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Complaint Review: MONTAGRAPH aka Steve Quest - arvada colorado

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PewDiePie(FreedomNetwork) - Beverly Hills, California, United States
Mon, March 11, 2019

MONTAGRAPH aka Steve Quest
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood arvada, 80002 colorado, United States
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Montagraph, Jerome Corsi, Caliber Hitter, Linda West, Pete Santilli, Steve Quest, Deb Jordan, Susanna Cole, Kurt Richard Haskell, ProfessorDoom, LtV, Nathan Stolpman, Pamela Sue [email protected], David Sweigert, George Sweigert,  George Webb, Dave [email protected], [email protected], Manny Chavez, Thomas Schoemburger, Sophia [email protected], Mind [email protected], [email protected], Frank [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected][email protected], CICADA3301, UNIrock, UNIrach, Kimberly Smallwood, [email protected]

it is my opinion; On YouTube there is a Racket.  Dontation Scams, Fraudulant Civil Action Fund Raisers, FearPorn For Profits.

is Youtube a website for children ages 13 and up? basically their is a group of grown men and women who's only goal is to protect the montetized channels and their donation scams,  book sales,  and anything that can generate them more money via social media.

as far back as the Arab Spring,  on YouTube their is a gang working to promote madness for their profits ,  with introductions to the www like, Isaac Kappy, #PizzaGate, Cicada3301,  these individuals most in their late 40s to early 70s will cyber stalk, break laws, and criminally conspire together to maintain their grip on YouTube.

they will Use any Information they can gather from your Google Anylitics to cyber stalk you,  they will inspect your search history in Google,  and find out if you have any online footprint they can use against you,  your family will be cyber bullied, your place of employment will be harrassed, they will activly attempt to have the police of CPS or Animal Control show up at your doorstep with False Anonymous Reports, you & your family will be slandered online. and they will protect their intrests regardless of Cyber crime laws already in place,  they will threaten fake law suits,  they will work together as a group to pretend what they are doing is not illegal.    BEWARE OF PROFESSIONAL YOUTUBERS -  the entire website is a hotbed of online manipulation and underhanded associations,  for clicks and false narrative donation scams...

PLEASE PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM ANYONE USING YOUTUBE AS A JOB -  in 2015 Monetization attracted quite a seady group of individuals,  over the last 5 years these groups have formed associations and groups, most are only on Youtube to take advantage of the new feature of monetization,  however often times the money for views on scams is not sufficiant and therefore scams are introduced by what seems to be a core group of about 40 individuals,  who collectively conspire to take advantage of google tools in order to generate more ill gotten gains in any form online.    often they will be associated with Radio, Crypto, Food Storage, End of the World Proffecies, and all forms of donation scams,  including fake Ritual Satanic Child Abuse Victims,  fake child trafficing Rat Line, RapeTrees,  Pizza, Donuts, icecream

Youtube is the most dangerous website online,   you just have not experienced it yet.  




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Steve Quast

United States

#2UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Sat, February 22, 2020

PO Box , PAK Mail, 98 Wadsworth Blvd, 127#, Lakewood, Colorado 80226

720-319-1007  attention Montagraph is criminally insane


  • Contact Sheriff Jeffrey Schader My father was stalked both at work and his business name was slandered. All so that Steve Quest could pretend to be a tough guy on his montagraph youtube channel. Well I proved he is not N original anon, is not deep state Refuses to go to his local police even after he said I called him 817 times in 17 days Nothing will fix mrQuest he was damaged as a child by from how he talks. By his birth father. Steve spent 3.5 years at Elan1 youth detention center 1975-1978 Steve has been cyber stalking on youtube as part of a gang of about 20 men in their 60s. Steve Quest was a PAID MEMBER OF SHADOWBOX.com paid online cyber bullies for hire You can call Steve anytime he will talk about going to the police because Steve is afraid of the police and Steve projects his fears on others as his troll. SteveQuest May also be SteveQuagmyr the man who invented BDSM symbol Beware of umbrella ☂ man

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  •   Chinada3 • Posted 18 Feb 2020

    Steve will be 63 years old this September 10th ... smoker, drinker, not married... statistics say 67.8 years. I will DELETE STEVE FROM THE INTERNET IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS - MARK MY WORDS "the Sheriff of Youtube" all this could have been avoided #iTakeThisBody2piriscope

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  •   260.1**.***.***.*0 • Posted 23 Nov 2019

    This individual who said his name is montagraph made a threatening phone call on Nov. 21, 2019 at 9:07Am. After careful research, his name is Steve Quest aka Steve West, and possibly aka Roy Mathers (changed in 1996) . His address is: PO Box , PAK Mail, 98 Wadsworth Blvd, 127#, Lakewood, Colorado 80226

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