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Complaint Review: Ashley Black Fasciology - Houston Texas

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Juline - Cypress, Texas, USA

Ashley Black Fasciology
3620 Katy Freeway, Ste. B Houston, 77007 Texas, United States of America
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All the individuals working for Ashley Diana Black (including the owner) are all non-licensed/non-certified by the state of Texas and the facility is not licensed either.  They are all practicing forms of massage, physical and occupational therapy to clients by manipulating each person's skin and tissue with their hands and odd instruments, plus making chiropractic adjustments when no one representing the owner or the business is licensed to do so.  This organization, its owner (Ashley Black) and its contractors are ALL UNLICENSED and NOT CERTIFIED by the State of Texas.  

The owner, Ashley Black, claims to be pioneering a new science called "Fasciology" (by the way is not recognized anywhere) and that she and her business are a complementary and alternative health care facility and are not mandated by the state.  The owner/facility have had countless complaints regarding injuries as well as additional individuals reporting her to the State Boards of Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists for treating unlicensed in the state of Texas.

Every time the owner is accused or pursued by mandating agencies, she files under another business name with the state of Delaware, rebrands and redoes her website to stay off the radar of the State of Texas.  The owner also maintains a stationery lease space located at 3620-B Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77007 phone# 281-610-7750 or 888-282-8221.

The owner is misrepresenting her services and her education (that still has yet to be verified with the college she attended) yet claims she has a Master's Degree. When asked for her credentials, the owner claims "I'm pioneering a new science" - even though Fasciology is not a recognized science.

Recently, her application to trademark and patent "Fasciology" was declined by the USPTO office based on it being "too general in nature - therefore no one can own the rights to "Fasciology" - it would be similar to owning the rights to the word "water."

In addition, all of the owner's so-called "employees" are all subcontractors, yet she treats them like employees, telling them when they work, what to do, where to be, how to do it and doesn't report 1099's on any of her contractors when she files her taxes every year.

I would really appreciate if you would investigate this organization and stop this illegal practice, the owner and her representatives from continually causing harm to people and those who work for owner.

7 Updates & Rebuttals

Juline A Stratton-KERR, MBS

Gary Solomon clearly has no idea what he’s talking about

#2Author of original report

Sun, June 09, 2024

 The website that he’s referring to, he’s not even sharing a link to it or nothing. I don’t have a website saying anything bad about Ashley Black number one. I’m her right hand and her left hand, though she doesn’t pay me for that any longer and hasn’t in quite some time is one of those things and again it’s just business but Gary Solomon happens to be out of China Mr. human trafficker extraordinary jealous of Ashley Black and the things that she and I accomplished together just like Shannon Kerr just like any of the other minions after her empire and my incoming inbound empire! Isn’t that fascinating? He doesn’t provide a website address or nothing pertinent to his allegations!!! Here’s my website and actual page dedicated to the work that me and Ashley Black accomplished for the entire planet! And for the record, Mr. Solomon ~ Ashley Black would never sue me and what you are engaged in is a bunch of gaslighting bullshit and you know it! And so does the rest of the planet! https://j2rrinc.com/missions/2009-present-ashley-black-guru-pearland-texas FEDERAL OMBUDSMAN | BORROWER DEFENSE CASES | US DEPT OF EDUCATION… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KCvGLrBkrxLcNknTx6n8c5-vNjpRvaVx/view?usp=drivesdk MY WEBSITE WITH THE TRUTH! https://j2rrinc.com And isn’t it convenient? I can’t attach anything but the Google Drive link above is the federal case with the United States Department of Education against all of the schools that are jealous of my credentials and you wanna call me head behind the scenes with no Bonafiable proof! One would think people would have better things to do with their time! 2024_JUNE 8_EMAIL TO USDOJ_Re E-TERRORISTS Re SC CRIMES against multiple Universities Re

