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Complaint Review: Skye Management - Newark New Jersey

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Skye Management
87 Halsey Street Newark, 07102 New Jersey, United States
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SHORT REPORT: My main complaint with my property management firm which is Skye Management has to do with the staff and manager's unethical behavior and treatment of tenants. The Parent Company's name is Hanini Groups. Anyway, there are other unnamed employees that are also guilty of this behavior. However, the managers and employees that I have encountered and know the most that I will be reporting here is Amer Hanini (Director of Property Management) Erica (Office Manager), and Claire (Receptionist/Front Deck Operator).

Firstly the office operator and phone receptionist named Claire would disconnect phone calls when callers are placed on hold or asked to talk to the managers or owner of Skye Management. This has happened countless times. She also doesn't answers direct question regarding anything to the managers i.g. appointment date, call back, schedule, manager's name, etc. Claire refuse to provide simple information to tenants that could help them talk to someone.

Secondly, the office manager name Erica enables Claire's misconduct. Erica is an office manager and she is aware of Claire behavior toward the caller. I address them to Erica and she says she behind the phone line and know what happens. She has misled events that have happened and dismissed her colleague's actions. Erica also refuses to provide information on talking to the owner and refuses to also communicate when asked by Claire when put on hold on the phone. (which means Erica allows Claire to disconnect callers on the phone).

And lastly, the director's manager's name Amer Hanini. Amer is an extremely unprofessional person. (Amer Hanini is the brother of the company owner name Samer Hanini) Amer is a very disrespectful person and he has told me that if I continue to come back to their building he would call the police on me. He doesn't call back to voicemail or follow up on appointments he said he would set up for me to talk to Samer Hanini. Amer Hanini doesn't care about tenants' complaints because he also allows his employees to mistreat tenants who stand up for themselves.

My landlord who would be anonymous refuses to provide or get involved with the dispute that I have with Skye Management. He refuses to assist tenants matter on solutions to problems that can better the situation between tenants and management.

CLOSING REPORT: Skye Management is a very corrupt organization with deceptive corrupt people. I have contacted numerous 3rd party organizations that you could think of to help me with this case but those places were unable to help me because it wasn't legal but a private matter. Skye Management is a business that never returns calls or emails to tenants requesting information from their superiors unless doing maintenance.

This happens so nobody will ever speak or meet with the president of the business about all the misconduct and behavior that they have done. They think it's ok to mistreat the tenants who manage their apartment. Despite the odds I am the only person that continues to try to reach the owner so he can take action. But if this site can intervene in Skye Management and its profound staff then I will be very happy.

LONG REPORT: My problem with Skye Management started on February 13, 2023. This started with getting information on Rental Insurance but escalated to staff behavior and misconduct. I'll write a long detailed case on what had happen and why I'm filing a report against Amer Hanini (Director of Property Management) Erica (Office Manager), and Claire (Receptionist/Front Deck Operator)

Everything began when Skye Management emailed my family an email on February 05, 2023, to submit rental insurance before February 25, 2023. I recently called in on February 13, 2023, to get information and had questions about it because I didn't know what rental insurance was. So I was told by the receptionist name Claire to reply to the email with any questions so I did. To this day I've never received any response.

So I called back the next day on February 14, 2023, and ended up talking to a manager which was Erica. (But I didn't know she was the manager) She said she would contact a person overseas to speak to me about it. To this day that person never responded.

So I called back again on February 17, 2023, and spoke to Claire the receptionist about it again. I told her that nobody is emailing or calling me back and I wish to talk to a manager. She tried to be devious and said nobody was in the office the first time and then ask for my name and phone. I did give it to her and she said they will call back and hung up. I later called back and said s Erica was there and she said yes which happen to be one of the managers I was talking to before. I said I thought they weren't there and Claire said that was not what I said but I ask to speak to her.

