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Complaint Review: ITSM Digital - Darlinghurst NSW

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AussieDave - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

ITSM Digital
137-153 Crown Street Darlinghurst, 2010 NSW, Australia
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August 2020, I was approx US$3,300 light on for my affiliate commission payment. I contacted the affiliate program coordinator, asking what happen? She told me, Casino Rewards have been paying New Zealand consumption tax since 2017. However, with their new German casino being developed (which btw never came to fruition), the cost of paying for these taxes, is now being passed to affiliates. In total 15%. My share 5.25% of player losses + bonuses.

I run a business, and my accountant, just like the Australian Tax Office, all need proof of tax payment(s). Hence, I replied back to the program coordinator, asking for a link to where it shows they (Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates) must pay NZ off-shore consumption tax, as well as proof to the 15% as stated.

Instead of being supplied a link to the New Zealand Gov., Inland Revenue Service, the program coordinator sent me a link to a Deloitte.com blog entry, date 2016. This blog spoke of the 'possibility' of New Zealand Tax Dept., inforcing a consumption tax on off-shore entities, at a later date.

FYI... Australia and New Zealand have a Tax Treaty.

This means, any tax garnished from my gross earnings etc., etc., which is paid in Tax to either the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and or the New Zealand Inland Revenue Service, by myself or by an employer, 3'rd party(ies) et al, whoever paid these tax(s) are obligated by law, to supply me with tax invoices for all taxes paid.

When this fact/law was put to the Rewards Affiliates program coordinator, she replied... Because we pay the NZ consumption tax, we do not have to provide you with any tax-invoices or proof of payments. Pushing the subject, and telling her she was wrong, I ended up being ghosted by her.

What with covid falling in this time period, and such, trying to get this matter resloved with both Australian Gov., Dept's., ATO, as well and the NZ Inland Revenue Service, became a nightmare.

By mid 2023 I'd had about enough of this ruse. Not to mention the ATO (Australian Tax Office) were demanding payment of taxes, on already taxed, NZ income. However, because I had no tax invoices, my Net-Income was being treated as Gross-Income, and the ATO were taxing that.

Reiterating, approx NZ$280,000 New Zealand consumption tax, had been garnished from my Gross affiliate earnings, since August 2020. With no proof the ATO were expecting me to pay tax, on already taxed earnings.

My trust in Rewards Affiliates, Casino Rewards et al, is less than zero. 

In 2011, they were busted red-handed, unethically cross marketing, to referred tagged players, minus affiliate partner tracking tags. There's a report about that scam, here, on Rip off Report, too.

With my ATO debit rising, and with 'talk to the hand' responses, or worse, being ghosted, I decided it was time to go public on igaming affiliate forums. That was in Sept 2023.

Nov 2023, I received an email from an Israeli Law firm, advising, my affiliate account at Rewards Affiliates, is being terminated. My average commission each month was US$10,000. And, with a promise of life time revenue, I now, had I not only not received my righful NZ tax-invoices; which looked more and more like fake cash grab, I'd also had my referred players stolen, and my Rewards Affiliate account, terminated.

ITSM.Digital make claim, since 2000, "ITSM has been a global market leader in digital marketing, creativity, analytics, e-commerce, and technology". Truth, it's all a manufactured lie.  Instead, they operate a large portfolio of online casinos (not licensed in Australia) from their purposed built and owned office complex in Darlinghurst, NSW.

The ITSM headquater's operates 24/7/365; it never closes. It is home to their affiliate program, payment processing, casino/player risk management team, casino player support team, VIP support, both owners of this online casino empire, and associated aka's, to name but a few of its daily operations.

I should also point out, one of the owners, is also the CFO (chief financial officer) for this entire operation.

In closing, I have a legal right to request New Zealand tax invoices, for garnished NZ tax. The AU/NZ tax law treaty states they are obligated by law to provide these invoices. If they can't or wont, I demand the return of all NZ taxes garnished from my Gross affiliate earnings. Further more, having had my players now stolen, and all future, promised commissions also stolen, I seek a monetary retribution, against these onging losses.


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