Juline A Kerr, PhD

South Carolina,
United States

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sat, May 06, 2023

NEUROLIGN AKA ASHLEYBLACKGURU.com First thing is first EVADED paying taxes TO THE STATE OF TEXAS BY MIS CLASSIFYING RELATIONSHIPS WITH EMPLOYEES, AND CALLING US EMPLOYEES, AND TREATING US LIKE EMPLOYEES BUT YET WE WERE ALL CONTRACTORS! On top of everything else, Ashley Black is also evading taxes from the country of Mexico while maintaining a residence past 180 days in Costa Rica, and not paying the Mexican government taxes on her business while maintaining a United States address out of Texas! CONSPIRACY BY ORGANIZATION(S) & TERRORISM from JIM FALK NISSAN MAUI, NATIONWIDE INSURANCE LARRY C. JONES of HOUSTON, TX, PIPEPIGS.com & GRAHAM PACKAGING LLP YORK, PA | FBI FILE #8644154930 "CONTACT: AGENT Chris Roberts | Head of FBI | Spartanburg, SC 864-415-4930 Re: dr. hit list Wi-Fi serial killer to populate the transplant list! Additionally, contact Investigator Jason Kramer Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriffs department regarding report #2205-1446 on May 25, 2022 & #2201-0007 from Jan. 1, 2022 choice hotels.com human flesh trafficking and eating. Re: For international hotel chains, three banking institutions including Bank of America, BluCurrent Credit Union of Springfield MO and bank of Hawaii for internal corporate financial fraud and robbery as well as 39 identity thieves including Kainani Tavares DMS fraud department bank of Hawaii, Kyrsten Armato BluCurrent Credit Union, Shannon Wayne Kerr (Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc. (Tomball, TX), Amanda (Visible Changes Galleria, Houston, TX, SPENCER & Elizabeth Cubage, Flowmore SERVICES, Inc. Tomball & Bellevue, TX, Graham Packaging LLP York, PA & Houston, TX. Contact: Investigator Guest with Spartanburg County Sheriffs Department in reference to report #2206-0094 Sergeant Reaves RE: shots fired crime Vic report anti-harassment anti-Stalking (KATHLEEN A. STAYER & JULINE A. KERR - FOR LIFE) with Shannon Kerr and Spencer Cuba's identified as the assailants after being stopped on the highway April 8 of 2022. 
TRIP ITINERARY’s - Others paid off through Expedia and corporate American Express accounts and bill pay in order to further their agenda of kidnapped to kill because they OWE ME millions (NO PRENUP - Texas community property state and recognizes common law six months of living together which became effective December 2003 champion Forest Houston Texas. Together since October 2002 to present with fraud on the court and repeated mistrial since 2017) from Harris County District clerk 201745312 - POST JUDGEMENT = QUI TAM CASE (IRS WHISTLEBLOWER) any questions contact Frederick Dee Williams the second Houston Texas criminal and family law attorney since the age of 19 at 281-970-5556! HCDISTRICTCLERK.com bestiality ring under the courthouse since its founding! 
 ALL UNPAID TO ME!!! OGG itinerary guilty of a handicap Texas truck theft June 11, 2018 with a Implanted morphine pump out of Houston Texas January 23 of 2015 assaulted by six officers to cover it up July 2018 on the island of Maui and left homeless for over three months when actually the homelessness started December 7 of 2017! ◦ OGG ITINARARY (June 2018) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1qcpkqa04tr7jn/OGG_trip-overview.pdf?dl=0 Paid off by Shannon Wayne Kerr it’s 30 day indefinite stay in order to kick me to the curb after Jim Falk Nissan Maui stole my vehicle from me being handicap since 2015 with an implant and morphine pump which took place on June 11 of 2018. ◦ SGF - ◦ HERTZ (to Spartanburg, SC 06/23/2021) ◦ RECIEPT: $13k Charges on BluCurrent CU | was only supposed to be $498.04 upon pick up and they charge me 1075 upon pick up on top of $100 a day after I reported the vehicle stolen to major limb of Spartanburg County investigative services bureau by phone from Suburban Extended Stay to address it. Vehicle is in possession of Spartanburg county sheriffs department for the FBI with a potential bomb threat after they switched the vehicle on me and put me in a four-door sedan when I requested a truck reserved a truck paid for a truck! https://www.dropbox.com/s/pnii79cm997r1tl/SGF_HERTZ_%2413k_BLUCURRENT%20ROBBERY_trip-receipt.pdf?dl=0 ◦ ◦ SGF POISONING & STOLEN Items, sabotaged $70 Dominoes, sedated USSDR.Org service DOGS (x2) PLUS SSDI OWNER TO RAPE AND KILL —> BAYMONT WYNDAM (06/22/2021) ◦ Itinerary - https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrsgd6c9xzxp5oy/SGF_BAYMONT%20I44_MO_all%203%20coverages_trip-itinerary.pdf?dl=0 ◦ RECEIPT - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwvlhw4c9oy1g8c/SGF_BAYMONT%20I44_MO_all%203%20coverages_trip-receipt.pdf?dl=0 ◦ ◦ 4/5 cxl / 4/6/22 cxl | DISABLED ROOM FOR 2 | BNA - NASHVILLE | refused to issue refund and participated in the banking internal robbery with bank of Hawaii! Claims filed with all entities above and as of August 11, 2022 they still have yet to pay us a single penny!

