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Complaint Review: Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo American Bancshares Mortgage Geeks Ondemand LLC -

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James - Jacksonville, United States
Sun, September 26, 2021

Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo American Bancshares Mortgage Geeks Ondemand LLC
United States
(954) 284-6759
Computer Con ARTIST, Computer Fraud, COMPUTER SCAM, Computer Service & Repair, Computer Technical Support
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Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo,  American Bancshares Mortgage I warned the public back in 2019 after Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo and her deported felon of a brother Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino first re-created my company from top to bottom , made copycat companies 100% identical to mine, only thing different being the company name. Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo , American Bancshares Mortgage I warned the public back in 2019 that these imposters , even after having signed a non-compete agreement, didn’t care, and just like her brother who is deported for life from the USA, and runs their new companies they established from the country of Peru , where he was ousted to by a United States Federal Judge after being found guilty in Florida of felony narcotics distribution.  

Well, just like her brother ...she too is as dishonest as he is for having put these copycat companies under her name and after willingly going along with her brother's scheme to sabotage and steal from me and my company. Bank account under her name, and merchant accounts under her name, all as a front for her brother in Peru who runs the whole show and deals with unsuspecting customers here in the USA,......LYING TO UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE HERE IN THE USA ON A DAILY BASIS, while all the meanwhile Americans credit cards are being collected and used and traded by his criminal enterprise in Lima-Peru, Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo , American Bancshares Mortgage Since then, Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo, and Francsico Sanchez-Lagomarcino have recreated my website many more times and purposely poise themselves to take all my traffic;..., Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo,  American Bancshares Mortgage  




Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino  Papaleo, American Bancshares Mortgage   , What is a non-compete agreement for then??  

There is no justice? Thieves go unpunished?  

They have recreated and recreated my company over and over again under different names, but using all the same keywords, texts, services and techniques copied from me!   
















Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino , American Bancshares Mortgage                       

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Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino - The Geeks Mob Computer Repair - The Geeks OnDemand LLC - JP Morgan Chase Bank

#2Consumer Comment

Thu, November 24, 2022

 Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino , the sister of Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino and registered owner of The Geeks Mob ( TheGeeksMob.com ), and registered owner of The Geeks OnDemand LLC was TERMINATED from JP Morgan Chase Bank for violating federal banking rules and laws. She was terminated for "…REQUESTING A CO WORKER TO OPEN A BANK CREDIT CARD FOR A FAMILY MEMBER WHO WAS NOT PRESENT…” ( attachment can be seen below) https://files.brokercheck.finra.org/individual/individual_5812822.pdf This is significant , because it shows the kind of unlawful person she is , after having done something very similar to another company when she registered "The Geeks Mob ( TheGeeksMob.com )” under her name and on behalf of her deported felon brother Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino who had worked for GOR7.com after signing a non compete agreement with GOR7.com. These siblings are crooks , she knew her brother Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino wouldn’t be able to open "The Geeks Mob” under his own name after having worked for and having signed a non compete agreement with GOR7.com computer repair , and after being deported to Peru for felony drug charges ; so the very same way she swindled JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, she then puts it all under her name and then allows her brother to control and run "The Geeks Mob Computer Repair”company from Lima Perú , while lying to customers here in the USA making them think they are dealing with a company in the USA when things couldn’t be further from the truth. They stole and copied all of GOR7.com trade secrets , created The Geeks Mob with this valuable stolen trade secrets , and then they put it all under Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino name and with her signatures and help , all to avoid and evade legal consequences after her brother had signed the non compete with GOR7.com. THESE ARE THE KIND OF CROOKS YOU ARE DEALING WITH WHEN YOU DO BUSINESS WITH "THE GEEKS MOB COMPUTER REPAIR”(TheGeeksMob.com )

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Baltimore ,
United States
Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino and Geeks Ondemand LLC are a SCAM

#3Consumer Comment

Thu, June 02, 2022

 SCAM! This company and website is by crooks from outside of the USA who pretend to be in the USA so to get USA money. They have copied the genius of a USA company by the name GOR7.com because they want what GOR7.com has , and also because they themselves have no talent or creativity of their own to create something new and different.

They copy, and then they hate who they copy from because the words " imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” sears and burns their egos, and so they in turn hate to be reminded that they are little ants living in an ant farm owned by GOR7.com, and so the little ants hate the farm owner because of this.

Geeks Ondemand LLC was created by a person who use to work for GOR7.com, who then got his sister to put the company under her name after he had signed a non compete agreement with GOR7.com; all to evade legal consequences. If that isn’t bad enough , this person is deported from the USA for criminal charges and runs this company from the country of Peru under different fictitious names such as The Geeks Mob [TheGeeksMob.com] and My Geeks Mob [MyGeeksMob.com].

Look up their real names online and on rip off report , do a search for [The Geeks Mob] , and [Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino] and also [Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino], so you get the full scoop on how these crooks are taking your hard earned dollars and funneling it to the country of Peru through Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino, the front person here in the USA for Geeks Ondemand LLC.


United States
Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo -PRMG.NET-Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

#4Author of original report

Tue, September 28, 2021

Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo -PRMG.NET-Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

Check the IRS filings for Lizeth Sanchez-Lagomarcino Papaleo Geeks Ondemand LLC, MyGeeksMob.com, TheGeeksMob.com and TheGeeksNation.com.

Almost 100% of the profits end up in Lima Peru. She says its to send money to her parents. That’s a damn lie.

It’s to empower her deported brother Francisco Sanchez-Lagomarcino who is the true owner of the false companies created by him so he can " get it while the going is good" and scam so many people here in the USA with lies and deceit and promises of local computer repair by a USA company",......LIES LIES LIES. A federal judge ordered him out of the country and to never own a USA bank account ever again...and so he now uses his sister’s info WITH HER CONSENT!

Her brother Fracisco Sanchez-Lagomarcino, a man deported from the USA by a Federal Judge for federal drug charges and drug dealing, deported to the country of Peru,...where he has been operating these companies under his sisters name, bank accounts under her name, merchant accounts under her name.....TO STEAL AND LIE TO THE PUBLIC HERE IN THE USA!

And you reading this, you just sit back and do nothing about it because ITS OK to send all that money from good unsuspecting people here in the USA who have NO IDEA that its Francisco Sanchez-Lagomarcino answering VoIP phones in Peru and running her companies out of Peru......its ok that all the good unsuspecting people here in the USA have had and are having their money funneled by Lizeth Sanchez Lagomarcino Papaleo to her deported brother in Peru , so he can keep his drug criminal enterprise going....RIGHT??

Yea that’s right.....do nothing,...DONT EVEN BOTHER LOOKING INTO IT, RIGHT?!

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