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Complaint Review: Jim E Cheatham - Tampa FL

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Scammed by Jim - Tampa, Florida , United States
Fri, February 11, 2022

Jim E Cheatham
Tampa, FL, United States
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Jim Cheatham claims to be a skilled and tenured investor from the Tampa area,  who has held multiple titles within the fast food industry (Wendys), as a President of Wendy's, largest franchise.  In addition claims to have known Dave Thomas.  In addition, has held officer positions with companies he has invested in over the course of his career.  Finally Jim has held in the past a prominant position on the University of Tampa as an advisory board memeber

I am here to tell you that this man is nothing more then a skilled scam artist, and does not deserve to be associated with the University of Tampa nore any other company bearing his name on their board or in any capacity  

Jim Cheatham and I connected some time ago, and he pitched a wild story about his investing capability, and promoting a list of accolades that im very skeptical about.  This all lead me to believe that he had the ability to grow my investment in a significant magnitude over the course of a few months.  He event went as far to offer me legal documentation that describes how he would pay me back if my investment did not grow over the time outlined in our written agreement. 

The time to pay on my investment came and went....His excuses in the begining were good, but towards the end he started to lose  track of those excuses that he told me the previous week.  Again, in the begining, his pitch was good, but over time he kept asking for more money for different investments.  Then he made the mistake of telling me such an outlandish excuse I was forced to start to do my research........I found out it was all a lie.  Here are a list of the excuses I have documented when he started to not have a good explanation to why my investment payment was late.  He was scrambling.....

1) The judge who controls the money in Turkey died (Lie)

2) Covid (Lie, banks dont close for over a year)

3) Its a Bank holiday in Europe (Lie, there was no Bank holiday in that country that day)

4) The world bank needs him to pay the taxes to release the funds (Lie) 

5) The CEO's mother died (Lie)

6) The Finance department manager mother died (Lie) 

7) The investment check was lost in the mail, and he the postal service is looking for it

8) The IRS chairman was not releasing the funds to him because of taxes

9) He is dying of cancer...(he says he has been dying of cancer for going on 4 years now). I called his previous partners and said he has been using that one for a long time

10) the bank manager got covid and the bank closed its doors forever

The list goes on.......  I admit, I am not a skilled investor, so this is partially my fault as well, but I trusted him because of his position with the local university, and all his accolades you can find on Google.  This all leads me to beleive that Jim Cheatham is fake and a criminal.  I have taken the liberty of contacting people that he partnered with in the past, or did business with him....In summary they all said he is shady.  I heard storied about how he used to spend money carelessly and in abundance on things that were not nessessary, or not given an explanation to why.  He was robbing Peter to pay Paul, as he was in debt to many people.  

I fell victim to Jim Cheathams Lie's and scam, I hope others do not as well.  It is unfortunate because I thought he was a trusted public figure in the community, I was wrong.  Jim owes me more then $50,000 of my money which is almost all of what I have saved in my working career to date.  I have nothing to fall back on because of him.  God knows what he spent it on, but i feel bad for everybody who has his last name and associated with him. Do not fall victim to his scam.  Beware he preys on those who dont have much and knows where he can take advantage of you

I have saved every email, text message, voice mail and document he has ever given me.  The lawyers I have spoken to all have said "he has done this before" he knows what he is doing, because this takes time to plan and knows what to do, what to say and how to skate by undetected until its to late

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