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The United States Government
United States
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The United States government does not know anything about the United States Constitution and the Americans Bill of Rights they are violating it every day and they have imposed censorship on anything that we feel they tell you it's wrong and they strike it from the internet this is illegal the United States government should be charged with violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they need to be put to trial and any government official that violate the constitution and Bill of Rights needs to be placed in front of a firing squad our founding fathers are tossing in their graves when they see what our government as of today has done to our Constitution and Bill of Rights every Internet site you can't speak about anything the only thing you're allowed to speak about is the persecution of Caucasian people if you have hate to caucasians you can say anything you want on the internet and the government praises it but if you mention anything about homosexuals or black people they persecute you everybody used to be equal in America but now the Caucasians of being brutalized and if you look up the facts the Caucasian or the least racist people out there it's the Democrat Party that promotes racism look up on YouTube Democrats the inconvenient Truth they started the KKK and when Republican President Abraham Lincoln who was Republican freed the blacks the Democrats shot him in the head because they wanted blacks to be kept as slaves the Democrats also created the KKK I'm tired of the Democrats causing division between the American citizens I am a Caucasian and I have black friends and I have Muslim friends and they came to America and the Democrats are persecuting them because they did so the correct way and it cost one of my friends over $57,000 to become an American citizen and now they are letting them come into our country crossing the borders for Free that is not fair to all the immigrants that came to America the legalized way and it cost them a fortune. United States government likes to keep people from talking that's why as my parents when they went to Ellis Island had to learn English and had to have two and a half years of taxable employment otherwise they were shipped back to their home countries but now they come to America they go down to the welfare office and the US taxpayers have to pay every cost for the illegal immigrants that do not want to work and they do not speak English so when you see one on the side of the road bleeding to death just keep on driving by because if you stop and help them and you can't understand that they broke their back and you move them and they die now you're going to be sued America became such a cesspool. This country is done people unless we start standing up for yourselves and the censorship needs to stop..   



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The inconvenient Truth about the Democrat Party:

https://youtu.be/g_a7dQXilCo by

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