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Complaint Review: Jackson South Medical Center - Miami FL

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Pay - Mia, United States
Tue, January 24, 2023

Jackson South Medical Center
9333 S.W. 152nd Street, Miami, 33157 FL, United States
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Hello to the social injustice team, dear Jackson South Medical center Hospital. I went to Jackson South Medical hospital, because they say, that it’s better, then Jackson memorial hospital North, It is just as incompetent, at Jackson south, Medical center hospital ,  I went into the hospital at the same time, my cousin did. The only difference is my cousin did not listen to me, and they killed her! A mother of 2 boys, left alone now, she was only over 60 years of young age! Her family needed her, what a waste of life!  And myself they did unnecessary Surgery on my toe; they wanted to actually amputate it unnecessarily! And they damaged my toe for life, which caused major complications to the big toe next to it. No support for that toe. And loss of work, for more than a year. In a boot for more than a year, and after killing so many patients, for so many years, that they use as guinea pigs, also for their new overrated designer drugs!  In 2013 they decided to give them self, listen to this, SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY!  They invent words that are not even in the dictionary. Just like they invent diseases for their own greed! Hey let’s just make some money! Why should we care about the people? Is there really a reason!  HUMMMMM, I wonder who owns Jackson Hospitals!  STAY FAR AWAY FROM ALL COMMUNITY HOSPITALS!  In hindsight Jackson Memorial Hospital.     Your survey doesn’t answer, the true experience of patients in these hospital settings, and I know that this is a waste of my time, but I will be a voice for all those patients, people, that are being taken advantage of, in hindsight, hence, starting in the 1.emergence room, when you are being diagnose by those inexperience residents, their inexperience shines through, they really need to pay attention to what they’re doing, their pulling on the skin of a person  who has diabetes, you never do that, you must cut the skin, you can really damage the skin of that patient, and make their situation even worse, then there’s other staff doctor’s residents, nurse’s that have absolutely no hospitality, interrupting what the inexperienced staff are doing, asking the resident doctor, to take her out for lunch! She really needs to get laid on her on time! For goodness sake!  multi-tasking lowers  IQ, it’s very well documented.  And to mention, the bad experience and neglect being received by the patients  Can really hurt the patient. 2. Then they move you to a room where they were putting the patients with the covid-19 virus, risking your life, they should make sure if you have the virus, before they do that. But they don’t care, because keeping people sick is their business.3. then no one brings you any food, because their afraid of entering the rooms were the virus was, then when they bring you the food completely cold, and food completely full of sugar, for a person who has Type-1 diabetes, complete incompetence, 3. Then they won’t give me my N insulin, they say they’re going to give me a light insulin dosage, the N insulin is what sets my long term insulin levels, My blood glucose was made high, by the hospital all the time, during the hospital stay. Food full of sugar, and no long term insulin. Complete incompetence. 4.then they move me to another room, that place feels like some type of prison, not a hospital, they forget to continue to bring me food, and when they do it’s cold, and not fit for a person with diabetes, no N insulin will continue to make glucose high. No long term base of insulin. 5. All the doctors, except for the general physician, telling me that I need to follow their incompetent protocol, amputating my toe off unnecessarily, even though their admitting, that the MRI and X-rays are not accurate, the worst was the infectious doctors advice. Complete incompetence! 6.Please, To whoever is reading this,    I understand you really don’t care, it’s only a job, But for one moment, put yourself in the patients shoes literally speaking, you may be able to do that, comfortably you will have all your toes, OK please close your eyes!  Come on, you can do it, for a few seconds, just imagine they were going to cut off your Toe unnecessarily, how would feel about that? Would you be MAD!  OK, OK, please close your eyes again, come on you can do it? Now just imagine they were going to cut your Foot off, unnecessarily!  Would you be mad!  Now just imagine, they were going to cut your leg off?  Due to complete incompetence?  How would you feel about that?  7.  Well they have!  Amputated, millions, and millions and millions of patients extremities, unnecessarily, due to protocol, and complete incontinence!  Doctors only know, what they were trained to know, their arrogance, and egos, are much larger then there intellect!  The average life span, of amputees.  Use to be, 5 years, now it’s 2.5 years.  Unnecessarily Done amputations.  Life has been advanced by the medical fields?   8.  Inexperienced residents, practicing medical procedure, continue to tell me, there’s no other option.  