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Complaint Review: Kellogg - Battle Creek MI

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Cory - San Antonio, TX, United States

1 Kellogg Square Battle Creek, 49017 MI, United States
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So, I go to the store the other day. What do I see? Kellogg has decresed the amount of their product, in their Special K cereal, from 18.8 ounces to 17 ounces, while keeping the price, the same. At least a 10% increase. On top of that, they actually increase the size of the box! They make the box taller and wider, while shrinking the depth by about a half an  inch. Talk about a rip off. A couple of years ago, Special K was $2.68. This year, it got to $4.98. If they hadn't decreased the product, it would have been $5.47. More than double what it costs a couple years ago. I emailed Kellogg and they gave me some song and dance about inflation and costs and expenses. Really? A 10% increase in price on top of all your other increases? They know people are not going to pay $5 for a box of cereal, so they do the next best thing. Lower the content AND increase the box size. It's called shrinkflation.

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Tue, June 11, 2024

 Biden has been pumping money into the economy since he was elected 4 years ago. Trillions of dollars of COVID stimulus, payments to illegals and welfare recipients, Ukraine wars, and student loan waivers has to come from somewhere. Not to mention all the minimum wage increases in Democrat states. And if that wasn't enough, the government is running record deficits and paying for it by printing money. Of course there is going to be inflation.


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Get The Word "INFLATION" Out of Your Vocabulary!

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Sun, June 09, 2024

 "INFLATION" is a word used to COVER UP what is really going on. If times were so, so, so tough for Corporate America, you would see Corporate America reporting huge losses in their required 10-Q Quarterly reports, major layoffs, corporate jets flooding the used market, members of the Executive Club taking large salary cuts. Are you seeing ANY of that??? "INFLATION" is a word used to COVER UP "corporate greed". Many of the publically traded companies have reported RECORD EARNINGS in their most recent 10-Q's, RECORD CASH FLOW and RECORD GROWTH. The word "INFLATION" is used by them to COVER ALL THIS UP and to spoon feed a gullible public into trusting them. You are also seeing NEITHER of the political parties saying anything about this just repeating the "INFLATION" con-game as if its some type of incurable disease striking mankind and nothing can be done about it. BOTH PARTIES receive campaign contributions from Corporate America and neither of them are going to be speaking against their gravy train.

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