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Stef - Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Jack Bosch Scammer
Phoenix, AZ Internet, Internet, United States of America
Jack Bosch Scammed myself and others. He teaches a land investing course and has a good sales pitch and claims he has bought and sold 5000 properties.
I paid and went a live event and spent thousands with him and what he taught was pure snake oil. I followed his system to the letter and did not get anything but $4,000 in debt and thats just from trying his system, thats not including what I paid scammer Jack..

I contacted 9 other people who also went to the live event and guess what ?  They got the same results I did. All except 1 guy, he did spend about $10,000 for 3 properties that he can't sell. All of 2009 he has tried to sell them and nothing.  I am really mad, because I am still paying the credit card bills for what I spent with scammer jack and using his system.  Since having such dismal results made me start asking questions. Here is what I came up with.   Jack was a scammer from the beginning. He boasts that he has done 5000 deals, but on his website h*e does not even show proof he has done on deal ?

How come  Jack shows no proof ? Other Real estate gurus show proof, how come Jack doesnt ?   If he really buys and sells properties so quick why not prove it.
Another thing that jumps out is at the live event when questioned by students how to talk to sellers, he said, I don't know how to , and I would not worry about that.
I thought that was odd. He says hire an answering service and let them talk to
the sellers.  I was confused but too timid to say anything. How the heck do you  train
and answering service to negotiate when you don't know how yourself ?

I have since spent time in some real estate investing forums and they all say the
same thing. Learning to talk to sellers is the most important thing.
Jack says you don't need to know how, another lie.
I also checked him out on ebay this year and saw him trying to sell some land that he
bought way back in 2005, and he could not sell it . Why is he still trying to sell and
lot he bought in 2005 in 2009 ?  He does not know how to sell that's why.

Jack lied and said there was no competition. There was nothing but competition I ran into and the others I spoke with ran into that too.  Following jacks system has  gotten me cursed out so many times and threatened once, that it is just not worth it to me to take that kind of abuse.   He is a good marketer and spends all of his time looking for joint venture partners to run his scam on a new group if suckers .
How come he's not buying and selling land.  I don't believe for one minute that he has done 5000 deals. People just trust him. I did too, thats why I am in the hole for thousands of dollars.  I hope you sleep good knowing you took advantage of a single mother who was barely making it. You took my dreams and made them nightmares.
I  am talking with an attorney and may file a complaint with the authorities. Then we will see what scammer jack has really done.

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United States

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, November 20, 2023

Jack Bosch coaching / Land Profit Generator is a SCAM and here's why....

  1. Market is over-saturated. Jack is promoting the program like it was pre-covid days when people did not receive 15 of his neutral letters. In 2023 most land owners are each receiving 15 letters on average (maybe more).

  2. Jack wants people to pay $247 per month for access to his county list. But then all the students are sending letters to the same people! Land Profit Generator is literally making competition amongst their own students.

  3. Not all 3000 counties are worth sending to. Jack has an excel sheet that calculates whether or not you should send to a county - which is only about 1000. You add that most students are all sending to these 1000 counties - which means less deals to be had.

  4. Jack makes students use his CRM - then have to pay $197 monthly after coaching. Either way he is making money off students and not land flipping any more (like he did early days)

  5. The coaches changed this year - word on the street is that he is actually paying his coaches less...when the price of coaching went up to $45k.

  6. Jack is promising results in a few months. That rarely happens. It is not 2012.

  7. You have to send 5,000 neutral letters to get a deal (on average in 2023). Stamps are 66 cents. That is not talked about during his online pitches to try and draw you in to his program. Extra extra extra costs are never mentioned when he tries to get you into coaching.

  8. Jack promotes "pennies on the dollar" offers which no longer works. House flippers have impacted the land space as they offer close to retail - so Jack's formula no longer works. Sellers want retail!

  9. Coaching used to be $20k pre-covid. Hiked up the price to $45k with students getting less results.

  10. All of the copy-cat land flipping courses. That are ALL priced much lower. Insane amount of competition - it is harder to flip land in 2023.




United States of America
Did you ever find a real estate system to use?

#3General Comment

Thu, January 10, 2013

Let me know if you if you ever found a real estate system that really works especially in this economy. I recommend checking out (((REDACTED))) material. He has a blog plus he allegedly offers great real estate systems for newbies w/o any credit or money to make money from real estate.

I've been researching real estate gurus for 2 to 3 years & this guy appears to be the real deal. I hope this helps.

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United States of America
Jack Bosch is a Scam! Don't be fooled by the fake post he made

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, January 10, 2013

Jack Bosch is a Scam!

