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Complaint Review: Full Service Network - Pittsburgh PA

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Full Service Network
600 Grant St., US Steel Tower Ste 3075 Pittsburgh, 15219 PA, United States
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Back in approximately late 2018/2019, I had one of our employees at our company look around for a phone service.  At the time, we were handling it on our own with a small business phone system by AT&T, and while it was working fine, we thought there were better options out there.

So the employee found Full Service Network, a local company based in Pittsburgh, which is where we are located. Jason Soltis from Full Service Network assured the person looking for phone service that they could handle everything we needed to run a small business. We trusted Full Service Network to handle our needs, particularly since they were a local company, we figured we could trust them much more than just something we found online. 

The first problem was that Full service network got our internet switched over from Verizon to Full Service, which they said was no problem. But it was certainly a hassle that I had to handle on my own.

Next, things were working OK to start out, but they had the phones set up which was pretty much call, and if people here were on the phone, it would just send the customer to voicemail, instead of placing them on hold.

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I said no, that does not work, we need to place the customer on hold until the employee can take the next call, which is called call que.  Well Full Service did not have that feature. They came up with some sort of workaround by programming, where the customer would call, if it rang so many times, they would go back to the main menu, have to select an optioin again, and get stuck in a loop doing that until someone could pick up. Not professional facing to the customer, not at all. 

Also, I wanted to be able to go in and change our business hours during certain times (Holidays, etc), Change some settings which are just standard features, but the customer is not able to do that. Any time you wanted to close for a holiday or change hours for some reason, you had to email them at full service network. They did it, but it was a hassle, and if it was after business hours, it would have to wait until they got to it.

Many more issues with the service, but we tried it for well over a year, and it was just not able to do the basic functions that any sort of business would need. I gave them many many many chances over that time to get things fixed, but they were not able to do anywhere close to what we needed. 

 We ended up changing the internet service back to Verizon (Whic really, it looks like Full Service Network is just a Verizon reseller, I am not 100% sure, but that was certainly what it seemed to be when we had it)

 Then we changed our phone provider to a service called 8x8, and it is a night and day difference. It is so much better than what we had at Full Service, so that proves to be that it was not us wanting anything impossible, everything that we need, plus so much more, is standard with our 8x8 service. It works just fine now.

So, here comes the big issue. When our employee that I had check in to phone service signed up for this, she signed an agreement. Which was basically a 5 year, screw you, you are not leaving us unless you pay us a huge sum of money contract. 1., she is not an owner here, and has absolutely zero ability to put our company in to any contract like this, but the people at Full Service said they just need a signature to get started, anyone is fine.

And Jason Soltis had said to her, its just a formality, they don't hold people to that if you are not happy. So she signed, thinking she was doing something good to get our phone service started. I can not fault her, she got stuck in the middle with these people.

 So, after trying for a long peroid of time and having nothing but frustrations with Full Service, we cancelled and changed providers, but they are trying to hold us to this ridiculous agreement. 

 They say that we owe anywhere between $15,000 and $22,000 (They have amounts all over the place, depends who you talk to there)          This is for unused service. We paid every single bill that was billed while we were using the service, but this amount they say is owed, is because of the contract. 

 So long story short, this is what is wrong here:

1. They required a signed 5 year contract to get things started, and promised that they could provide everything we would need.

2. They could NOT provide what was needed, and it ended up being a huge hassle.

3. Now, they want us to pay them this riduculous amount, because we were not happy, and left them. 

We had not heard from them in a very long time, and just this last month, August, 2022, we received a letter from a collection agency, saying that we must pay this amount, or they will sue us. (I hope they do, they will lose terribly) 

Talk about a hassle, we try to go with a local company thinking that we would have great service from them, they used slimy tactics to get an employee here to sign their agreement, we are not happy with them, so now they send it to a collection agency. 

 Please do yourself a favor, DO NOT use this company for any business, personal, or any sort of service.  Any company that needs to operate like this does not deserve business from anyone. 

 I hope this warning will help some customers out, I wish that I would have read up on them before we even tried them, I would have never give them the chance. 

 Please please please do not get yourself in a situation like this. Not only did we waste time with their poor performing service, but now, I still have to deal with this hassle. 

 The owner of this company is David Schwencke, I guess that is how they run a business. I would never treat our customers like that, you should be ashamed of yourself and your company practices.          Provide a good service to keep customers coming back, instead of trying to force in to a ridiculous contract like that, which your employees coerce others in to signing. 

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