Juline A Kerr, PhD

Gary Solomon represents China and they’re human trafficking

#4REBUTTAL Individual responds

Thu, May 04, 2023

 The author is king pin behind the CHINESE HUMAN TRAFFICKING out of Houston Texas. and she only pays like maybe 3 to 5 dollars for each thing to be made and she’s charging hundreds of dollars for these items to rip people off intentionally

Juline A Kerr, PhD

HUMAN TRAFFICKING She’s a thief & stalker of my Patent, and all my hard work, and she was trafficking sex for money, disguised as a bodywork, professional

#5REBUTTAL Individual responds

Thu, May 04, 2023

 Along with everybody else in her establishment, sex for hire Submission Number: 16719-296-543-018 was submitted successfully on Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 01:29:25 PM EST 25% from the false claims act plus all attorneys fees, IRS and the securities exchange commission commission both at 30% each plus all attorneys fees and it is a planetary whistleblower situation since 2001 out of HOUSTON, Texas & HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA and this is what’s up and I got all my ripoff reports updated with all this oh wait to see the approvals come through and they’re pretty quick about it because I got all the proof and it’s all true because everything’s already posted so it’s just a matter of final nail in the coffin of the planet of stupid. Plus double the money is what should’ve been paid along with interest, and God only knows what the state, fines and fees are especially being that it originated from Pennsylvania to South Carolina to North Carolina to Texas to Hawaii to Missouri to Maryland originating in Pennsylvania with my uncle Chuck. CROSS PLATFORM SMO UPDATES ==>

Juline A Kerr, PhD

South Carolina,
United States
STOLEN PATENT ==> Ashley Black Systems & Ashleyblackguru.com

