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Thinking of entering the Health idustry as a medicall assistant or CNA, or even thinking of a general business degree. Don't make the mistake I did, stay away from AIBT.

I attended AIBT to obtain a degree in medical assisting. After

talking with the counsler, I was brain washed to think that

spending over $10,000 on a two year associate of applied science

degree in medical assisting would earn me top dollar and choice of work in the industry.

Do not fall for this for the following reasons:

You do not need a degree of any sort to get an MA job.

You can get a better and thorough education from one of the

community colleges for a fraction of the price.

The counslers and teachers are unprofessional in manner.

The administrative office lost my paperwork 3 times.

Be smart, go to a community college for these type of jobs. They too offer convenient day and evening programs to fit your schedule.

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AIBT ex-student; Microcomputer networking systems

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Thu, October 12, 2006

HI...when I found this site I had to comment to this. I too was a student at this so-called "school". I entered the associate degree program for Microcomputers networking systems..thinking it would be a great way to get a career in computers. If I remember correctly the cost was around 15 grand. After attending the school for awhile I realized that the program I was in was brand new...they had never taught this before...there for our class were experiments. The teachers would test the class and most of the students couldnt' pass. I remember in computer archecture I made a D so the teacher curved the grades (I thought they only did that in high school not college) NOw don't get me wrong I am not saying I didn't learn anything, but not enough to actually go out and make a career out of it. I went to the office and talked to the financial department and the administration to try to get out of this school when I realized this wasn't real. And they told me that my 30 days was up, all I could do was downgrade to a diploma in Computer Technology which was around 7 grand..they guaranteed me that I would get my A+ certification upon finishing up these classes. That never happened. All I received was my comptia certification which isnt' enough to actually get a job in computer technologies. I am still trying to pay off this loan...the laptops they promised were weeks late and they charged us an ungodly fee amount for these pcs which they were junk. I actually had a teacher mess up my pc and the school said they weren't responsible for fixing it because it was a software problem...if they fixed it they would have to charge me. Upon completion of this school me and around 10 other students wrote to the school administrator along with some others about their education in that school..I still have all these letters and nothing was ever done about this. So we are all stuck with not even a second rate education..no careers like we were promised and an outstanding bill. My advice would be to check out the schools that you are planning to attend...call the better business bureau to see if they have been reported. Enroll at an accredited school because as far as I have found out I can't transfer any of my credits to any colleges. All the other students I went to school with were done the same way that took this specific degree/diploma. I attended this school from 1999-2000


New Castle,
AIBT Offers Great Education and Career Opportunities

#3Consumer Comment

Wed, January 18, 2006

I graduated from Arizona Institute of Business and Technology in Mesa, AZ in October of 2002. The education I received there was very good, and all of my credits from AIBT were transfered to other Universities. I received my Detention and Security Diploma (1st year of Associate Degree program in Justice Administration), and this prepared me to test for State jobs including Probation/Parole Officer and Juvenile Justice Specialist Level II in both Oklahoma and Delaware, in which I scored quite well. AIBT was a great option for me because of the schedule and on the spot financial aid. Great school, and great instructors.


If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is

#4Consumer Comment

Wed, May 01, 2002

Unfortunately AIBT is like so many career training centers with high fees and little chance of the great job you are thinking you are training for. I once worked in such a school as an instructor in California where anyone who could qualify for student aide or a loan was signed up. Often the individuals did not have the skills of basic elementary school but they were told the school could turn them into top notch office personnel with a high rate of pay. The "counselors" are salespeople, not vocational specialists. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is true that though the community college route will take longer to complete, you will spend less money and you will NOT be sold something of little value but a real education.

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