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Complaint Review: AT&T - New YOrk New York

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New YOrk, 10011 New York, U.S.A.
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I spent last summer on a student trip to Prague, Czech Republic.

The phone systems in that country are notoriously unreliable,flawed and outdated. As a result the entire country's phone system is routinely and randomly cut off at any given time.For any given AMMOUNT of time. This includes the government, travel agencies and any public payphone. As they are used to it there, its just accepted by the locals-but almost everyone has a cellphone for that reason. Not only that but the phones in our dorm did not work,so most of us had to wait till we were in town to use any phone at all. I had brought my trusty AT&T calling card with me and found the toll free number to access them before i left in order to avoid potential pitfalls in what I knew to be a former Communist country. Not only are all the phones there set up to disconnect at random but the system is set up so you cant even use a calling card directly ( you are only alloted a certain number of numbers you can punch in the phone) which forces you to HAVE to make calls only through the operator;making it twice as expensive just to start. So, I made a lot of phone calls to the US, expecting of course to pay a huge bill which I was well prepared to do. Most of those calls did not go through or were disconnected before I was even able to get a machine or real person. Even the Operator Assisted portion of many of the calls( The part where you tell them you want to make a calling card call and here is the number) were disconnected about half the time. Everyone on our trip was having the same problem, and as the city is chock full of American students all probably using

AT&T calling cards I cant belive I am the only one. However, when i returned to the States I found I had been charged for each and every one of the "Hang UPs" to the ammont of 1500$!!!!!As if i had actually spoken on the phone for under a minute all those times. SOme of the hang ups I was charged 10 dollars, others 8$.

I have been uselessly fighting with AT&T over this, they pretended to give me 200 dollars off the top (as if that makes a dent) and then told me they never said that. Then told me it was 119 dollars. Then 30. As I said I am a great bill payer and fully expected to pay in full for the calls I did make. HOwever I find it preposterous to be charged for calls I did not make. Not to mention I am in college and broke. I refuse to give up this fight but am terrified of this effecting my good credit. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME???? PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!

THank you very very much,



[email protected]

PS I selected Cellular Phones as a catagory because there was nothing closer. BUt it is a long distance bill I am disputing.

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