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Complaint Review: Strathmore Whos Who Worldwide - Farmingdale New Work

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Keith - Yorktown Heights, United States
Wed, April 27, 2022
Fri, July 01, 2022

Strathmore Whos Who Worldwide
208 Route 109 Ste 101A Farmingdale, 11735 New Work, United States
(516) 677-9696
Domain Registry Fraud , Fraud, Internet business, On-line scams, web site
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Bullshit Strathmore Cert

I was contacted by a  Strathmore Professional Counselor by the name of Denise(she would not tell me her last name) from Strathmore Worldwide Whos Who, telling me they had several "old acquaintances" of mine calling them and asking them to induct me into their Strathmore Whos Who Professional Organization as an accomplished Professional.

I asked who these old acquaintances were. She said because of Privacy Laws, she couldnt reveal the names of these 2 professionals were, but could only tell me that both of these people contacted them to recommend me into their organization. I was skeptical about it in the beginning, but decided to see how this phone call would play out.

Denise went on to tell me they are the only orginial professional organization in the world that has only the most Exclusive Professionals inducted into their organization such as Warren Buffet, Obama, Elon Musk etc... and she went on that My profile would be put onto their website free of charge because " I was such a accomplished proffessional" or course there is a yearly membership cost to "keep things going" She went into her sales pitch with quoting me all the membership options starting with the most "exclusive" membership which is lifetime at $700 and went through the list which includes a wall mounted picture frame of the Bullshit Certification you earned.

Again, kinda knowing this was a scam, I asked her whats the lowest membership rate I can get.  She then informs me that I'm in luck. It just so happens that there was a sale on the memberships this past month and I can get all the bells and whisteles of my BS certification and profile on their website for only $45. Of course, today was the final day of the sale and I had to order today or else I'd miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be exclusively advertised by the most special international extraordianry organization in the world where all the most influential people are a part of. 

I asked her if this was a front for the Free Masons Society? Apparantly she didnt like my sarcasim as she got Mad at me ans asked me; "Are you not taking this seriously?" I said sure I am. I told her I don't have my wallet on me because I was in the gym, but I promised to call her tommorrow and give her the my credia card stuff. She replyed; "oh, I cant wait that long because you will miss the sale, but if you'd like I can just hold on untiul you are done at the gym and you go home and get your wallet."

I thought she was kidding, so I put her on hold for over an hour.  After I got home, I clicked my phone on and asked if she was still there? SHE Actually Was Still there!!!: "Yes, dear I'm still here. Did you get home? Can I have your Credit Card numbers now"? I thought she was a trooper for staying on hold for 2 hours. So I did buy the $45 membership.

A week later I got the BS Certificate in the mail with instructions on writing up my profile and emailing it to Christine Benton who is there Editor-in-Chief for both Strathmore and Strathmore Worldwide(They claim they are separate companies, but they are not. They both have the same address and phone number. I called the phone number and the dude that answered gave me the BS story about the partners having a falling out and separated the compainies into 2 separte companies; Its BS; Same scam of company in Farmindale, NY).

Long Story Short; the website does not work(strathmore worldwide) my name and profile is not listed on strathmore.com(again same company as Strathmore Worldwide(the dude i called telling me that they are both 2 separate comapnies could still help me and was still able to find my mysterious profile and give me a username and password which are both all numbers, no letters). This is a BS Company, It is a total SCAM.

When and if they call you and your busy(I wasn't too busy at the time, so thats why I decided to play with her) just hang up. Strathmore Worldwide and Strathmore are the same company. The profiles they have on strathmore are fake pictures( if you google the pictures on their website they will come up as advertisments for something else; they are not real people) Don't be Scammed by these losers!

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