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Excel Commnications
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Claiming to be the second largest long-disance and communications company in America, these people came to our city Advertising by billboards, flyers, and "usiness" cards. Basic rundown of their practices: You sign up for their service and become an owner of your own home-built business and sign up ither people to do the same thing. Cost..$245.

I have contacted our BBB here, because I have researched triangle schemes, and found that it "illegal" to require that you purchase products to be part of the "triangle". However.....when i contacted the local BBB I was informed that since I was not REQUIRED to purchase anything, there is nothing I can do about it. The only catch is.....you CAN sign up w/out purchasing anything, however you cannot sign-p anyone else and make money off of them....You are me and my girlfriends last resort. We saw your service on a Morning News Show, and have decided to contact you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Trevor Andrews

Elma Rusler


I recently read a registered complaint on Excel Communications. I'd like to address some of the misconceptions that this person had of the opportunity as a whole:

Claiming to be the second largest long-disance and communications company in America,

We are definitely not the second largest, but we ARE the fourth largest right behind the big three. Anybody who would believe we are second is pretty naive. We wholeheartedly intend to be there by the next few years, but this representative represented the company in error. I apologize for them, and I would like to know where this is so I can report on the offenders.

Basic rundown of their practices: You sign up for their service and become an owner of your own home-built business and sign up ither people to do the same thing. Cost..$245.

This is the basic premise. You are expected to gather 20 customers in your lifetime with the company. You do not need to sign up yourself (IT IS NOT REQUIRED), but it is encouraged because who in their right mind would try and get someone to use a service they themselves do not??

The only catch is.....you CAN sign up w/out purchasing anything, however you cannot sign-p anyone else and make money off of them....

The 'catch' is actually this. It has nothing to do with 'purchasing' any services. Excel is required by law to offer the ability to SELL our services with a fully refundable joining fee to the business owner. Business owners who elect this option receive commissions on all their personally aqcuired customers up to a limit of 10% of their collected billing. They are not eligible for any of the downline benefits under this arrangement. Since the training and materials to properly gather 'sign-ups', or managing representatives as they are correctly called, into your downline costs the company money, and since they do all the tracking and accounting of your various levels, this option is a non-refundable entry fee of $245. I would ask you to find me an accountant that will track your revenues in any business for less than $245. All of this is explained in the basic business presentation.

Excel is in the business of gathering customers by network marketing. Bringing in representatives that do nothing but gather customers (although gathering customers is required and necessary) is not the power of the process, so this position is not recommended, as it opposes the true wealth earning potential of network marketing (geometric progressive customer growth).

Please feel free to direct any future questions my way, as I am thoroughly researched and can find you the answer to any question that may arise with regards to this company.


Jeff Sullivan

Excel Independent Representative

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Excel works for those people who work for Excel.

#2Consumer Comment

Sun, June 06, 2004

I've been working with Excel Communications for 3 months. Just yesterday i was promoted to Senior Representative in the company in front of a crowd of 600 people. I can not speak for the rest of the country, but i can speak for the Sacramento Excel team. We are the largest and most successful team in the nation. Heres a few facts: I personally know a minimum of 20 people who's income exceeds 2,000 dollars a week in less than one year on my team alone. Each of these individuals are under the age of 30. Your parents probably never made that much and probably never will. Specifically my team leader, is 20 years old, i've personally seen his paycheck stubs, and personally witnessed the transformation in his life Excel has enabled him to receive. I myself went through wonderful social/personality changes within the first 2 weeks alone. More confidence, more happiness, more hope, more fun, more friends, a family. That alone was worth getting into the business. It only helps that i profited a great deal over my initial investment within the first few weeks of starting my business. I do not know any other business where you can recieve a return on your investment within TWO WEEKS. Mcdonalds can't even do that. The clarification i'm giving, is in order to be successful with our company you MUST have the following skills, and if you are a complainer, i can gaurantee that you do not have at least one of the following: Coachable and Teachable. Open minded. A vision. Leadership. A personal reason to succeed. Passion. I am using this business to retire my parents and buy them a house. You must have your own desires to fulfill. You will not succeed unless you work for yourself and for our company. Why should you be paid the potential thousands of dollars we offer you if you're not willing to do the work? You must work to get paid, just like any other business. One major difference: Get paid more than any job with the ability to RETIRE at your own pace, not 65, which gives you total freedom in life. So our company gives you two options, Keep doing what you're been doing to get what you've been getting, or do something different and supercede the norm. Success.

