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Complaint Review: PDX Global PTD. - New York NY

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John S. - Los Angeles, United States

PDX Global PTD.
745 Fifth Ave Suite 500 New York, 10151 NY, United States
https://www.pdxcoin.io/ https://www.pdxadvisors.co/
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These crooks cold called me and by aggressive sale practice pressuring me relentlessly sold me a story about their so called PDX Coin an illiquid crypto token listed only on a tiny east europe exchange where its PRICE is totally manipulated by Shane Rodgers  and its completely illiquid. Their fairy tales changed over the years first this worthless crypto was somehow backed by oil ( when i bought it ) now its another fairy tale about a payment system they say they patented, they just applied for a patent for something not a week ago. NO PATENTS HAVE BEEN GRANTED !!! They say they're listing on other crypto echanges they never did they say their payment app is going to change the world it does not exist in anything else but their crooked sales pitch the only business PDX advisors PDX Coin and Shane Rodgers are in is selling unregisted worthle security in the form of an obscure crypto token called PDX and stealling millions of dollars from elderly investors. THE MUST BE STOPPED !!! 

Their Private Placement Memorandum is expired they sell it through unlicenced unregulated brokerage firm and Shane Rodgers their CEO NEVER SPEAKS TO A SINGLE INVESTOR!!!  BEWARE !!! SHANE RODGERS IS A THIEF!!! 

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Los Angeles,
United States
How PDX Global PDX Coin FRAUD works

#2Author of original report

Sat, June 08, 2024

This is how this crypto scam works...Shane Rodgers employs a horde of unlicensed unregulated brokers and pays them huge percentage of your money as commissions for cold calling you and selling you his worthless PDX Coin crypto token. It goes like this, first they tell you a bunch of lies and baseless forward looking assumptions about PDX Coin backed by Oil or PDX Coin payment system but how they get you is this way.. They say PDX Coin trades on a crypto exchange in Europe called P2PB2B thats true its the only one in the world that quotes PDX Coin . They'll tell you the price today is let say $190 and they can sell it to you for let say $70 and once you pay , minimum is $30,000 investment, they'll set you up with a crypto wallet and put your coin there. So you're thinking I'm way ahead because I'm paying way below market price you're thinking I can just sell it and make a profit. They tell you they'll also throw in a 1 year option for you to buy more PDX coins from them at same price as today regardless where the price is in a year and of course they'll tell you the price was $20 two years agow now it's $190 ( its a fake price there's no trading volume its manipulated its like pink sheets penny stocks market in US)  in about a year it will be a $1,000 or some such fairy tale. They'll tell you they will get a listing on big crypto exchanges soon ( that soon never comes ) they tell you they'll launch this payment system and a bunch of other fantasies soon ( that soon never comes either ) What they don't tell you is that this low rung tiny eastern european crypto echange where PDX Coin is listed P2PB2B does not meet US criteria for regulations and therefore P2PB2B DOES NOW ALLOW AMERICANS TO OPEN ACCOUNTS WITH THEM. So, you gave Shane Rodgers your money he gave you his worthless crypto token that you can never sell because the only place that quotes it will not open an account for you, and Shane Rdgers also gave you  a bunch of baseless projections and promises to entice you to wire him your hard earned money . Shane Rodgers owns 25,000,000 of PDX Coins as a " Founder " of PDX Global. In the last 5 years he sold over $5,000,000 worth of his own PDX Coins to hapless victims nationwide and is continuing doing it today. BEWARE PDX COIN PDX GLOBAL SHANE RODGERS IS A CRYPTO FRAUDSTER !

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these are the fairy tales right from their website


Los Angeles,
United States
PDX Global LTD PDX Coin Shane Rodgers CROOKS CRYPTO FRAUD securities fraud wire fraud money laundering

#3Author of original report

Fri, June 07, 2024

Just wanted to add that not only do they lie about their business prospects their very business model changes with the wind they lie about their worthless PDX coin too. They told me they are getting listed on major crypto exchanges in January they told me their payment app is going live in March NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED . The pitch is they'll sell you their own PDX Coin that they created out of thin air after all its crypto and anyone can launch a MEMEcoin at basically no cost  way below market price but reality is the market price is manipulated by Shane Rodgers and it is not liquid and you can not sell your coin ever at any price so they take your money and give you in exchange a worthless illigal illiquid crypto token that cost them $ZERO to mine and once they sucker you in they keep calling asking for money from you after all Shane Rodgers the English swindler has a very expensive taste in Park Avenue call girls and luxury Manhattan lifestyle so he robs and steal from elderly investors nationwide to support his own opulent luxurious lifestyle. He has been doing it for the past 5 years. BEWARE PDX COIN IS A SCAM A CRYPTO FRAUD SHANE RODGERS IS A CROOK !!! 

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