate is currently 6.25%.

And yet after adding the four taxes into Willcox Arizona tax they are wrong it's more like 13.95% sales tax not 9.1 they even lie on the internet on what they charge you the state is nothing but criminals sales tax is not supposed to be above 3% by law but the politicians don't follow the law they do whatever they feel like they think their kings and queens nothing but criminal gangsters.

9.1%   What is the sales tax rate in Willcox, Arizona? The minimum combined 2022 sales tax rate for Willcox, Arizona is 9.1%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Arizona sales tax rate is currently 5.6%. https://www.avalara.com › cities › w... Willcox, Arizona Sales Tax Rate (2022) - Avalara

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