Complete incompetence, this medical fields should be put in jail, but before that’s done, they need to be amputated of some kind, or all, for their Righteousness! And no one will do anything about this, too much money, and greed involved. 9. Finally going to the operating room, first chance I get to speak to the surgeons, and I get to explain to them,  that I have been through this many times, and I can take care of this, please don’t cut my toe off, his response was, if it’s got pause I’m going to cut it off, Well thanks to my experience, and keen perception, they were wrong again, just like all the other times before, so now again I have the reality of the evidence, they did not cut my toe off, but they were going too, only on an assumption. I thank that doctor. Then when I saw him again, he said oops we almost cut your toe off!   They need to have a lot more patient respect and competence.   This should be illegal!!  But no one cares, were just there being used as Guinea pigs, trying to give patients unnecessary drugs, and then put into debt, for incompetence.   And we have to pay for that, with bills that say charity, and they charge you for thousands of dollars, for incompetence, with no Itemization on bills, no other business in America does this.  They charge way too much money, price gouge patients for there incompetence, and use them as Guinea pigs, and put them into debt for the rest of their lives.  Social injustice!  10. They kept saying the bone is infected, Amputate the toe, well results came back, negative on culture, negative on bone biopsy!  The reality of the evidence.    Once again!  Imagine all those poor souls, who had, an unnecessary amputations, millions, and millions, and millions, of patients, social injustice!                    11. the infectious disease doctor, would not help me to get another opinion, they know it all, NO they don’t, they only think in there profound ignorance they do! True learning is experience, everything else is just information!  Albert Einstein  12. The loud and obnoxious staff, the Spanish staff sitting in front of the room like a bunch of parrots loud and nonstop loud talking, impossible to rest, or sleep.  Most important factor of the recuperation is rest and sleep, impossible to have in that hospital.  Quote, the blood pressure lady in the hospital, I really hate walking through there in the mornings to come into the rooms!  I ask her to please ask them to lower their noise, they completely ignore her request. The blood pressure lady told me that when you send the survey from the hospital, to make sure to let the hospital know.                                                                                                                                                                                                   13. well I still have my toe, thanks to my experiences, and thinking sort of on my toes, so to say. And the reality of the evidence.   I call this, the health abuse anti Care System, they call it healthcare.  How sad.  As I mentioned to your staff, you people need to take a customer service course.  And for the amount of price gouging, that goes on with the medical system. and the amount of cost.  They need, to much better their services.   And no excuses with the virus, they use that now for all excuses. I’ve been dealing with this incompetent field all my life, more lies and just more costly. Every 30 seconds someone in this Country files for bankruptcy, due to medical bills. It gets better 85 to 90% of those poor souls had insurance! My father always asks me, what about HUMANATY. This isn’t about the people my father, this is about GREED! The people are so Bio-Chemically imbalanced, they can’t promote rational thought!  You know when distortion has become normality.                                                                                                                                                                                A world renowned magazine stated, on its front-page years ago,                                                                                                  the most dishonest professions in America!  Lawyers and Doctor’s! – I’ll give you a moment to digest that!                                                                                                                                                                                                    Great spirits have always encountered, violent opposition from mediocre Minds!   Albert Einstein                                       The Doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the Human frame, In DIET, and in the cause and prevention of disease!  Thomas Edison- Type 2 Diabetes                                                                               oh and they told me decades ago, they were going to cure diabetes.                                                                                             I wonder what happened.                                                                                                                                                                   See now this is a survey.  ALL i'M SAYING THEIR DEFINITELY  NOT WORTH THE MONEY!  Happy holidays.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited, do to my intuition and perception, Hey, I kept my TOE, I’m kind of attach to it!              Best Christmas present Ever.

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