This is where Claire was putting me on hold and hanging up on me when I wanted to talk to Erica. She hung up on me four times repeatedly when asking for different information about me. Like what was my address and apartment number? Until then I was on hold again after answering them and then she disconnected the line and put their phone on voice mail.

That was when I called 16-21 times and Erica picked up the phone and said I should not call them back because I'm harassing them. I told her angrily that they are avoiding taking calls and the receptionist is hanging up on me. Erica said the tenant is not the leaseholder and can't provide information to them. I told her there was a deadline and just wanted questions about the notice I got. How I'm being treated is not right. Nobody is calling or mailing me back, and the receptionist is hangs up the phone but Erica was being defensive and giving excuses about not talking.

So I told her I was coming to the office on February 20, 2023, and Erica said ok. On February 20, 2023, the office was closed on President's Day but I meet another manager.  He was the only person in the building and he said he would be here tomorrow morning to explain the Rental Insurance to me. I also told him do I need to be a leaseholder and he said no. Unfortinuly I didn't ask for his name. (Which happened to be Thafer Hanini the Manager Partner and family to Samer Hanini and Amer Hanini but I didn't know his name at the time)

On the next day February 21, 2023, he (Thafer Hanini) didn't show up. I told the front desk operator Claire that I had an appointment with a manager and that he was possibly in the building. The front desk operator Claire didn't bother asking anyone who had an appointment with me. When I was inside the building I saw many managers in a meeting room. Claire told me all managers are in a meeting and I told her I'll wait.

And then I met another manager name Amer Hanini. He walked out of the meeting and I tried to explain to him why I was here but he continued to brush me off and said that person I was scheduled to meet probably called out and said that he was in a meeting. Amer then rush me to his office after he said he would talk to me but only for a few minutes. I said I can schedule an appointment but he insisted to talk.

I tried to tell Amer Hanini everything that happen but he said I'm sorry but things happen and just gave me his email. I never got a chance to fully explain everything to him because he was rushing me so he can get back to his meeting and didn't care. I was unsatisfied after the conversation and left the building but later came back to the office and told the front deck worker Claire that I want to speak to the building manager.

Claire said didn't you just talk to Amer? I said he was in a rush and didn't care about what I had to say so she said ok can I have your name and your phone number and they will contact you. I also ask her what the estimated callback and she said I should expect a call by this week so I waited. To this day I've never received any response or call from the business owner.

On February 27, 2023, I called the office and spoke to the receptionist Claire again. I said I haven't received any call or email at all from the building manager. She continues to disregard my complaint until I ask her what the name of the owner was. She said when they call you they will let you know. I told her if you don't tell me I'll just come to the office myself to find out and then she hung up.

So I went to the office that day and the front desk operator Claire who works at the front desk told me someone would be with me. That was when Erica the manager walked in and ask what can I help you with. I told her that I didn't want to talk to her but she insisted on talking and we went into the meeting office where she told me how I kept calling back multiple times while ignoring her colleague's unprofessional behavior.

I explain why that happen and my reason but she didn't really understand the main issue so I kept it short and told her I'm only here to talk to the building manager. Erica struggle to answer me about his name but later said it was Amer who was the last person that I have spoken to. After that, Erica and Claire manage to schedule a meeting again for Wednesday, March 1 with Amer Hanini and I left the building.

However, I didn't feel right, and Erica never specified the type of owner I would be talking to. So I went back to the building 20 minutes after leaving to ask the front desk operator Claire about which type of business manager I would be talking to and then Amer come in rudely and interrupted me with a threat of calling the police for trespassing saying he can't do this today.

I told him did you just threaten me? And Amer said yes. I told him I only come back here to ask about the type of owner I would meet but he said ok then do it and went back to his computer department. I said you know what I don't want to talk to you. And Amer said good cause I don't want to talk to you too. I then proceed to ask Claire about the type of owner and she refuses to answer me. She said how about you ask your mom, she would know. I told her my mom doesn't know the owner and she said when they call you they will tell you.

