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Complaint Review: Superstition Park Apartments - Tempe Arizona

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Superstition Park Apartments
30 W. Carter Dr. Tempe, 85282 Arizona, U.S.A.
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I am writing this report to warn others about Superstition Park Apartments in Tempe, AZ and the unethical agents and management who run it.

When I first moved to Arizona, I knew from past experiences that I wanted an apartment with solid walls, so I would not be disturbed by neighbors. When a rental agent, by the name of Rebecca Slucher, showed me around the complex, I asked her if the walls were solid concrete. She assured me that they were. Just to be sure, I called the office at another time and was told the same thing by another rental agent "Dean".

Great... solid walls, a heated pool, a jacuzzi, laundry rooms, paid utilities... everything I was looking for.

I signed the lease, and moved in, only to find that, not only weren't the walls solid, but they were literally paper-thin. You can hear your neighbors radios, TV's, their tables being set, and even their daily conversations! As you can imagine, I wasn't too happy. So much for solid walls...

Little did I know, this was only the beginning of my nightmare.

Well, at least I could hang out in the jacuzzi at night, and enjoy some peace there. Having had a bad back and chronic pain for 13 years, this was something else I had wanted in any apartment I moved in to. Come to find out, the jacuzzi didn't work properly, with the "jets" hardly operational... just gurgling water out instead of jetting like a normal jazuzzi. When I called Rebecca Slucher about this, she assured me that a new motor was on back order and it would soon be working. I have lived here for 10 months, and it still doesn't work properly. After 2 months of complaining and being lied to, I gave up. So much for the jacuzzi...

When the cold winter nights came, and the pool temperature dropped to freezing, the property manager, Sheri King, refused to turn the heat in the pool on, because the day-time highs were still above a certain temp. People had been out at the pool for weeks, enjoying the warm days, but couldn't go in the pool because it was freezing due to the cold desert nights. After being given the run-around by the office here, I called the company that owns this place, and told them what was going on. After I called 5 times and raised a big stink, the pool heat was finally turned on. This complex will try to nickle and dime the residents at every turn to save a buck. Now it's heated, but it's green and filthy dirty, so no one will go in it. So much for the heated pool...

Half of the washers and dryers in the laundry rooms don't work. Of the washers that do work, more than a few of them have left permanent oil-like lubricant stains on many of my clothes, and the dryers have left permanent burn marks. I've had a lot of good clothes destroyed this way, and when I brought this up to the male maintainence person and the washer/dryer company employee, they insisted it couldn't be from their equipment. About $300 worth of clothing down the drain. So much for the laundry rooms...

Then, a month ago, a just-paroled-from-prison convict moved into the studio downstairs, and began his nightly routine of staying up till 5:00 am drinking, screaming and cranking music with his buddies and the escorts they hire. Of course they didn't pay the escort a couple weeks ago, so her bodyguard pulled a gun on my convict-neighbor, and took his TV and other stuff as payment. I saw all this happen when I was woken up at 4:00 am by the yelling and went down to see what the heck was going on. The management cares nothing at all for the safety of the residents and will let anyone in who can pay the rent to line their pockets.

I first encountered this individual when, the day after he moved in, I went down to ask him to turn the radio down, and he answered his door, covered with tattoos and knife wounds literally all over his upper body. Apparently he was getting dressed and he told me about how he acquired all his scars... in prison knife fights. It is typical of this complex to rent to ex-convicts and criminals, as I have come to find out that there has been substantial gang activity here, and many, many vehicle and motorcycle thefts.

Another charming feature of the complex is the paid utilities. Of course, this is taking into account the fact that no matter how low you have the A/C in the summer, you can never get your apartment below 80 degrees. The A/C also went out about once or twice a month for a couple of days at a time, all summer long, leaving you to melt in the 110 degree Arizona heat. So much for the paid utilities...

After 10 months of putting up with all these things, I have reached the end of my rope. After being kept up till 5:00 am by the downstairs neighbor, and then being woken up at 8:00 am by a jackhammer in the apartment next door (more broken pipes), I called the office and complained about everything. I ended my little tirade by asking why the jacuzzi hadn't been fixed for 10 months, and threatening a lawsuit.

This report is long enough, so I won't even go into the hidden clauses in the lease agreements (just bend over), the vehicle gates that break and trap you in the complex, the burst pipes that flood and create foul-smelling swamps out of the "lawns", the slimy walkways that cause you to slip and fall, the landscapers that give your car a weekly dirt-bath with their leaf (dirt)-blowers, the almost daily visits from the police for domestic violence, car thefts, and other crimes, etc, etc...

I don't expect any resolution from Superstition Park Apartments, or AIMCO, the company that owns this property, but I just wanted to write this report to warn others that might ever think of renting at this complex... Don't!

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