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Complaint Review: ReconArms - Las Vegas Nevada

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Lee - Nevada, United States
Mon, May 16, 2022
Fri, July 01, 2022

6820 West Sahara, 5 Las Vegas, 89146 Nevada, United States
Gun Dealers, Guns, Gun Shops
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Back in 2021 I wanted to buy a shotgun and had the dumb luck to come across Reconarms on Gunbroker.com and NevadaShooters.com, a shady gunshop in Las Vegas near where I lived.

I had no clue what I was in for when I picked out a gun that their rep “Ty” (Tyler Smith) had assured me that they had a “process” which was viable using a third party Silencershop to do additional paperwork and pay taxes because the gun was Autistically described as having or missing some “features” that classified it as an “NFA Item” and required asinine taxes.

I had used Silencershop years before and passed many FBI background checks to work and own guns involving the US government so I had no clue there would be issues. I was honest and paid cash up front, roughly $2500 and began the process to complete the purchase.

Well, that’s when the “process” became a nightmare, first you don’t get the merchandise (the gun), Reconarms keeps it and claims they charge you a storage fee depending on how long it takes for you to do the “process”.

They also don’t tell you that the ATF/NFA “rules” and all that questionably “legal” nonsense CHANGES every few months, so the rules and laws are like moving parts to a puzzle that you think you just solved but have to go back and redo. I was informed by the woke ATF that I had to; redo my race, fingerprints, eye color, (all which apparently change in humans, didn’t know that! Thanks liberals!)

.. all in the name of … what? “saving lives”? “sensible gun control”? And all that libtarded bullsh*t.

After dozens of trips, wasted gas money, and filling out form after form all to please Reconarms’ game of the “process” to do my “due diligence”, they wanted me to use a fourth party to fill out more forms which I can’t due to an unrelated real estate case at the time.

I went back weeks later to Reconarms to ask if we can just cancel this and get my money back. But before I could even ask, Ty began accusing me of being a “3 striker”, someone else “from California”, and all sorts of “nefarious” things in front of my friends and other customers in the store, all of which are legally untrue and thus fraudulent accusations.

Ty went into karen mode and began shouting, and slandering OTHER customers in the store, shouting over everyone and painting a false narratives about her other customers. Things escalated quickly and I didn’t want a confrontation so I left.

I had to file a lawsuit and still have not gotten any of my money back or the merchandise, in addition to that; my First Amendment, Second Amendment, and a whole bunch of civil rights were violated on top of that.

This was totally ridiculous, asinine, idiotic, and a waste of time, money, and ultimately they even put lives at risk. Reconarms claims to be a “veteran” owned business but they come off as violent, hostile, and just plain scumbags in their actions.

I have no clue why Reconarms is selling guns other than to profit off of keeping peoples money and relying on the questionable acts of the ATF/NFA who change rules on the fly to make it nearly impossible for anyone successfully navigate a “process”. And what about the Second Amendment for that matter?

There doesn't seem to be anything legitimate about this business. They will also claim that they have a “no refund” policy that’s “clearly stated”, but what they don’t state and hope you fall for is that a “no refund” policy only applies AFTER a customer legally take the merchandise out of the store (which never happened).

A lot of anonymous people online will claim “oh I had a great experience” and “Ty was so nice”, that’s opinions which are not true, these are facts upheld by a court; Reconarms unlawfully kept the merchandise and gun, slandered/libeled customers, conspired and changed their rules to make a transaction impossible and mislead customers into thinking they can’t get their money back even if they never got the item.

There is a court ruling ordering ReconArms to refund customers money and pay additional fees however they have not complied as of this date. Don’t be scammed or ripped off by Reconarms, go elsewhere.

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