Keith Fraley, Regional Director, Excel

Excel Changed My Life

#3UPDATE Employee

Mon, March 01, 2004

I will not write a long response to the complaints listed above but I will say Excel Telecommunications has changed my life. I used to work 60+ hours as an heating and air technician when one of my customers introduced me to this business(Aug 12 2003) I got started and within 3 months I was able to walk off my job. 3 months later my wife was able to leave her job. The reason so many people complain about network marketing is because they don't have what it takes to be highly successful. It's not about eduacation or experience. It takes strong desire and lots of persistence to become successful. People who don't have these skills claim the system doesn't work. The majority of people who start college don't finish but its not the colleges fault. Its their fault- the didn't do the required work. As far as a pyramid goes all successful businesses are pyramids. They all have leaders at the top and inexperienced people at the bottom. The difference is that most of us will never reach the top of a coporate job but everyone can reach the top in Network Markington. Sincerely, Communications Independent Rep.

Lloyd - Business Owner and Excel Prepresentative

Excel Communications promises no success without your direct participation

#4UPDATE Employee

Wed, November 19, 2003

Jeff, (Not Jeff Sullivan) I would like to respond to your comments on Excel Communications. It is clear to me that you are comming from an employee type state of mind. With no previous or very limited business experience. Excel Communications promises no success without your direct participation in promoting and selling the products they offer. All other companies do the exact same thing. From the Chain Franchises that require an investment from $100K in upwards of $1.5 Million dollars just to open the doors. A soon to be Popular "Juice Bar" here in Phoenix and California requires an investment of $120K to open the doors. Excel Communications requires an investment of $400.00 total to set up as an "agent" managing representative. With this, the "agent" has the ability to sell just products (As does a Hamburger Joint, Taco Joint or "Juice Bar") With Excel Communications you earn 2 to 10% commission on residential customers and 5%-10% on Commercial customers. These products are competitive in the market place and not inflated. Burger Restuarants range in price from 99Cents to $5.00. It's up to the individual to determine Value. Excel Communications on the other hand offers another opportunity to expand your business that the traditional businesses do not. The opportunity to open other businesses that give that owner the same incentive as you to sell products and open other "agencies". You are niether required nor are you expected to pursue your "agency" in this manner. However, if a Franchise owner had that opportunity with his/her successful franchise, they would do the same. A Traditional business operates on a profit margin of 15-20% per Year. With Excel Communications and product promotion and selling only, an independent "agent" can provide that margin in less than a year time. You stated that the only way for a "representative" to make thier money back was to recruit recruit recruit. This is absolutely not true. A representative can make thier money back by selling $1000.00 worth of services only and have thier investment back within 18 months. That's 18 months for a 100% return on investment. Most companies don't return the investment for 60 months. If the representative was to continue to sell at the rate of $1000.00 per month, they would realize a return on investment within 8 months. I have been in telecommunications for a little more than 5 years. In that 5 years I have sold over $4,500.00 a month in services that I am currently selling for Excel Communications. At this rate, I have realized a return on investment within 45 days. That's only because of waiting for the first 30 day billing cycle. No other company pays as fast or as well. Very quickly this rate of sales will eclipse even the most lucrative sales compensation plan of any Account Executive in the Telecommunications Industry. So, in conclusion, Excel Communications does not require you to recruit recruit recruit. They do ask you to do the very same thing that any company or employer does. That's to sell their product or promote an atmosphere that expands the business for all of the people involved. Thank you


Excel is a Pyramid Scheme effective July 1st.

#5UPDATE Employee

Wed, June 04, 2003

As an Independent Representive for Excel for just about a year I knew that Excel was MLM before I signed up. At that time however as an independent rep you would get your entire funding back IF you solicited at least 20 customers. This supported the company and it's approximately 17% payout to the reps in addition to the one time recruiting bonuses that you would receive up the suponsorship line. Great no problem. Since product was being pushed and it was too much to be through internal consumption from most people. However Effective July 1st, 2003 Excel's new compensation plan rival's that of best pyramid scheme. People will only get their money back by recruting and getting each of those people to get 2 long distance or local customers and are REQUIRED to get the IR homesite and PAY $21.99 per month for that. This is completely Internal consumption. Scam, scam, scam. So you will now front $400, sign up 2 customer "points" then sign up with a MANDATORY $21.99 service and the company will pay you back a whopping $50. However your upline and everyone up the line it will trigger bonuses ranging from $125 to $475 up the Pyramid. In the end if you ever want to make money in excel you must recruit recruit and recruit. Excel has officially become a pyramid scam. This new compensation plan was recommended and put in place by people who have made their $100s of thousands and millions on recruiting ONLY and NOT Product. These people now want to perpetuate their "Dynasty" without a care to the dreams that they are stealing from people. These are the lowest of SCUM of the earth. As a result should someone file a class action lawsuit against excel I will be the first person to sign on the dotted line. Excel = Scam. If you have heard from someone wanting to get you into the business or you know of someone trying to get you to into the business realize that the current washout rate is in excess of 85% and it will only increase. Do your friends a favor talk them out of it and DON'T support them by buying or using ANY excel products. Stop the madness and lets all let Excel Die the horrible death that it deserves by destroying the dreams of people.

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