#6REBUTTAL Individual responds

Thu, May 04, 2023

https://t.me/KamalaHarris/10788 Plain and simple Ashley Black, and NeurOlign Institute was a cover-up for sex trafficking for her to find her next husband out of Houston Texas. Majority of the comments that are posted by anybody or people that are paid off to protect her. They are all wanted by the FBI for their conclusions not only against my life, but the lives of many others that they injured intentionally not license literally trying to like I don’t know rip your limbs off or something as what Sakina was pulling, and kristin was pulling on top of everything else embezzling money through Hancock Whitney Bank for sex trafficking out of Houston Texas. On top of having Amy Wofford STALKED because she knew it. And theft of the patents and the products that I developed. SEC WHISTLEBLOWER Submission Number: 16719-296-543-018 was submitted successfully on Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 01:29:25 PM EST 25% from the false claims act plus all attorneys fees, IRS and the securities exchange commission commission both at 30% each plus all attorneys fees and it is a planetary whistleblower situation since 2001 out of HOUSTON, Texas & HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA and this is what’s up and I got all my ripoff reports updated with all this oh wait to see the approvals come through and they’re pretty quick about it because I got all the proof and it’s all true because everything’s already posted so it’s just a matter of final nail in the coffin of the planet of stupid. Plus double the money is what should’ve been paid along with interest, and God only knows what the state, fines and fees are especially being that it originated from Pennsylvania to South Carolina to North Carolina to Texas to Hawaii to Missouri to Maryland originating in Pennsylvania with my uncle Chuck. CROSS PLATFORM SMO UPDATES ==>

Ashley Black Interests, LLC

Disgruntled Contract Employee

#7REBUTTAL Owner of company

Sun, June 19, 2016

This report is both sladerous and liable. See attached language at the bottom of the report. 

First of all, this business was closed in 2012 along with Ms. Black's other clinics for Fasciology by the choosing of Ms. Black. Ms. Black decided to take her knowledge to the masses and felt as if the clinics were detracting from her being able to help the tens of thousands she is now. 

The report is true that the clinic was not licensed by the state of Texas, becasue no such licensce exists. 

The contract laborers that worked at the clinic had degrees in Kinesiology, exercise science or the like. However, as stated above there is no licensure for fascia work, just like there is no liscence for foam rolling or stretching. 

The above statement stands as our official position about the services provided, as each client was informed that Fasciology is not somehting you can obtain a lisence for at this point in time. However, this is one of Ms. Black's long time goals to help write the textbooks on Fasciology and Fascia licensure. Ms. Black recieves hundreds of inquiries from professionals that want to be certified, so this is one of our biggest priorities.

Human Body Develment, LLC has never recieved one report of injury or one complaint by the boards of Texas. A disgruntaled LMT filed a complaint with the massage board that was investigated and dropped because it had no merit. Thesse statements are defaming, slanderous, are without merit and prosecutable.

It is true Human Body Devolpment, LLC, as many of Ms. Black's entities are formed in Deleware. This is well within the law and has no bering on where physical locations exist. Ms. Black's current business is an ecommerce business.

Ms. Black invented her techniques out of personal struggle and represents herself to the like. This is her story youtube.com/watch?v=v-RCWXUs5es

The rest of the report is false and slanderous. 

Ms. Black has moved on, and is a radio host for her science. Here is the link voiceamerica.com/episode/88023/the-myth-of-cellulite#.V2bflMe-ZsM


Ms. Black also has over half a million followers with a 4.6 star review facebook.com/AshleyBlackGuru/reviews/

Her invention, the FasciaBlaster is changing the lives of tens of thousands of lives. fasciablaster.com

Here is the science behind the FasciaBlaster fasciablaster.com/blog/science-of-the-fasciablaster/

Below is a letter from our lead attourney that explains what is within the law and what is not to a recent false blog about the FasciaBlaster. This Rip Off Report clearly requires a retraction, but the author's where abouts are unknown. This is our formal legal resoncse to individuals reporting or SPREADING (ie reposting) false and maliscious information: Ms. Black does NOT want to sue anyone, she wants to help people be their best, so please do not participate in this illegal behavior of slander and liable:

            I represent Ashley Black, and this letter concerns the false and misleading statements you have made on your website regarding Ms. Black and her product, the FasciaBlaster®.  Your statements, most notably the remarks that Ms. Black’s product is a "money-grabbing gimmick" that causes pain and tissue damage, are false and defamatory.  We therefore request that you immediately cease and desist such libelous and slanderous behavior and postings on your website or any other website or social media platform.

