Benefits Of Joining

Consumers trust companies that can show how they handle complaints, even when the business does nothing wrong. It’s just good business.

Corporate Advocacy Program is the best kind of advertising and PR that attracts new customers who are researching your business. Plus, we are an extension of your customer service, like no other can do.

The Corporate Advocacy Program is a PR/Advertising/Customer Retention & Remediation Service all in one. As a member, you’ll not only enjoy a better image, you’ll also develop superior relationships with customers and build the best possible customer satisfaction program, proven to be a major factor contributing to long-term success.

Positive PR and "Buzz" Marketing

Member businesses are able to publicize their membership, noting they meet our high standards for customer satisfaction – this kind of meaningful information spreads quickly among potential customers via word of mouth and online.

With the publishing of all reports, rebuttals and updates, consumers get the opportunity to see how businesses take care of business, from start to finish. Member businesses will benefit by having editorial comments support their efforts and draw attention to the positive actions they’ve taken. This gives consumers the trust and confidence they need to spend their money with you. And even though your business may have one complaint or 600, it’s never too late to fix your reputation and regain the trust you need to improve your business.

Businesses with Verified Status advertises your commitment to customer satisfaction, giving consumers the confidence needed to do business with our member businesses.   (Included for CAP members)

In addition, each member business on the site is identified as a Ripoff Report Verified Business™ with our Ripoff Report Verified Business logo (example on right). This program benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. See how businesses use this to their benefit.

Alerts and Monitoring

As soon as a complaint is filed or emailed to Rip-off Report, the member business is notified. This gives the member business the chance to make things right, avoiding more negative comments going out on the Internet. In addition, because you are able to communicate with customers, you learn precisely why your product or service is not meeting expectations and/or if one of your employees or representatives did something wrong. This information can be used to help you to rectify complaints sooner rather than later, keep on top of your customer service efforts, gain powerful insights into ways to improve your products and services and prevents new negative complaints getting out there on the Internet.

Improve Your Customer Service & Quality Assurance

The process of resolving these complaints might suggest new ways of doing business or communicating with customers that will improve your overall Customer Service and Quality Assurance programs and your competitive position.

We offer this program only to individuals and organizations that appreciate and place a high value on customer service. Are you up for the challenge? See what our members say about the program.