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Complaint Review: UpFix.com - Buford Georgia

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Mark - Austin, United States

4991 B U Bowman Dr Buford, 30518 Georgia, United States
888-979-9343 and 678-778-
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STAY AWAY!! ZERO-STAR REVIEW!! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE x 10!! BUYER BEWARE!! TERRIBLE OR NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I wish to God I would have read the scathing reviews on various websites other than Upfix’s bias website, obviously, before I had sent my Instrument Cluster Panel in to be repaired by UpFix—more like Up$#!T creek! or Oh,$#!T! This UpFix outfit’s owner/CEO appears to be some guy by the name of Vitaly Sandyrev whose company is based out of Buford, Georgia, and is also apparently affiliated with MyAirbags. So without further ado, take your seat, grab your popcorn, and allow me to lift the curtain and share with you my very unpleasant, personal experience and current Nightmare Funhouse $#!T-Show with UpFix.

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It all began on that fateful day, April 29, 2024, when I sent UpFix my instrument panel to have the temperature gauge repaired. I was notified via email that the repair was completed on May 13, 2024. On or about that same day, several different visa card payment attempts were made with two different cards for the total billed amount of $169.99, both online and via phone with UpFix’s representatives. But unfortunately, UpFix’s payment system refused payment every single time even though funds were, and still are, available. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my visa card since I was able to use it regularly without any problem—up until then, that is. May 13, 2024, is the date when all the “Fun” started.

For about a week, I dealt with various different UpFix account representatives via mostly emails back-and-forth in vain, attempting to make payment, but to no avail. I was told that the only other form of payment that UpFix was willing to accept was PayPal, which I explained to them I do not have, or suggested that I go look for someone else with another bankcard to make payment, which I also explained I did not know of any such person who would be willing to do that, either. I told them that the only two forms of payment available to me are my visa card or my sending them a money order. They remained intransigent and said “We’re sorry, but the decision was made by ‘someone’ at the highest levels of management, and that is our company payment policy, so there is nothing further we can do...Next!” I asked to be put in touch with this so called ‘someone’ or the owner of the company, Mr. Sandyrev, but my request was repeatedly denied. UpFix refuses to answer any other questions I have other than with “We’re sorry, that is our company policy.” I feel that UpFix is being extremely unreasonable and difficult to deal with and involved in highly questionable business practices, to say the least.

Without that electronic panel, my vehicle remains totally inoperable for well over a month, and this UpFix racket-of-a-company couldn’t care less!

Beyond frustrated at this point getting nowhere very fast with their “customer service,” on May 20, 2024, I sent a money order (guaranteed funds) for the full amount made payable to UpFix. They confirmed receipt of the money order, but informed me that they would be returning the money order back to me and said that I should seek a refund from the issuer. SAY WHAT?!! What legitimate business is unwilling to accept a money order payment with guaranteed funds which can easily be deposited into any company bank account?!! I suspect foul play and fear that the panel, with an estimated value somewhere between $600.00 and $850.00, could very easily be sold for “non-payment” for much more than UpFix would receive from the cost of the repair itself. Hmm.

Left with no other option, I filed written Complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Georgia State Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission, and several other government agencies in a desperate attempt and cry for help to get my instrument panel returned ASAP. I am also in the process of seeking legal counsel. If and when I ever do recover my instrument panel—which I now consider stolen property—from UpFix, I have no doubt that the panel will more than likely either have been somehow tampered with or disabled out of sheer spite. I would not put anything past this atrocious UpFix and their “company policy.” Hopefully, I have helped other people avoid the same mistake and fate that I have suffered by sharing my story. You have been warned.

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Mon, June 10, 2024

 First off, YOU CAN FORGET THE BBB!!! The BBB with all their deceptive BS, is NOT part of ANY government body and as such has ABSOLUTELY ZERO POWER to enforce any business laws and cannot force any business to do anything! They refer to themselves as "the bureau" for one reason: TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC into thinking they are something are most certainly are not. The ONLY purpose of the BBB-BS is to ENRICH THE BANK ACCOUNTS of those whom are the heads of the Outfit as well as the local caporegimes. They get rich SELLING FAKE RATINGS and SELLING FAKE "ACCREDITATIONS" to any business which wants to buy them. Don't attach ANY IMPORTANCE to the BBB-BS. They are NOT your friends. They will use your complaint as a sales lead to sell this company their FAKE A+ rating. As far as your problem, without regard to the reason the payment did not go thru, they have the right to return your equipment. However...you can get around this by simply seeing if they will take another card, maybe even a gift card. For example, go out and buy one of the well known reloadable cards with a MC or Visa logo. Put $10 on it. Then call them and ask them to run it for $5 as a test. If it goes thru, them load it with the remaining amount. If it doesn't then use it for yourself. Of course its going to take some leg work on your part but if you want that stuff back and that card works, who cares? You got the job done.

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