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Complaint Review: ARC - Wabash Indiana

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- Wabash, Indiana,

595 S Miami Wabash, 46992 Indiana, U.S.A.
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Don't get me started with this company. I think ARC(Association for Retarded Citizens) is a great place but I don't think the person that sits behind the desk NANCY HOFFMAN is her name gives a d**n. OF course she looks good to the board members and to some people. Of course to people paying you and keeping your job you would KISS their asses, duh I would also. But she doesn't give a d**n about the clients OR the employees that work hard long hours for her.

I am not bitching about my job I really love my job and like what I do. There is nothing better than working with the mentally handicap, but we need to take a look at this Nancy Hoffman and get it taken care of. SHE REFUSES to do any applications for anyone, and people want to quit because of the BS, but she scares them into thinking she will MAKE sure that NO ONE gets another job working with mentally handicap if they were to quit.

That is crazy and I am sure against the law somewhere. Plus she puts of a happy face for families and as I said the board members and ARC its self. You know it's really sad when people hate working for her and are scared of someone plus I have heard other organizations around Wabash, Indiana (that also work with the handicapped) complain that they also have heard terrible things going on lately.

There are so many people afraid to say or do anything so I am going to stand up for everyone that can't say anything. I hope to GOD this gets to the right person. NANCY HOFFMAN should be FIRED! She is not good for people or the clients.

One example: a client of ours had a MAJOR health problem that we addressed for over a month, letters and memos wrote almost everyday about this problem, and nothing was done. Come to find out this person had a major health problem and Nancy came back on the STAFF about this problem when SHE should have done something about it. Yes, we the staff are the GREAT!! thing about ARC and she sits behind he desk and pushes paper all day-she only cares about money.

Don't get me wrong I care about money too, but people come first in my book. I am so furious right now at this company. I would love to get a new job but she's keeping me from it BECAUSE she can't sign a d**n paper. She refuses to. I think that's crazy, all this time I have put in.

I wouldn't leave if I felt as if she cared. No one gets raises around here. It totally sucks. We are employees getting so SCREWED. Plus I wish the State of Indiana would get a hold of this, and ask people around arc what they thought about the whole situation and what's really going on, and investigate NANCY HOFFMAN and her shaddy dealings. Everyone else, I think ARC is a great place if they would get rid of the "b***h". I also think state should go take a look at some of the other homes.

Clients are paying $800 for rent plus all utilities live in a d**n dump, plus they were promised new windows to keep the cold out. PLEASE! GOD IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

If no one reads this I hope GOD takes care of this problem.

Other employees also agree. We all want to get away from this company. I wish I could take all the clients with me away from her. She isn't doing her job.


PS: you probably won't find any other reports filed against them or HER I am really filing against, because Wabash is a small town and everyone needs a job. Thank god this is secretive but I am sure the other wonderful ARC's are doing fine. We just need to get Nancy Hoffman out of the office and get someone who really CARES!. So I hope this one reaches people and they truely believe it or investigate for themselves. Thanks.


Wabash, Indiana

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