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Complaint Review: Senior Deputy Prosecutor David Seaver King County Courts Washington State - Seattle Washington

Reported By:
Julian - Bellevue, Washington, United States
Tue, August 02, 2022
Sat, August 06, 2022

Senior Deputy Prosecutor David Seaver King County Courts Washington State
516 Third Ave S Seattle, 98104 Washington, United States
(206) 296-9010
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
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Prosecutor David Seaver Cover Up denial of crimes
Prosecutor David Seaver additional Cover up
Bellevue Police Cover Up with Alibi
Prosecutor cover up. Denying calls these crimes
Actual Emails planning Crimes
DFI takes over after Prosecutor Seaver coverup

The following are crimes Senior Deputy Prosecutor David Seaver and his “team” participated in by allowing Michael Creel aka Mike Creel and his co-conspirator Marcia Smith to commit ongoing crimes while being “informants” for the state. Mr. Seaver also allowed perjured and false testimony submitted by Mr. Creel and Ms. Smith to help pursue convictions.

Michael Creel and Marcia Smith committed burglary, theft, forgery and fraud on several occasions. Prosecutor David Seaver, ignored and withheld evidence, including police report showing Mike Creels fingerprints that led investigators to Mr. Creel and wife's Yong Hong Wang home in Newcastle, WA. (see police report included showing 4 pages of stolen items)

Please read (Prosecutor calls crimes “Baseless” and “Prosecutor David Seaver threatens and intimidates victim” for trying to report crimes.

*Mike Creel was at one-time employee of Mr. Julian Cauvin aka Julian James. Mr. James also hired Mr. Creel to list one of his homes located in Bellevue, WA. Unfortunately Mr. Creel was found stealing items from Cauvins home, including large amounts of cash. Because of this, Creel was fired. (Creel and wife Yong Hong Wang furnished their home with the stolen items)

After being fired, Mike Creel and Marcia Smith called in “Tip” alleging mortgage fraud committed by Cauvin. Ms. Smith’s tip was called in on April 28, 2006. 

Emails discovered between Marcia Smith and Michael Creel made on April 25th and April 30th showed conspiracy and plans to committed burglary. Included in email conversation was Mr. Smith taking Cauvins mail (a Federal Offence) and discussing bank statements, and ADT bill verifying alarm system in home. Statements of “I would love to Break in there” “Check out Camera area” and “send me your address so I can send you bank statements” clearly show conspiracy.

Soon after, Mr. Creel and Ms. Smith created fraudulent documents, by using Mr. Creels notary stamp to create fake liens, including one in the amount of $150,000 against Mr. Cauvin home and forged "Durable Power of Attorney" giving himself and girlfriend Ms. Smith access to Mr. Cauvins bank accounts, real estate holdings and other assets. (Their goal was to have Cauvin sent to prison therefor they could steal his assets. Mr. Cauvin was vice president of mortgage company, builder and owned several real estate properties)

This is where the conspiracy begins. Mr. Creel got angered for being fired therefore he began plans to “get even” and “ruin” Mr. Cauvin. Mr. Creel called and emailed Cauvin with threats and openly admitted his anger, therefor he partnered with several individuals to complete corruption.

Cauvin provided prosecutors with emails between Creel and Smith, documents of fake liens and forged power of attorney. To his shock, lead prosecutor ignored crimes and instead doubled down against Mr. Cauvin and threatened additional crimes of harassment. Mr. Cauvin sent fraudulent documents to FBI and other law officials. Unfortunately, Prosecutor Seaver continued his efforts to pursue Cauvin and provide “alibis’ for Creel and Smith, including withholding of evidence since he could not have his “witnesses” Creel and Smith convicted of crimes.


Once fraudulent documents were discovered, Mike Creel fled the county to avoid prosecution pursued by Mr. Cauvin. Mr. Creel claims he worked as government contractor, therefore he could not be accused or convicted of crimes. This is where Prosecutors and other officials began cover-up by denying wrong doings by Creel and claimed he was victim and witness. 

As retaliation, Mr. Creel created website www.allreaders.net. Mr. Creel site began as his format to harass and intimidate Cauvin for reporting crimes to authorities, including Washington state real estate division and notary commission. Mr. Creel “fake news” site is created to look as a “Crime reporting site” which at times includes actual crimes in order to appear legitimate. But in fact, this was Mr. Creels way to “flaunt” the cover-up by including letters provided by prosecutors claiming charges were “baseless”

Mr. Creel uses his website to harass and bully those whom has falling out of grace with him.

Mr. Creel registered and began site in 2006, since then, he has added at least 5 other individuals whom he previously worked for, knew as “friends” or whom he considered threats. Fake articles include “Ripoff Report” founder Ed Magedson. Mr. Creel was upset ripoff report would not take articles about himself down, including the fraudulent documents he created with notary stamp.

* Unlike “Ripoff report”, Mr. Creel’s website does not allow those accused to reply to articles or allegations.

Prosecutor David Seaver has history of abuse, malicious prosecution, corruption and running “team” of bandits to help with his efforts to prosecute those whom he considers threats. Articles written by Gold Bar Reporter, include many of his misdeeds.

Mr. Seaver and others law officials, including Bellevue Police Officer Seth Tyler, attempted to assist Mike Creels efforts to get elected for County position as Coal Creek Commissioner. One effort included Officer Tyler email letter denying “Mike Creel” was not the same Michael Creel who committed burglary, fraud and forgery. Police report listing Michael Creel and wife’s Yong Hong Wang’s Newcastle, Washington home AND Fingerprints are in-fact SAME “Mike Creel”. (See email sent to Mr. Creel from Officer Tyler denying same Mike Creel) and Separate articles “Robbing Realtor Mike Creel”.

Currently, Mr. Cauvin aka Julian James is in the process suing State of Washington, City of Bellevue and Prosecutor David Seaver for Civil Right Violation, Selective Prosecution, Misconduct and other torts.

Michael Creel is being sued in the amount of $5 million dollars for defamation, slander, libel and other crimes and misdeeds. Mr. Creel was recently found guilty of harassing Mr. James and family members in Washington state.

We are seeking other victims of Senior Prosecutor David Seaver and others who have participated in cover-ups, misconduct and crimes orchestrated by Prosecutor Seaver and his co-conspirators. We are also working towards having Prosecutor Seaver removed from office and prevent his illegal activities from harming others.

“When you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties”


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