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Complaint Review: InTown Suites Extended Stay Corpus Christi TX - Corpus Christi Texas

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Anon - El Paso, United States
Fri, March 24, 2023

InTown Suites Extended Stay Corpus Christi TX
5142 Oakhurst Dr Corpus Christi, 78411 Texas, United States
+1 (361) 851-1200
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-- Esmeralda Nava General Manager --

In the course of staying over one month at this property I encountered the following:

I paid week by week and for the first 4 weeks I paid taxes.

I was told after the 30 days, I would be refunded taxes as the law says.

I paid into week 5, but for some reason paid 35 days of taxes, beyond the 29 days the law says.

The receipt I was given seemed to omit most all or any useful information to obfuscate this.

Paying into week 6 then in fact had me refunded some amount of taxes, but to complete that week the amount billed was still too high.

More sleight of hand and me not knowing at all what I paid for, and when.

Paying into week 7, had me now paying a higher rate then the first weeks despite my now being "Tax free".

There was more evasion and nothing noted on the receipt I was handed.

An observation overall is that this woman has no truth in her.

She lies about everything.

At one point the manager was working with another woman, and Esmeralda said she does not like people looking at her and then went on to say "He is NightVision" as a way to accuse me of her camera and microphone, lies, thefts, and paper fraud problems.

As she treated me and with other guests, she is verbally abusive, tosses out all kinds of extraneous and inaccurate information.

She partakes in scads of double talk, specious and vanity based numerical frauds for amounts, dates of stay, and this is some kind of smoke screen tactic designed to treat the guests as fools.

A con artist.

She preached about how perfect and clean my room was.

It was not.

The simulated wood floor had some kind of dark black soot all over it, making my bare feet literally black within minutes of walking on it.

The bedspread was covered in some patina of dark yellow stains.

The two burner cook top was not functional.

Both burners were disconnected and the drip pans are the wrong size and style, making the burners dangerous to use.

I had to plug them in myself.

The cook top lamp does not light telling you the burners are on.

The room phone does not work.

The kitchen cabinets are all water damaged and falling apart.

Same for bathroom cabinets and the bathroom door is falling apart.

This leaves sharp wooden slivers for you to step on in bare feet, not good.

Faucets in kitchen and bathroom are corroded and ablating off bits of chrome metal.

There is a large Microwave oven attached to the falling apart cabinets.

In effect bolted to rotten cardboard.

The toilet is not properly bolted to the floor and the receiving drain pipe.

This is done to accommodate the fact the floor is designed to shake for no reason.

This is done to harass and abuse guests, where car door slams, exhaust noise from cars, etc, causes the floor to shake.

At one point the fridge hit into the wall next to it, as the floor DROPPED as much as 3 inches from under it.

The floor near my bed (a malfunction?) actually buzzed for about 1.5 seconds at about 80Hz.

There is a deep dip in part of the floor near the bed.  

Likely part of the (failed?) actuators.

When I shower, shave, and use the toilet, people violently smash onto the floor and walls shaking the tub likely to cause me to slip and fall.

The housekeeper has annoying behavior, pretending not to hear you when you say you do not need service, other times she makes you repeat yourself many times by saying "Are your sure?" as if she is some kind of website button.

These people know too much.

She shows up on other days for no reason when it is not the cleaning day.

In effect with them dressing all in black, this tends to suggest they do this to trap guests in the rooms to guard against bad acts by staff, making it some kind of prison where staff impersonate law enforcement.

They skip servicing the room for weeks and have some compelling need to be in the room when I am not there.

An attempt to enter for no reason and tamper.

The maintenance person comes by each day with a lawn leaf blower and blows dirt, dust, leaves, and debris under the room door.

There is some kind of peeling plastic cover on the outside of the door which is broken and falling off and has large, long sharp edges.

A good way to slice open your hand or arm as you enter and exit.

People in the room next door, they seem to be there 24/7 and never leave, are smashing things violently onto their floor, and hit the walls, making my floor (intentionally) shake as a result.

People are in there all the time smashing large heavy objects onto the floor which shakes my floor and bed waking me up. Thud thud thud all night long.