Under Texas law, an individual may be held liable for money damages to a plaintiff if that individual published a statement that defamed the plaintiff while acting with actual malice or negligence regarding the truth of the statement.  Neely v. Wilson, 418 S.W.3d 52, 61 (Tex. 2013).  The tort of defamation includes libel and slander.  Id. at 60.  Libel, which occurs when the defamatory statements are in writing, "tends to injure a living person's reputation and thereby expose the person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or financial injury or to impeach any person's honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation . . . ."  Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 73.001.  Slander occurs when the statements are spoken.  Neely, 418 S.W.3d at 60; Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 497 U.S. 1, 17 (1990).  For example, the Court in Cullum v. White concluded that emails and a website created by the former employee of a ranch accusing the ranch owner of illegal activity and impeaching her honesty, integrity, and ethics both personally and in her business as a ranch operator were defamatory and thus constituted libel.  399 S.W.3d 173, 183 (Tex. App.—San Antonio 2011, pet. denied).  

Your internet activity and statements regarding Ms. Black and the FasciaBlaster are libelous and slanderous.  Accordingly, pursuant to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 73.055, we make a timely request that you correct and retract the false and defamatory website page claiming that the FasciaBlaster® product is a "money-grabbing gimmick" that causes pain and tissue damage and that can be substituted "with an ordinary $20 foam roller" (see attached).  As you are well aware, these statements are false and only seek to discredit and attack Ms. Black's character and occupation as well as the quality of her product.  We therefore request that you publish an additional statement correcting and/or retracting your prior defamatory comments. 

We further note that you have made these defamatory statements despite your knowledge (or, at the very least, reckless disregard) as to their falsity.  This indicates that you have acted with actual malice with regard to the truth of the statements and thus may be liable for exemplary damages in addition to the damages discussed above.  Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 73.059.

In addition, the lack of support for your comments indicates that you have no knowledge of or practical experience with the FasciaBlaster® product.  We suggest that you refrain from making defamatory statements or otherwise criticizing products with which you are not sufficiently familiar.  You should study the information at the link (ashleyblacksystems.com/blog/science-of-the-fasciablaster/) along with the ten references listed at the bottom of the link to learn about the science behind the FasciaBlaster® product.  Such information may very well help your own practice.

Please be advised that we will pursue legal action if you do not immediately cease and desist any libelous and slanderous behavior directed at Ms. Black or if you fail to correct and/or retract the statements discussed above.  If a verifiable retraction is not made, we will take action.





By: Gary Solomon




Ashley Black helped me to walk again

#8General Comment

Thu, May 23, 2013

To Whom It May Concern About Ashley Black:

I am a country music artist and was in a near fatal car accident many years ago.  My pelvis was crushed, my left femur was crushed so severely it was questionable if I would be able to walk again, or if I would be able to walk without a severe limp for the rest of my life. I am happy to submit my hospital records from lifelight at Herman Hosptal to prove what I am saying about my condition-also happy for anyone to xray me now to see the femoral rod and all of the hardware that still remains to this day as well. My experience with Ashley was with the Pilates Allegro Reformer only. Ashleye worked with me so extensively- and with so much compassion and care and had lots of knowledge and motivation.  I had physical therapy prescribed by doctors that did nothing for me- I was in a wheelchair and barely on crutches when I first had started going to Ashley.

I owe her all of the credit with my being able to literally walk again. I never thought i would walk again, at least not without a severe handicap and almost unbearable pain.  I thought my life had been shattered, so I owe her a lot for helping to give me my life back as well in many ways, especially because I also had been pregnant at the time of my accident with a newborn to take care of as well.

I have not seen Ashley in years except running across her in the airport on the way to Nashville, and she did not ask me to write this.  I think it has been eight years or more since I have actually seen her.  This is just my heartfelt response. She is motivated, and caring as well as very knowledgable about sports medicine.  She knew enough to do more for me than any PT prescribed by my doctor could.  I will always be grateful to her-


Thank You-

This is all I needed to say-


Angie Beck

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