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Complaint Review: Mike Catapano - Lombard Illinois

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Brendan - Lemont, United States

Mike Catapano
54 S Westmore-Meyers Road Lombard, 60148 Illinois, United States
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Mike Catapano is a scam artist, larcenous deadbeat contractor. He is a hack jack of all trades, master of none that continually does horrible work, Rips off his customers, Then absconded without paying his workers and rebrand his " companies." He has addiction and mental health issues and is continually in and out of jail for failure to pay child support. I recently worked for him despite warnings, and he butchered the customers wood floors he was installing, Breaking boards and spilling glue all over their pre-finished wood floors, despite their being a warning label ACROSS the top of the glue container. He absconded like a thief in the night and left these poor people with a brand new glue stained wood floor. He then stiffed myself and the other workers who did the demo despite us having nothing to do with his horrible install. He still has money for designer drugs and to attend concerts every week. From the customer "Hey B. I am reaching out because Dave mentioned to Angelo you had messaged him regarding Mike not paying you saying we hadn’t paid him. I wanted to let you know that we did in fact pay Mike $2,050 (half) up front for the job. This more than covered the demo and removal that you performed so he has absolutely no reason not to be paying you. As you know, he never actually completed the job and also left the floors a complete disaster with the glue everywhere. We have been going back and forth with him and have given him multiple chances to fix the issues and he continues to blow us off. We obviously won’t pay him the rest of the money before the job is complete. Sorry that’s probably mostly irrelevant to you but just wanted to let you know that he was paid half up front and there’s no excuse for not paying you. The demo work he had you come here to do was completed and you should have been paid accordingly. "

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"We’ve asked him twice to come here so we can show him everything that is wrong and he’s blown us off both times."

"Wait what?!?! Why shouldn’t he pay you? 


As for the glue, we tried water, acetone, dawn, adhesive remover, wd40 - absolutely nothing removed that glue! He set you up for failure on all fronts."

"He was a complete slob with the glue, used way too much and it seeped up through the cracks. He never cleaned up after himself - there’s even a sticker right on the glue container saying do not let the glue dry on the finished product. He cracked so many boards just banging away instead of installing them like a professional. He also installed bad boards that were probably cracked in the box but instead of putting them to the side he just went ahead and installed them right in the middle of the rooms. Literally the worst work I’ve ever seen. We tried twice to get him to come over to show him all the things we needed corrected and he blew us off both times. 


We’re in the process of getting quotes for someone to come and completely sand down the floors and refinish them"

"I paid ERG Flooring Solutions. And no, he hasn’t. He texted saying he would take responsibility for the f**k ups and we responded asking him to meet us at the house to walk through all the issues and we never heard from him again."

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United States
Mike Catapano - Stay Far Away

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, May 25, 2024

As a single mother I needed help on a project. Mike assured me he had experience and integrity. Instead, he took the $2000 deposit and never did a drop of the work. He's never been back nor responded, I did call him from many other #'s and eventually he answered one and told me he would send the $2000 back, that was months ago. Stay far away, this man belongs in prison

Uncle Dougie

United States
Mike Catapano- con man and thief contractor

#3Author of original report

Fri, May 24, 2024

Beware thief!!! Rips off customers. Doesn’t pay his workers. Always changing company names to avoid lawsuits/child support/taxes/bad reviews.

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Fed up!

United States
S**te work

#4Author of original report

Fri, May 24, 2024

 Look at this crap!

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United States
This is the guy.

#5Author of original report

Thu, May 23, 2024

 Pictures of ruined floor

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United States
Repeat offender

#6Consumer Comment

Thu, May 23, 2024

 Not surprised, I've heard him do similar to former people in the past. I've really heard nothing but bad things about this guy. Not good to get mixed up with con artists like him, he will steal from you any chance he gets.

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