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Complaint Review: Chicago Police dispatcher 911 - Des Plaines Illinois

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Stafford - Chicago, United States

Chicago Police dispatcher 911
Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
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My bad experience with a 911 Chicago Police dispatcher who identifies himself as being Officer Murray or Murphy badge number 7825. I made the call at approximately 6:45 a.m. As I was walking my dog this morning I noticed my license plate had been ripped off the front of my vehicle. There was no damage to my vehicle. However, the detachment could not have come from a bump of another car. The plate was not bent, dented, etc. The plate was also firmly robustly attached. Secondly, my concern comes from an active order of protection case against a female neighbor who lives above me. I have called the police several times in regards to her sporadic mental outbreaks.Tampering with my cameras, stomping on the floors and beating on the walls from 3:00 a.m. thru 5:00 a.m yelling and screaming for attention. The residents around the perimeters of the building are all aware of this behavior.I expressed these issues with the initial officer Murray/Murphy  badge number 7825 who stated "if there is no damage there is no complaint to file". This day and time, the climate we live in and he being a Chicago Police officer made light of this issue which says a lot about the police officers we have in this country today. That's like saying "Someone shot at you but since you didn't get shot there's no charge",   He also said many other facetious, and derogatory remarks.  But God is good. I called back and spoke to a lady dispatcher who identified herself as being Ms. Granado badge beat unit of assignment is 9179. She was empathetic and scrupulous about her position and assignment. I explained everything to her just as I had explained to the previous officer. The R.D. number is JG474599. Finally, lets be clear. I did not see anyone do anything to my vehicle. However, there has to be documentation of the tampering done.  Officer Murray/Murphy was unprofessional, apathetic, and a disservice to our community. Thank you for reading have a fantastic day.  

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Time to Get Specific

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, October 24, 2023

"I am entitled to be treated equally, protected equally, and treated fairly"


You were treated more than equally when the police officer didn't insist you switch to a nonemergency line. There was no need to protect you because you were in no danger. You were treated fairly when the police officer listened to you and properly downplayed the issue.


You evaded comments concerning your inappropriate use of a police emergency line and failed to properly respond to a commenter's question addressing your claim that your constitutional rights were violated.


Your attempted distraction by griping about hypothetical and unrelated issues serves no purpose other than to direct attention in the wrong direction.


Specifically, how did the police officer violate your constitutional rights?



#3General Comment

Tue, October 24, 2023

 First, there is no evidence a crime was even committed. Perhaps the license plate was poorly secured or the screws vibrated out. Or someone backed into your car and caused it to pop off (that doesn't usually cause obvious damage to either the car or the plate). Either way there is no crime here, certainly nothing any police department would ever bother investigating. Stop wasting everyone's time with this nonsense. The police will get involved when and if a real crime occurs.


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Asinine replies

#4Author of original report

Tue, October 24, 2023

I would like to first thank you all for continuously sending me this negative energy in reference to something that is pretty obvious and simple. First of all...common sense which is complex should scratch the surface of your intellect. It's like I have to hold your hand and walk you to kindergarden. Any person with good sense would know that there is something deeper than the license plate detachment. You guys are assuming many things. Maybe the license plate wasn't put on tight. Maybe someone bump into your vehicle. No No No...maybe the lady I have an order protection against did it. This is why documentation is crucial. There's a pattern of suspicious incidents occuring. I can not say who or what but it needs to be notated. I elaborately explained this to the dispatcher and he chose not to write up the report. I explained the the same thing to the next dispatcher and she understood perfectly and thereafter wrote up a detailed report.  On a final note. If an officer wrote me a ticket for not having a license plate and there is no documentation of the detachment what would be my defense? I can go on and on. You guys feel entitled and superior to others. Really simple...you are here to serve and protect. You pull cars over for no reason. No traffic violation or anything. Only because you think something is not right. Racial profiling and violation of a persons constitutional rights. To you the law was designed for you and not others. This is why there are so many law suits against law enforcement in this country today. You just don't get it. EVERYBODY is entitled to be treated equally in the eyes of the law. The only difference is ...some people know it...and others do not. Have a great day.  


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In response to being a legal expert

#5Author of original report

Tue, October 24, 2023

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expound on your remark as to what right has been violated. But first and forthcoming let me direct your energy towards this platform. "Ripoff report" If you or any of you feel as though the issues being transcribed are paltry or trivia in any shape or form, simply email or write to ripoff report and state to them "We think you are doing our community a disservice by continously posting these petty issues from this guy" simple as that. But since I have the mic and I am on stage let me respond. First of all, as a citizen of the United States of America I am entitled to be treated equally, protected equally, and treated fairly by the law according to the 14th amendment of the constitution. Learn your constitutional rights before you come on a platform blowing hot air. Secondly, you spoke of the things going on in Chicago and the severity of crime and there is no time to be worrying about stolen license plates. There were no stolen license plates. And most urban police officers are trying to avoid violence, only out here to reach a quota. They are more concern with locking people up for not having an identification. Walking around with an open bottle of liquor. Stopping cars for no reason other then racial profiling. Harassing homeless people. So do not tell me about the things I see here in Chicago every day. Finally, there has to be documentation concerning anything or anyone violating your space and constitutional rights. Situations like that can turn real bad real fast. Hypothethically, say if I had so happen to walk out the door and this was going on. A lot of things could have went wrong with that situation. How can you explain tampering with my vehicle. If there is a pattern and there is documentation? Keep responding...I will keep typing. You give me the opportunity to inform others as to how entitled you think you really are. Supremacy and transparency. You hate to be revealed. And in my writing is 100% facts and truth. No sentiments or attitudes. Dates, time, names, witnesses, etc are on point. Write specifically about something I have ever lied about. Stop writing about your feelings and trying to cover up a corrupted system. Have a good day and thank you for your rebuttal


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Another Legal Expert

#6Consumer Comment

Mon, October 23, 2023

Please expound on how your rights under the constitution were violated. While you're such a illegal expert, please cite the appropriate examples of case law.


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Facts of the Case

#7Consumer Comment

Mon, October 23, 2023

You performed a disservice to your community by wasting the resources of a police emergency line with your petty complaint.


There is no complaint to file.


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911 is for emergencies!!

#8Consumer Comment

Mon, October 23, 2023

 911 is for emergencies… your stolen plate is not an emergency… go to the police department and file a report then it will be documented. People like you are the problem. Stop tying up the 911 system. Especially in Chicago there are much more pressing needs than a stolen license plate.

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