Disappointed I left the building to seek out help from the Newark City Hall to the Newark Police Station for the next thing to do. Because I know nobody is going to contact me and they are not providing helpful information to me. However, I was able to acquire my rental insurance before the deadline so was great.

So since February 27, 2023, for the past month, I haven't called Skye Management and I tried searching online for countless websites on my own that can assist me with this in knowing the owner's name and speaking to him about my complaints.

Ripoffreport Report Image

I called over 10 different places like Consumer Affairs Protection, LSNJ-LAW, Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, etc just to name a few. But none of them provided any useful help to my complaints because it wasn't a legal matter.

On April 11, 2023, I found out the business owner's name which is Samer Hanini, the Manager Partner. He is the owner of the Parent Company Hanini Groups for Skye Management. So on April 11, 2023, I called to speak to him but left a message on Amer Hanini's voice box. Claire from Skye Management called me later about it and I requested to speak to Samer Hanini but she didn't respond in shock that I found out his name. I told her to have a good day and hung up.

On April 12, 2023, I called Skye Mangement through an alternative phone which is the Hanini Group to talk to someone about speaking to Samer Hanini. But nobody would try to answer the phone to do that. Later I got an unexpected call from Amer Hanini who said he was out of state of NJ.

I told him I wanted to talk to Samer Hanini but Amer Hanini said he would just refer him to me. I said I don't want to talk to you because in the past you didn't care about my problems and threatened me. Amer denied he ever threatened me but asked me what was my problem so he can fix it. But I didn't want to talk to him because he had his chance and didn't care. I said I only wanted to talk to the owner. So he said when he is back in the office I should call him Monday to set an appointment with Samer Hanini. I said what time and he said any and I agreed to call him on April 17, 2023.

After the conversation I figured things were too convenient and that they were planning something so I called the office again to speak to another manager to speak on Samer Hanini and Claire (Operator) put me on hold and then hang up. I had a feeling Amer know how to contact Samer since there are family but he decided to postpone it for a reason. Other managers refuse to talk to me. Many managers in the past that I have talked to said they would talk to me but never do.

So on April 17, 2023, I called Skye Management and Claire picked up. I said I wanted to talk to Amer but she said he wasn't here. So I said do you know when he will be there and she said no. I said I'll call back in half an hour. When I did I couldn't speak to anybody. All day their phone was on voicemail. So I said you know what I'll leave a voice message on Amer's voicebox for proof that I called him at 10 am. He didn't return my call.

On April 19, 2023, I called Newark Court to ask if I could file any non-legal small claim but they said they don't do a case that isn't within the law and I should look for a lawyer. My only chance was to seek a lawyer that can do something. I talked to an attorney in April in the past and he said he can for a settlement but it cost a huge amount of dollars (which is classified) and I declined.

So now on April 21, 2023, I have been searching for more places that can help and I'm reporting yet another file case but this time to Ripoffreport. I have exhausted many options in the past and I need to know if there is anything that you can do that can do about this. Because I tried many ways and it hasn't worked. So if you can do anything then I will be grateful and appreciative of this.

CLOSING REPORT: As I mentioned before and I'll say it again Skye Management is a very corrupt organization with corrupt managers and employees. And I'm not sure if all of this is being done by Samer Hanini himself or not but this is only showing how terrible his company is.

Everything I write here is nothing but the truth and my honest experience that has happened with Skye Management and their staff. People like Ameri Hanini, Erica, and Claire have not done a good job to tenants and deserve to be held accountable for all the things that have gone unnoticed.

So while I continue to wait for a response from NJ Governor Phile Murphy and for the review of my complaint from FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to be complete. (I doubt it might be anything that can help) In the meantime, I sincerely ask if Ripoffreport can please look into this and see if they can do anything about this.

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Skye Mangement Employees Are Stoping Tenants From Reporting Unethical and Misconduct Behavior To The Business Owner!!!!

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