Business Name Monitoring

Don't be caught off guard! Let Business Name Monitoring (BNM for short) help to keep you "in the know!"

Ripoff Report has been around for a very long time...the domain was created in December of 1998! Since the beginning we've had our ears to the ground, listening to people...and one thing that we have heard a lot of complaints about is that individuals don't learn that they were talked about on our website until it's too late. In some cases, many weeks, months, or years go by before they find out that a post on Ripoff Report mentions them...and by then, the memories of events have faded and they can't file an adequate response or the statute of limitations for legal action has long since run.

You don't have to be left in the dark. You can be "in the know." Simply sign up for Business Name Monitoring today!

How Business Name Monitoring Works

  1. You are a legal business entity operating in the United States.
  2. You register certain basic identifying information about your business with Ripoff Report, e.g., your business name, city and state, etc. (the "Identifying Information").
  3. Ripoff Report will monitor incoming posts for the Identifying Information.
  4. If a post comes in that matches the select monitored Identifying Information you will receive an email that alerts you about it.

Yep! It's THAT simple! What are you waiting for? Sign up for BNM now!

Why this is Valuable To You

  1. You won't get blindsided by a potentially awkward question by your current or potential customers.
  2. You will have the ability to address the issue with a well thought out response right away while your memory about pertinent events and facts is fresh.
  3. If you believe the post to be unusual or unfair, you can encourage people who have done business with you before to provide truthful information in support of your business as a comment to a post.
  4. You will be empowered to, and can feel good about, the ability to "set the record straight."
  5. You may reduce the risk of blowing any statute of limitation deadlines if and when legal action may be warranted. For example, in many states the statute of limitation for bringing a defamation case is one year from the date of the post.

The internet is large. You can't always count on search engines to timely keep you up to date – or even at all. We can't necessarily stop people from complaining about you online (people get disgruntled for all kinds of things and we aren't a judge and jury)...but we can try to notify you right away. Faster notice will empower you to make better, timelier decisions on how to handle posts naming you on Ripoff Report. Sign up for BNM today!

It's Cheap And Easy To Sing Up

For less than the cost of an order of avocado toast each month, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you won't be blindsided by a post on Ripoff Report and will be empowered with the ability to react, or plan to react, right away (which is almost guaranteed to be notice a lot sooner than if you stumbled upon it yourself). Indeed, there are serious benefit to being "in the know."


  • $19.99 month (subscription charged monthly)
  • Save over 20% if you sign up for a yearly subscription (charged annually)

All you need to do is fill out the contact form below and pick which payment option works best for your business budget.


Please complete the form below. This information is what we use to enroll your business into the program. We monitor based upon the business name, business website, city, state and zip code provided by you. The email address is utilized for communications relating to Ripoff Report, the program - e.g., notice that your business has been named in a Report on Ripoff Report, and for communications about your account - e.g., if there is an issue with payment.

I understand and agree that I am subscribing to Ripoff Report's Business Name Monitoring program and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the business. I affirm that the information is true and correct and understand that failure to provide accurate and complete information can result in inaccurate monitoring results. I understand that by providing payment information that my/my company's debit/credit card will be charged for the amount that I select on a regular/recurring basis and I agree to abide my debit/credit card's terms of service. I understand that if I want to unsubscribe, I need to provide 30 days advanced written notice by emailing [email protected] and [email protected].