About Our Program

"All businesses will get complaints. It's how they handle their complaints that separate GOOD businesses from BAD businesses."

Our Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program (CAP) was created to help businesses not only address complaints made on Ripoff Report, but also publicize their commitment to handling issues and satisfying complaints.

This benefits the consumer by assuring them that their complaint has been addressed and gives them the confidence they need to do business with our member businesses.

How a CAP membership can help your business

  • Engages your businessin a process that helps to satisfy customer complaints and makes amends for past mistakes.
  • Turns negatives into positivesby making a commitment to consumers that your business is willing to make an earnest commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Helps your employeesfeel a deeper commitment to your business, often boosting morale because they know you are accountable.
  • Grows your businessby demonstrating honesty, integrity and commitment to righting wrongs and addressing complaints, you'll build positive PR and attract new customers who are researching your business.
We are strong consumer advocates. But we also believe in businesses too.

Is our program right for you?

Businesses of all sizes have customer complaints and can benefit from Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program - from sole proprietorships to large multinational corporations. But not just any business may belong. Members of our Customer Advocacy Program must demonstrate their commitment to customer service by meeting the standards and agreeing to the principles that our program upholds.

If you've had a negative complaint filed about your company on the Internet, help is just a click away. Ripoff Report's Corporate Advocacy Program is a Web-based program that helps you put a restitution plan in place to right customer wrongs, turn negative buyer experiences into positive outcomes, and prove to your customers that your business is committed to their satisfaction.

Consumers trust businesses that can show they take care of their customers, admit to their mistakes and - even when it's not the case - go above and beyond what's expected to make their customers happy.

What membership will NOT do for your business.

Ripoff Report gives consumers a place to research businesses and their history of complaints, regardless of how long ago the complaint was lodged. Since all reports are a permanent record on the Internet, we have always had a uniform policy of not removing reports filed on Ripoff Report. To do so is like putting a band-aid on skin cancer. It does nothing to make the problem go away.

Many businesses that have had reports filed against them want the opportunity to repair the situation and their reputation. Which is why member businesses agree to allow Rip-off Report to review the validity of claims by emailing their customers and working to resolve their issues to their complete satisfaction (within reason, of course). This requires time, expertise and resources. And we can't provide that kind of service for free (we have to eat). For this reason, we provide additional service to businesses through our membership-based program designed to help businesses that have been reported on Ripoff Report by explaining how the reported business plans to make things right, what it did to improve things for the future, and/or show why a report was false or just a plain old misunderstanding.

So what will your CAP membership DO FOR YOU? See how it works.