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Complaint Review: Crossmark Merchandising - Lewisville Texas

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Disgruntled former employee 2 plus times over. - Clarkston, Washington, United States

Crossmark Merchandising
1921 State Highway 121 Suite #100 Lewisville, 75056 Texas, United States
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From a review also on Glassdoor written by yours truly.  It literally is applicants beware - Retail Merchandiser CROSSMARK Employee Review     1.0 as in one star they shouldn't technically even have a star but this is the lowest rating possible.             Mar 23, 2024     Retail Merchandiser Former Employee, more than 5 years Recommend: No CEO Approval: No I don't approve of him or her and how they treat their employees especially field merchandisers. They're treated like peons compared to the rest of those in management and even managers in the field who aren't in the upper echelon of things are treated like peons as well. Business Outlook: Not good. More and more would be applicants are catching on and avoiding them like the plague they are as well as their clients who are failing to renew contracts thus less work for the field merchandisers and less work for those in corporate as well. No clients equals no company. It will happen soon. Plus all the pending lawsuits. One other claim right here on rip off reports says there is a pending lawsuit against them for violating not only state law but federal as well. Pros It's a paycheck or a way to attempt to earn one. Cons A mountain of them honestly. Micromanaged on every level, every single detail of the job whether it is an mplan execution in the Movista One Hub app on your phone and good luck with I phones they're still having issues over there be it your personal device or one the company provides phone or tablet, or the Natural Insights application which is out dated, old school, and obsolete in some cases and often doesn't work well in the field vs. using a pc or laptop even your own. Good luck getting pictures uploaded in the field to Natural Insights as well especially on iPhone or tablets. Anyways. The work itself isn't bad if you enjoy taking surveys because most of the work, ie. stocking selves etc. is done for you in stores like Walmart etc. and the stores get this have the final word not the clients and certainly not Crossmark although they think they do and trust me your managers in the field and District etc. even those you do not see in person will harp on you over every single detail. Also they ship the pop point of purchase items to your home vs. the store so if you have a smaller vehicle be prepare to feel worse than the folks at UPS, Fed Ex or the U.S. Mail feel. They do not pay you for this by the way and good luck getting them to pay drive time or mileage as well even between stores. The quality of work is a hassle too. You are usually very low hours with no actual guarantee of hours even though they'll lie and claim it is a part time job. When the reality is it's assignment based as it comes in work. Why call it part time when there are no steady hours? Lies, lies, and more lies and flat out abuse of the workers in the field who get mere peanuts for the hours spent dealing with the retail merchandising drama in various stores etc. It's also wear and tear not only on your physical person and mind i.e. mental health but on your vehicle as well. This company got worse when WIS took over. As if Crossmark wasn't bad enough before, it is even worse now. Beware in certain districts of certain managers who love to nitpick every little detail of every little job. You could be standing in the store in real time doing the actual work and they're on the other end watching everything and criticizing it in real time as you upload it. This is not a joke on that. Advice to Management Abide by federal and state laws especially labor laws and lay off harping on your workers in the field for every little detail. Let them do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Fire all managers who continuously harp on their workers in the field and cause high turn over ratings. It would behoove you to fire most of your current management not just at corporate but those in the districts. Especially districts that underperform or have a hard time holding on to people especially your field merchandisers. There are reasons for that. There are reasons positions also in some areas go unfilled. People have caught on and are not applying to work for you for and with good reason WIS/Crossmark. You seriously brought this on yourselves. It is hoped that your clients are watching and start not to renew their contracts with you i.e. way less hours or work for all of you especially your field merchandisers. Again you did this to yourselves. Ya'll have a hard time keeping and finding decent people in the Northwest United States especially those two states for a reason and the number one being is your managers. It's not the workers in the field who are the problem many of who have worked in retail merchandising for years some more than their new constantly changing managers. Enough already. It is hoped that your clients review your company and drop the contracts. In their shoes this person writing this review wouldn't want their own name smeared or associated with such an unprofessional merchandising firm like Crossmark or WIS International ever. It's also hoped that certain stores ban you from their premises. You are making them look bad as well.

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