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Complaint Review: American Credit Solutions - Tampa Florida

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- Reno, 89018,

American Credit Solutions
Tampa Florida Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
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How to get your money Back

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#1 The US congressman in the Tampa Area is Jim Davis (he already has many complaints about American Credit Solutions)

#2 Call your local congressman, (He or she is in the phone book they do not ask for any type of information.) Let them know what is going on and ask if its possible to get the phone number of the United States Congressman in the Tampa area, preferably a 1-800 number.

#3 read on before doing this step. Call American Credit solutions,

The phone people at American Credit Solutions

Don't want to give your money back

Are not working for a customer service company

Are trained to not give your money back and to not be a customer service

Postpone and delay any and all attempts by you to get your money back.

Are trying to upset you so they have a reason to hang up on you.

Things to know

Jim Davis- US congressman Tampa Fl

The supervisor at American Credit Solutions knows how you can get your money back immediately.

You will be getting a lot of excuses just follow the outline below.

If you need something to say you say,you know how this works and I want my money back. And you misrepresented the product and I want my money back.

If you need to hang up and call again to speak with another representative.

The 1st and only I want my money back Call

1. Dial their 1-800 number. The phone person will tell you that there are no representatives available; YOU ask for a supervisor they will tell you there are no supervisors available.

2. Let them know that you know that there is a supervisor there and you need to speak with him or her. They will tell you no one is available or they are not in again and again, you say I will wait on the line, they will say [sir] or [mam] there is no supervisor available and that they are only an answering service

3. You then explain to them that the American Credit Solutions representative misrepresented the product (the 1st credit card) and you need to speak to a supervisor about reporting fraud, as this is the 22nd time you have called you must speak with a supervisor.

4. At this time the person who is "only" an answering service will then, somehow, become a representative that can help you. They will ask you for your social security number.

a. You now tell them you do not feel comfortable giving any information to an answering service and you need to speak with a supervisor. (You will end up giving this person your phone number not your S.S number to look up your account)

again note: DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, Tell them "look up my account using my phone number, I do not feel comfortable giving you my social security number because you misrepresented your product to me and I believe that is fraud". Mention that you have been in contact with their congressmen "Jim Davis" and he has already heard about American Credit Solutions.

5. Do not give out any information until the answering-service/representative gives you the name of the supervisor you will be speaking with.

6. Now you will be speaking with a supervisor who will do everything possible to postpone and deny any kind of refund. They are not a customer service company.

7. The Supervisor will say, all phone conversations are recorded and representatives are fined or fired for misrepresentation. You say, Well I want this person fired. (I am of the opinion that they do not record conversations as they claim)

8. The Supervisor will continue to inform you that all conversations are taped. You say, Is this conversation we are having right now being recorded? He will say no.

9. You say, I want to set up a three-way call between yourself, American Credit Solutions and your congressman. He will at first say it takes three days for the tape recording department to get the recording and then you will be added to a waiting list. The waiting list is for people who have had their tape/complaint approved by the American Credit Solutions tape recording department (Probably none). Do not put up with any further delay

10. Now you say, All I want is my money back, you misrepresented your product and if you are across state lines I believe that is a federal offense. Blame it all on him he will say I am not the representative you originally spoke with on the phone. You say, I am not able to get in touch with the same representative each time I call that is why I am speaking with a supervisor. Then you say, Do you use a wire service to transfer funds or do you use a bank. He will say he uses his bank. You say, What bank do you use? He will never give you an answer, you say don't worry I will get it from my financial institution if you don't give it to me.

11. At this time he will tell you that you can perform an unauthorized debit transaction with your financial institution but he will still pull the tapes for you. You say, When I file the unauthorized debit transaction with my financial institution is there going to be any hold up on American Credit Solutions side of the transaction he will say no.

12. Do not get frustrated and hang up just keep on explaining the same thing over and over if you have to.

Finally: getting your money back

note: I would personally do this step first if I had a chance to do it again

Go to your financial institution and say there is an unauthorized debit on your account and that the people are crooks and that you have contacted your congressman. The only information you are allowed to see will be the 1-800 number that American Credit Solutions gave you originally. (1-800-470-0907) Fill out the form and say you have no idea who these people are. In 2 or three days you will have your money back.


nevada, Nevada

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