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Randall - Hendersonville, United States

Verizon Wireless
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If you are reading this post, you are undoubtedly having problems with Verizon’s phone locking policy…

When my son got married, he decided to leave my Verizon Family Plan and establish his own account with a different carrier. Verizon was unwilling to “unlock” his unencumbered phone.

After we spent twelve cumulative hours trying to convince Verizon to release his phone, they refused. My 23 years as a loyal customer carried no sway.

Subsequently, my son was forced to buy a new phone and then filed complaints with the FCC, BBB, and the TN Division of Consumer Affairs. Within days of the FCC complaint,  Verizon’s “Executive Relations” goons sent both of us emails denying his request, making an overt threat: “Verizon will not hesitate to exercise its rights should this be considered an interruption to our business operations.”

The FCC is currently reviewing this “locking” policy (their website is quite helpful) and will rule in the consumers’ favor soon, as they did in 2004 when carriers were mandated to port phone numbers. Phone locking is simply the latest tactic used by Verizon to punish consumers for leaving.

 In the end, the consumer will win, but not without customers like you and me lodging complaints with the FCC, BBB, and state regulatory agencies. I’m sure some enterprising law firm will be granted Class Action status by the courts for the myriad of complaints lodged with the FCC over phone locking (“If Verizon refused to unlock your phone, you may be entitled to compensation!”) 


After the way they treated my son, I decided to leave Verizon (for Mint, which I recommend highly) and discovered that my unencumbered phone was locked as well. Rather than go through that ordeal again, I just bought a new phone and lodged my complaints with the appropriate agencies. As for the threats Verizon’s Executive Relations goons made against my son and me, all I can say is “Bring it.”  

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I'm confused

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Tue, July 09, 2024

 Verizon's unlocking policy says that devices are automatically unlocked after 60 days of being active on their network. Where did you get these devices? How long were they active? What reason did they give for refusing to unlock them? And you are not going to be filing any class actions. Read your contract with them. There is an arbitration clause and a waiver of your class action rights.


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So That You Know ...

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Mon, July 08, 2024

I'm not doubting the viabity of your complaint, understand that. However, the BBB is most definitely NOT A STATE AGENCY. Despite the carefully designed DECEPTION, the BBB and all their PHONY BALONEY is NOT part of ANY government body and as such h has ZERO POWER to force any business to do anything or enforce any business laws. The ONLY purpose of the BBB and their BS is to SELL their PHONY RATINGS and their PHONY ACCREDITATIONS to any business which wants to BUY THEM! They to themselves as "the bureau" as a deliberate attempt to try to deceive the public into thinking they are part of law enforcement which they are most definitely not. Anybody who's been in business for 15 minutes knows all about the BBB PAY FOR PLAY congame. If you own a business and want a PHONY BBB "A+" RATING, you buy it. What they will do with your complaint is come up with some sort of song and dance about how they are "investigating" when in reality they are using your information as a SALES LEAD and will start badgering the business to BUY A PHONY "A+" rating. Their phrase "It starts with trust" is true because YOU CANNOT TRUST THE PHONY BALONEY of the BBB.

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