People who appear to be renovating, they seem more like vandals, park their white Chevy Van from Illinois in the disabled spot near our rooms, and they might as well take the new packages of items used to renovate directly to the dumpster.

They violently smash the boxes into the walls next to me, onto the walkway out front, and this goes on all the time.

They use the disabled spot for about 12 hours each day from 7am to 7pm so disabled people can not park there.

They parade around the place like they walk on water, and we are here to accommodate them.

This is some kind of God play and bad religion.

In other words JUMP out of their way.  They approach you from the rear and expect you to move for them.  Absurd.

These are incompetent abusive unskilled workers who care not one bit about the people or their work.

At one point my room filled with some kind of solvent vapor, Acetone or Epoxy resin hardener, and this presented an explosion risk, and I could have passed out or worse had I been asleep.

This works along with the fact my ceiling lamp was wired wrong and it would spark off and on when it was turned on.

The wires were not joined properly causing the two CFL bulbs to flash off and on.

The toilet seat broke, I informed the desk twice, Monday and Thursday, each time I was told it would be fixed that day.  I had to go to the front desk on Friday to have it fixed now.

While waiting at the front desk, the manager must have taken a phone call from another guest who also has noticed that there are cameras and audio pickups which are being used to harm the residents of the units.  Manager said "No ma'am there are no cameras, nobody is spying on you, and that is on you.".  In effect admitting the problem then as I said, blaming the victims.

This is a template of behavior in effect admit via vanity then reverse and blame victim for and of it.  As the phone call proved.

The elevator was out of service for weeks, guests indicated they got stuck riding it.

Needless violence.

The drapery pull is a fiberglass resin rod, it was torn in half down the length leaving sharp pieces of glass fibers hidden on the back side.  I went to open the drape not knowing that and my fingers were cut open bloody and glass slivers got stuck in them.

All this seems as intentional malice.

The manager essentially gaslights and preaches about the fact no dogs are allowed here.

But it seems those who work here and others have dogs. I see them around all the time.

People loiter and smoke all the time as well and nothing is done about that.

I get a note handwritten on a photocopied letterhead citing problems with people with dogs, smoking and loitering and that people need to leave if they won't address that all.

More confessions since she knows who is to blame, and she is, akin to problems at other places where the hotel is to blame for allowing wrong doers to remain and prevail, blaming the victims of the abuse by others and her staff..

Use the security cameras, they have proof, toss them out.

This is an offer to say that when they enter to tamper and people are out of the room, there is no proof against them.

There are obvious persons acting as shills, who do not belong in the rooms or on the lot.

There are many instances of extra high value vehicles notably pickup trucks, dozens, and these mostly are $70,000.00++ vehicles.

This goes along with the hucksters who work here, since they drive a big big truck, and walk like big big men, this is their own appeal to power and authority.

Running with the bulls again.

If you can afford that mess, why live here and be ripped off.

Again dialog at the front desk with another shill tripped on all of that with more drama and vanity based dialogs about just that.

All in all I'd say the things that seem broken, and that includes wiring, are less a priority than making sure that the abusive and injurious devices (this is violence) continue to harm us.

Once you open the door to violence and malice, all bets are off.

It ends up looking as though I was placed into this room to be harmed this way, as there are other rooms better suited for use.

All in all this is made as some kind of punishment.

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El Paso,
United States
Additional Information Subsequent To The Initial Report:

#2Author of original report

Fri, March 31, 2023

The large (and heavy) dressing mirror being akin to 2 feet by 3 feet, was hung improperly as a "Booby Trap".

There were two "T Nails" pressed into hollow wall anchor screws, which were oriented horizontally, with the mirror then able to slide right off them, since nothing captivated the mirror brackets, and the wall anchors can rotate and cam out despite all of that.

I later learned that the substance that that was on the bedspread was in fact URINE !!!

This was applied with a spray bottle on the bottom side of the duvet, facing the top sheet of the bed, as as to obscure its presence.

This is again consistent with the other intentional acts of, and proving, malice by intent.

I washed the duvet twice, once in the large front loader, and again in one of the top loaders.

Other guests and an employee complained and found that the dryer was emitting a strong smell of urine being the duvet remained soiled despite all of that.

There is NOTHING to discuss here.

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