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Complaint Review: Elizabeth Jayne Baker (Beaudrie) - Little Elm Texas

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Tee Why - Austin, Texas, United States
Tue, August 23, 2022

Elizabeth Jayne Baker (Beaudrie)
Little Elm, 75068 Texas, United States
Cheating, Bad Family Man, Harassing Women,
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Elizabeth Jayne Baker is a promiscuous and perineal cheater!  Perhaps her actions stem from when she was a teenager and allegedly was taped by her older sister's boyfriend.  Maybe seeing her father, John Beaudrie be accused and investigated for sexual misconduct with minor female family members played a part in her behavior.  

Perhaps knowing that her sister was taken from the state of Michigan to another state to have an abortion while she was still in middle school affected Elizabeth.  The trauma from those early years had Elizabeth attempting suicide to the point where she was institutionalized for an extended period of time.

Both of Elizabeth's marriages before me failed in part due to infidelity.  In fact, when I met her she was having an affair with a married man.  That should have been enough information to quell my interest in her.  

During our marriage she got drunk and had a threesome with our neighbors.  Once this information was brought to my attention I knew that our relationship was over.  Elizabeth begged me back but I had no interest in reconciliation.  After weeks of turmoil she and I agreed to sell the home, split the profits and go out separate ways.  

At some point Elizabeth changed her mind due to influence from friends and decided to go another route. Elizabeth called the police to our home on two occasions stating that I was at our home knocking holes in the walls.  Upon arrival the Little Elm Police Department determined there were no holes in our walls or no other damages at the home.

The police report clearly states that Elizabeth was drunk while I was calm and Elizabeth made the statement "I guess I will go back in the house so he can beat me and y'all can do an enforcement action".  Additionally Elizabeth filed an eviction notice which was quickly dismissed in court.  She also filed (and received) a temporary restraining order against me.  The affidavit she swore to was filled with lies and when we went to court the order was tossed out.

Elizabeth gave my dog away, changed the security password remotely and locked me inside our home, destroyed my passport to prevent me from traveling and reached out to many of my friends with a series of stories and lies.  She is a functioning alcoholic who loves to indulge in the use of cocaine.  In 2021 her promiscuity resulted in her (((REDACTED PER TOS))).  

She is dangerous, lacks intergrity and relies heavily on the fact that her "white privilege" will continue to give her favor in the upcoming court proceedings.  I'm praying Elizabeth with rebutt this report whereas I can embarrass her with certified copies of documents to support my claims.


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Ft. Worth,
United States
Report tells the story of her falsities for that day

#2Author of original report

Wed, January 25, 2023

 First off, I didn’t address her at all in the police report, those are her words and the police officers words. She called the police (per the report) from somewhere other than home. As they said in the report, they called her back several times and she hung up on them. She lied to the police and said I was busting holes in the walls. Yet the police arrived, and she had made it back to the house. No holes in the walls. Police say she was obviously intoxicated and then she made the comment "I guess I will go in the house and let him beat me so y’all can take an enforcement action”…. That didn’t work either. She is a liar and if you keep trying to defend her BS I’m going to post some very heavy facts on here "Friendofliz”. Anyone reading these posts and reads your rebuttal and then reads the police report can see what is happening here.


United States
That shows nothing

#3Consumer Comment

Tue, January 24, 2023

.....so the police got called and you talked her down before you got hauled off to the can for being abusive? And the report says "fiance", you state "wife", so, there's the first lie.  Man up and handle your stuff like a man and face it. Or are you just a coward that only posts online? I think the latter. Coward. 


Ft. Worth,
Police Report

#4Author of original report

Tue, January 24, 2023

 Here is a copy Of the police report from Little Elm PD. It doesn’t describe the person you’re talking about at all!

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United States
This is a sad attempt to slander a human being

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, January 23, 2023

The time that this individual spent to post these slanderous claims about Liz are astounding. This could not be farther from the truth about Elizabeth, none of these accusations are substantiated or even close to the truth.  She's a dedicated mother, hard working professional, and a joy to all who's life she enters.  

The person who wrote this slanderous report shows that he is no man at all, rather a child who cannot handle his personal business without the use of lies. A man desparate for his lies to have substance is the motives behind this, not notifying the world about a "horrific person".  I know his time is coming, karma will pay him back for this.    Who posts slander on a business review page? A sad, desparate man, that's who.  

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