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Complaint Review: ACM International Manufactuing Inc. (And) Ameri-Chem MFG. Co. - West Covina California

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- Ft. Stockton, Texas,

ACM International Manufactuing Inc. (And) Ameri-Chem MFG. Co.
1710 W. Cameron #204 West Covina, 91792 California, U.S.A.
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In March of 2001 I had a call from a Rip-Off represantive name Charles Barnes. He promise me a great deal that I could not let down and it sounded great. I will never do buinss over a phone again with anyone. He really made a fool out of me. I learned a very valuable lesson thanks to him!

The Company that he works for sales car wax called FIREGLAZE. He suppose to get all my clients so that I could sale the wax.

He never did anything of the kind. He asked me to send him a cashier's check in the amount of $2,644.00 and he will send me all of the product that I was to get for that amount.

To this day he only send me one third of the product. I call him and all he did was promise me that I will get the rest of the product as soon as possible. I told him that I needed to start selling this so call wax as soon as possible. I needed him to give me all the clients names and address's so I could make some money since I had to borrow the money I send him.

Well, time had gone by. Almost 90 days, and still no product and no sales. He Charles Barnes, Lied to me over and over till this day. I told him that I was not happy at all and I was very pisst off. I DEMANDED my money back 2 weeks before the 90 days was over.

Charles Barnes did nothing but give me the round around and lied after lie. This went on and I haven't given up yet. This went on until October 2001, way over 90 days and NOTHING!!

In November I tried calling and faxing him. Guess what? They had the phone and fax number changed. Also they were not at the address any more ether. The company was evicted by Sheriffs on 1025 N. Arrow Hwy. Suite 206. Again I did not give up! It took me about 5 months until I found out where he was and the company was still doing to other people what they did to me.

This time I did not let him know that I new where he was. It took a lot of my time to find out but I never gave up. Now this is what I did, I Filed a sued on him and the company. When he got served he call me that it was not necessary to sue and he will send me the money that week. I told him to send it and I will drop the sue. Never saw it, and again a big lie. I never did drop the sue.

Now, I finally ended up going to California to small claims court. I was sueing him for $5,000.00 which is the limit. Why 5 grand? Well, the money I borrow had intrest on it, plus my expenses to travel, and most of all I own a Buiness and I have to make at least 450.00 a day to keep the doors open. I lost some days of work to go to court in California from Texas.

I got rewarded the $5,000.00, but 2 hours before the dead line to appeal he appealed it. Again I went to California. This time it was a diffrent judge. She really never did listen to me and I had all the evedencs to prove my case. Charles Barnes only had 1 peace of paper like the fist time. I had over 50 pages of prove. The judge awarded me with only $3,724.00. I have spent much more than that with this stupid deal.

He suppose to have paid me by Feb. of 2003 and still nothing. Like always, He has lied and now I can not get a hold of him even in the internet. I have a Judgement agaist him and I am afraid that I will never get my money back. Oh, by the way, the judge was Carol William Elswick, and I do believe that she was in Charles favor because of them being the same race. Like I said, He RIP ME OFF and I have all the prove, so why didn't the judge even give me a chance to prove it? Even my lawyer said that I have a 100% winning case.

What I want is my money owe to me and for this company to be put out of buiness, and for Charles Barnes to pay back everybody he owes. They should be investigated to see how many people they have RIP-OFF!

Mr. RIP-OFF LIER even fax me a paper to rip-off someone in Australia. I disagree with him. He said that was one way to get my money back, $3,000.00 to be exact. This letter has instructions of the lies he wanted me to say. I denyed him and this meeting never took place. On the 9th paragraph I said 2 hours before the dead line. That is exactly what he did, the last day 2 hrs before closing, what a jerk.

I am hoping that this rip-off report do something to this lier and company, I have done just about everything I could do and my hands are tied. Like I said, I have lots of prove and I have saved all the paper work and I can not afford to go to California again until way later. Maybe for vacation, Mr. Barnes, this is not over yet. I WILL NOT GIVE UP YOU LIER & RIP-OFF ARTIST.


Ft. Stockton, Texas

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Sat, June 10, 2006

With all due respect Fred, I think you'd get a better return for the money you had 'invested' in the 'deal' with Ameri-Chem, if you instead take a few composition classes to improve your written english. It's very difficult to take any business-owner seriously when they cannot even produce a grammatically correct sentence, much less have spelling mistakes in every other word they write. Consider this a friendly suggestion from someone who has also come to America to have a better life. Sincerely,

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