It so obvious the other post on here are from Jack or his staff. I actually bought and tried the program. The program consists of writing spam letters and sending them to home owners hoping these people will actually open the letters and read them, (like you're the only one that is sending them "stop forclosure letters"). Then you insult them by only offering $100 dollars for their house. After spending hundreds of dollars on stamps paper and ink, and a few grand on the program itself, I never got a single phone call. This was a total waste of time and money. And from what I hear, this real estate marketing scam started around 2005 when people were paying for any type of real estate advice. I called Jack to request a refund before the 30days and his office was always closed. I had to open a dispute with my credit card company. I showed the bank the print out of the 30 money back guarantee and won the case against Jack. I got very lucky, please don't make the same mistake I made.


United States of America

#5Consumer Comment

Fri, January 20, 2012

Nothing fake about my response. Your angry attack is utterly infantile. I know how to spell my own name. KAYE is on my birth certificate. Mary Kay Ash spells her name differently. If your wife were as successful as you claim, then I suspect you would have nothing to be angry about. You stated the real problem yourself. You borrowed money to purchase the properties and then expected it to turn into a get rich quick scheme.

I have successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. My experience with Jack Boch's system has been good.  I have acquired choice properties at ideal prices. I have experienced some sluggishness in sales, but I also have not employed all of Jack's suggestions for achieving quicker sales. My investment in the system paid off within a few months of purchasing it.

Again, I reiterate that your negative experience is not based on Jack's system but rather your own. Being hostile about it does not validate your claim.


United States of America
Jack Bosch Alleged Land Sham Scam

#6Consumer Comment

Sun, December 18, 2011

Did you request your money back? Was there a moneyback guarantee?

Did Jack Bosch get notified by email by ripoffreport?

Makes sure you get & list his email address so that he instantly gets emailed & can respond. He may decide to refund your money if you make it hard on him Demand your money back! If he does not respond post your complaint on every complaint site there is this will ruin his credibility.

Post his name, phone number everything. Do a background check if you have to & then expose him.

I would highly recommend you file reports on the following sites too:
(((ROR redacted)))

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United States of America

#7Consumer Comment

Fri, October 07, 2011

WELL...Isn't THAT Interesting...

You State:  "I failed selling Mary Kaye cosmetics and you don't hear me complaining that it's a scam."

My wife has been a Cadillaic Director for May KAY!!!  Seems like ANYONE that REALLY sold Mary Kay, would know how to spell it!!!  Maybe before you post fake things you might do a little research!?!

Steve H

Laguna Niguel,
United States of America
Jack is not a rip off

#8General Comment

Tue, October 04, 2011

I have had Jack's course for almost 3 years, have been with him many times and I assure you he is as legitimate as they come. Most people I have found over the years expect too much and do too little. Jack is phenomenally successful and to try to duplicate his success would be difficult. I have been a full time investor for over 15 years and I can't do what Jack has done.

Being experienced as an investor may be a big advantage but the same rules apply: you must keep at it and never give up. In the 3 years I have purchased over 60 parcels and sold about 90% of them. There are a couple that are just dogs for no reason. I won't cry over them. Eventually they will sell. My first phone call I got a parcel for $5000 and resold for $20,000. That is on terms but I have gotten over $400 per month for over 2 1/2 years with 1 1/2 years to go. Excellent deal. And since it was my first deal I believe I over paid.

What you have said I have seen said about many people who sell real estate courses. There are/were some scam artists along the way but the majority of people never even open the book(s) much less  send out marketing. They don't take action! As I mentioned earlier Jack is the real deal. I believe what you have said is sour grapes because if it were that easy most people would quit their day jobs and do investing full time. Jack replied to you which goes to show you his integrity. I have been ripped off many times over the years (mainly by tenants) and let me tell you once they rip you off they lose your number really fast.   Steve


United States of America
Jack Bosch Land is an excellent product!

#9Consumer Comment

Wed, March 10, 2010

I purchased the Jack Bosch Land system for a very reasonable, low price and was instantly impressed with the level of detail in the instructions. I have been pleased with the lack of guru dazzle and feel good fluff that the very visible, popular and expensive guru's sell. Jack Bosch's system is very legitimate, it provides sensible ways to purchase and sell land and a realistic means of marketing. He teaches straight methods, without gimics. So many guru's out there teach gimics that have questionable legal foundation and Jack does not do that. This is solid information.

