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Lashonta F. - GA, United States

3465 E Foothill Blvd PASADENA, 91107 CALIFORNIA, United States
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I was given the Rapid payroll card when I was an employee at a staffing agency for Fed-Ex and I was informed that you could add more than one employer at the time I didn't have a bank account so I went with the payroll card. I had banked with the MetaBank or Rapid Card for almost 6 years since 2015. However, I started working independent contractor jobs such as Amazon and Uber eats and I continue to bank with the card for my direct deposits.

Right Before the Coronavirus Pandemic of March 2020, I was sent a letter from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service ) that I owed back taxed for jobs I worked in the 2018 Year. Therefore if I could show proof that I had tax right off such as Gas, Lunch breaks dining, Paying a Car Rental for the use of the Ubering job I provided my tax owe could be resolved or reduced to a lesser than they stated I may owe. I was treated so rudely over the phone with Customer Service with Rapid Card and was basically given the "Run-Around ".

I spoke to about 4 or 5 people who claimed they were Supervisors and they would charge me $1 and some change for each page of my 2017-2018-2019 BANK STATEMENTS. I constantly informed the supervisors and agents how IMPORTANT AND LIFE AFFECTING This matter would affect me and I am NEEDING my Previous year's bank statement mailed to my home asap. They promise me over and over it would be mailed to the address I provided them.

They mailed me the current 2020 and 2021 year statements that I Did Not need or ask for and blocked my number when I called customer service. I am STILL NEEDING these important documents and it is my Right and it is not Legal to withhold my previous year's bank statement. I am needing the BBB to assist me with obtaining these records so that I may take care of my personal IRS matter. This bank was the only bank I was with and I cannot obtain my statements online they don't allow you to see past the current year and the year before as I found it very strange. This company is disappointing.

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Sorry but you are clueless

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Fri, March 11, 2022

You had 2 years to take care of this.   

When you start calling your bank statements "Public Records", that is all that needs to be said about your knowledge. A public record is something the PUBLIC has access to, and I am sure that you would not be wanting any stranger to go to the bank and request your statements.

Can you cite the law that says it is illegal for them to not supply you with the statements? You had access to them back in 2018, and it is YOUR responsibility to maintain these records for up to 7 years if you are using them for tax purposes. If you want the previous years' statements they have every legal right to charge you for the service of pulling those records. The fact that these documents are important to you doesn't give you an excuse as to why they shouldn't charge you.

And yes 3 years of statements at $1 per page is likely going to cost you a couple of hundred dollars especially if you have a lot of transactions.  So if the tax and penalties you are going to owe aren't more than this you may be better off just paying the tax.

By the way, don't expect a bank statement to prove that you had expenses related to your job. For example say you rent a car for 24 hours, you spend 6 hours actually using it for your job, 2 hours you spent doing "Personal" errands and left it idle for the other 18 hours. The IRS would give you credit for 25% of the rental cost because that is the time you actually spent using it for your job.

But you need to prove that 25%, such as by keeping a log as to the time you started, ended and how many miles driven, and to what locations. you needed it for your job. Without any sort of log, you have no proof of how much time you actually spent on the job and would likely have the entire rental deduction disallowed.

The same goes for gas. Yes, you can show them you bought gas, but without a log indicating how much time(or miles) you spent actually driving for your job the statements will be about as much use as a swimsuit is in the Sahara desert. In fact, if you had logs that showed miles driven and to what locations you wouldn't need any bank statements at all.

Good Luck.

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