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Complaint Review: Emily Gabay - Woodland Hills California

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Deborah - Woodland Hills, California, United States

Emily Gabay
23014 Dolorosa Street Woodland Hills, 91367 California, United States
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Beware! Warning! Crime Alert: Local criminal and con artist by name of Emily Gabay.  Emily Gabay currently lives in Woodland Hills,  California at: 23014 Dolorosa Street in Woodland Hills,  CA. Emily Gabay was born in 1987. She is married to criminal Yosi Gabay. They have 2 daughters. Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay run criminal enterprises under phony business names: 21st Century Remodeling Inc., Alliant Investments LLC, Bianca LLC, LEM Group LLC, Termino One LLC. All of these " businesses" have Emily Gabay listed as manager and serve only one purpose--That purpose is as fronts for illegal drug manufacturing,  illegal drug sales,  child trafficking,  child exploitation,  underage slavery operations, false rental scams, realtor fraud, as Emily Gabay has been posing as a realtor in order to more freely cheat and scam potential tenants out of thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money, and other crimes.    Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay are actually very dumb criminal,  however they are well-versed in scamming victims out of many thousands and thousands of dollars in addition to child trafficking and child exploitation.  They kidnap and use children by drugging them, making them dependent on drugs and then using them as mules to transport illegal paraphernalia and illegal substances.  Emily Gabay is anything but "innocent. " In fact,  Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay have involved their 2 young daughters in the drug trade and money laundering by having the daughters entertain older men and women who are also in the crime trade and thus gaining favors and more networking opportunities.  Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay also own several residential properties in Winnetka, CA. and surrounding areas,  which they use to also commit financial crimes--For instance,  they promise potential renters (Victims ) these rental properties,  collect security deposits from them, but then have their criminal co-conspirators, Blanca Angelica Aguilar and Armando James Escobedo (Aguilar and Escobedo live at one of the rental properties at: 7434 Penfield Ave in Winnetka,  CA.) terrorize the good, decent tenants and abuse and even commit gun crimes against them in order to scare them into leaving. This way, Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay keep all of the monies already paid while slipping a percentage to Aguilar and Escobedo.  Then they repeat the same process with the next Victims.  Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay still continue these and many other schemes,  scams,  crimes with the aiding and abetting of their partners in crime,  Blanca Angelica Aguilar and Armando Escobedo.  But also note that Blanca Aguilar and Armando Escobedo also consistently aid Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay in their child trafficking and child slavery crimes, as well.  In fact, the children of Blanca Angelica Aguilar are also involved in the crimes. Her daughter, Samantha A. Aguilar,  currently age 13, is more than willingly involved in the trafficking of little girls, by pretending to become friends with the helpless, unsuspecting little girls and then making them available for drugging and exploitation by her repulsive mother, Blanca Angelica Aguilar and boyfriend Armando Escobedo and Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay.  Teamwork makes the nightmare work. Emily Gabay and Yosi Gabay are not the most intelligent or bravest of individuals,  but they are very practiced at the craft of theft, drugs, child selling on the black market,  filthy schemes and scams, and other absolutely heinous crimes. They hide by day and come out by night. Emily Gabay is also extremely bi-polar, weak, often times hysterical,  and always dishonest and malignant.  Beware of these people.    The world, with innocent little children,  is not safe with these Terrible people in it.  One must do what one must, at times, to rescue our future generations of vulnerable children and other hard-working folks. If you see any of the aforementioned individuals, take corrective action.  



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Thu, May 16, 2024

 These are some fairly serious allegations which all should be concerned about. Who wants people who do the things you allege on the streets? If this Emily Gabay has such a poor and dubious record in reference to real estate sales, why does the California Department of Real Estate say she is properly licensed and HAS ABSOLUTELY NO RECORD of any disciplinary actions since 2015? If they have such a reputation of indecent activities with children as you allege, why are they NOT LISTED on the California sex offenders data base? However, there is one thing you should know about which is of extreme importance to your allegations. The legal process of Discovery will very easily identify you and the appropriate libel actions could be in your near future. As such, please tell us what your strategy will be for your defense. You are NOT hiding behind a keyboard. Finding out who you are and moving forward with actions apropos to the specifics of your probable libelous promulgations is a quite easy matter. It is done all the time. So then, in all candor, it would be advantageous to you to start lining up Defense Counsel as soon as possible.

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