I am using the Jack Bosch Land system and am impressed that it works like he says. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an excellent foundation on which to build a business. When I started, I had very little money to invest due to financial difficulties, yet I have been successful using Jack Bosch's system. And I have been able to pay out of my own pocket for everything I need to do to make this system work. So I have created no debt while getting my business started using the Jack Bosch Land system. My first deal generously repaid my small investment. I use this system to work part-time in addition to my regular job and I am using the profits to get out of personal debt and provide for my children's college.

Any person can fail at any business. Individual failure does not make the business invalid, or a scam. I failed selling Mary Kaye cosmetics and you don't hear me complaining that it's a scam. It too is a valid business, but it's one that I am personally not good at. I like the Jack Bosch system because it's legally solid, gives detailed, step by step instructions and leaves no mystery about how to produce positve results. I find Jack Bosch's customer service to be ideal as well. The Jack Bosch Land system is to date the best real estate investment education I have purchased.


United States of America
Jack Bosch System

#10REBUTTAL Individual responds

Sat, January 09, 2010

I am one of Jack Bosch's first students who started in his Teleworkshop group.

I have yet to meet Jack in person however I have spoken with him over the phone several times. His system does work. But you must be willing to work and be persistent. The first county I mailed  I had gotten no sales but some interested sellers wanting too much. The second county I mailed to I have gotten VERY good deals. I am willing to showing anyone the DEEDS. I bought 3 properties one for $450, $3500 and $18,000. All these properties combined valued over $160k

Jack's system does work. His staff especially, Alex, is VERY helpful. If anyone would like to contact me for further details please feel free to email at (((Redacted)))

Jack is an honest person and helpful. However this system does take work if you plan to do everything yourself. You need to be creative and persistent but it does payoff. 

The problem I see with real estate investors is that they give up too quickly. I probably talked to 35 sellers before I got my first deal, but it was worth it.

Henry S

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My system works, Buying and Selling

#11REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, November 12, 2009

this is Jack.

First of all I would like to say that I don't agree with what the person posting this has said. It also shows little taste that the person is hiding behind an abbreviated first name which always casts doubt on his intentions and on the truthfulness of his statements.

But instead of going aggressively back against him (or her) I would like to just dispel the accusations he/she has made and I would like to address him personally.

Dear Stef,

you mention that you did not get deals done.
I am sorry about that.
But did you contact my office?
I am known to be willing to talk to any of my customers running into problems buying or selling and give them guidance so that they can get deals done.
I am also known to give people their money back if they show me that they tried and did not succeed. Did you try any of that?

I would almost certainly assume not, because otherwise you most likely would have succeeded.

Many of my students have and have made lots of money in the process. Please see http://budurl.com/lglx (these all have been given to me between August 2009 and October 2009)

There are some areas in the US (mainly metropolitan areas and higher dollar areas) where this system is not designed to work in. But therefore you can work it remotely and it doesn't matter where you live. So even if you live in a high priced area you can still get deals done in lower priced areas.

Also did you ask what this other person who has done 3 deals is doing to sell them?
Just listing them on eBay and asking for full market value doesn't work.
That is why in my new program I have included a full Selling Course that teaches how to sell.
It takes a little creativity (which I teach) to sell land in this market but once you apply these principles selling is not difficult.

Now to your other accusations.
I don't remember having said that you don't need to talk to sellers.
I do however say that because you offer such low prices it is usually a take it or leave it deal. Meaning there is not much space on your side to negotiate. Therefore you don't have to be good at it.
Plus I teach to send out the offers by US Mail, so therefore there is in most cases no need to negotiate.

About me selling on ebay. I don't know who you were looking at but I haven't been selling properties on eBay for probably 2 years.
Ebay still works as can be seen on the listings on eBay but I prefer selling through my own webpage using the buyers list I created over the years. So you must have looked at someone else.

But I do like your suggestion to show proof of my sales. I will therefore put some deeds, Sale Agreement, and Copies of checks on my webpage secretlandprofits.com and my blog (which is my full name .com) within a few days from today. Please check it out to see that I do in deed say what I do and do what I say.

And to the number of deals. I do clarify in one of my videos and in some postings that this consists of 2800 purchases and over 2700 sales. I count each as a transaction because if someone buys a property for long term hold (let's say a rental property, then everyone counts that as a Deal, right?) If that same person 15 years later sell the property again and gets a great price he also counts that as a deal, right? Therefore I also count my purchase and my sales as separate transactions because they require different sets of skills.

And that is porbably the problem that other person was having. He perhaps did know how to buy but doesn't know how to sell. As a result I have put together a Sales Program (which bye the way is free for my existing Gold Members) and which I now have integrated into the my Overall Program. Because it is important to be able to do both buying and selling.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you in person to either help you on your way to success or to see how else I can help you to not be angry at me.

Jack B.

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