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Complaint Review: PC Direct Biz - Atlanta Georgia

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- Lawrenceburg, Indiana,

PC Direct Biz
P.O. Box 54873 Atlanta, 30308 Georgia, U.S.A.
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Found this company on line. Filled out a credit application and within a few days, received an e mial from them telling me I was approved for like $3000.00.

I had to do an on-line check or credit card for $99.00 for the so called "application fee". After doing this, I was told that I would be getting a contract in the mail within 5 to 7 business days.

I decided that I did not want to do business with this company after finding some negative information on them. I called 3 days before my on line check was going to be processed. I was told by someone at PC Direct that my check would not be processed.

WRONG! They deposited my check and never sent me a contract.

This is the first e-mail they sent me:



you'll be glad to know that your application for a

pcdirectbiz.com Easy Pay account is being processed. We'll have an answer for you within 12 hours. Please check your email address [email protected]

for a credit decision within 12 hours.

If you have any quesitons at any time during this process you can call us Toll Free @1 877 465 4058 Monday -Sunday 8:00am to 8:00pm central time zone.


Finance Dept.

This is the second e-mail.....

We here at PC DirectBiz.com are pleased to inform you that you have been approved for a new computer system. Please click on the link below to complete the application process. Once completed we will set up your personal account and send you your Lease Agreement. Again, we would like to thank you for your business and look forward to fullfilling all your computer needs.

Notice it does say---send you your lease agreement.

Here is the third......


Thank you for completing step number 2 in the application process. Your down payment of $99.00 will be processed on 2004-02-16 00:00:00. A lease agreement will be mailed to (my address) regular first class mail and you should receive this within 5-7 business days, once you have the lease you will get to choose the billing date for your New Gateway computer. Please complete and

return to the address on the lease ASAP to take advantage of the *FREE DIGITAL CAMERA AND FREE LEXMARK PRINTER OFFER. Once we receive your lease we will send you written confirmation via your mailing address and your

email address.


Finance Dept.

At this point I am still waiting to see if they actually are going to send me a lease or not......

This is where its gets screwy......

Here is another e-mail.....

Dear Valued Customer,

Please disregard the email dated 3/23/04 regarding an approval letter. Your account was accidentally sent your original approval letter.

We appologize for any confusion or inconvience that this error may have caused.



I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. So I call them to find out where my refund is and I was told that they have 30 days to refund my money. At this point we are already passed the 30 day mark, as I cancelled on Feb 16th.

When I called them I was told that my computer had already been ordered and they can't refund my money untill my computer is sold. I want to know how that is possible. I never signed a contract with them.

So I get another e-mail from them...( notice the great grammer )

Your account has been canceled no computer will be shipped. By law we have upto 30-Days to refund the money. Not sure what you mean by false info we have been on-line for over 5 years financing computers and everything is well outlined in the lease and on our website.

You spoke with a rep the other day and told them that you down loaded the lease off our site? So we provided it this way because more customers demanded it be done this way for time reasons.

Were not sure if your now trying to use all these very small, minute and irrelevant things to cancel and get a refund but there not necessary we will gladly refund your $99.00 within 30-Days right now we have more than enough customers to keep us busy. If you want to file a complaint with www.bbb.com feel free to do so we have a great track record with them and are in good standings.




These e mails go back and forth, phone calls, ect...still no refund. So this is the e-mail I sent them.....


Just spoke to James Cook reguarding my refund. Where is it, and why is a check issued instead of crediting my account?

This needs to be settled today, or first thing tomorrow morning, I will file suit against your company, file with the BBB, contact the Attorney General Thurbet E. Baker, and anyone else who will listen. I am sick of your companies lies, misleading information, and empty promises.

I expect a phone call before 6 pm this evening with answers.


James Cook owns the place and this Maria chick works in refunds.

The next day I get a reply from her stating...

Sir a refund was sent to the wrong address I just verified this all the threats are totally unnecessary I will resend the refund out later on today or try to credit your account back. Make your complaints to whom ever you wish to.

Maria Gonzalez CSR

So they sent a check to the wrong address? Why was a check cut instead of crediting my account back like they are supposed tobe doing? James Cook himself, when I spoke to him, did not know why my account was not credited. So here we go, more lies...

Finally, almost 2 months later, my account is credited back the 99 bucks. I am still going to sue them and pound this message out to every gov't agency who will read this. They lie, cheat, and rip people off. They violated Federal Law by not refunding my money within 30 days. I have every e mail, and some recorded conversations of employees. They are not going to get away with this.

They operater under another alias too, and they are an "iOnNet Company" whatever that means.

Watch out for these people.


Anywhere, Alabama

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