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Avis Rent A Car
California, U.S.A.
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I am an Avis Preffered customer and I rent cars from them every week (Mon - Fri) buisness rentals. In my profile with Avis, I have the Gas Option (pre pay the gas, so I dont have to worry about it when I return the car).

Now for the weekend I went to San Francisco and rented a car there on Friday. I used it for two days and it was time to return it and I did not worry about filling up the gas tank because for the past 6 months I never had to do that because I had the gas option on my preffered profile. So, I returned it and I did not even check the bill till I reached home, to see a $34 charge in there (my gas tank was almost empty).

I got really furious and called Avis, and their customer support wasnt helpful at all. When talking about this gas option, they say that you must explicitly mention it when you pick up the car that you want to pre pay for the gas. Well, but this defeats the purpose of being a preffered memeber, where you get out of your bus, your car is waiting for you, and you leave with no hassles. For this, the customer service person says, well then you must have mentioned it when you booked the car, well I did online booking and I dont see anywhere where I can mention that I want to pre pay for the gas.

This is ridiculuos, they are using that feature to their benefit, and I thought it was for the customers benefit! Moreover, I never experienced a problem in Houston where I have been renting from Avis for 6 months. I expected more courtesy and understanding for a customer who brings in $1500 in rentals charges a month! I dont want to switch to a Hertz or to another competition because I still like Avis rates and deals. The final word from customer service was that they will see what they can do, and I hope by putting my complaint here, it will speed up things before I get bitter with AVIS.

pat m

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That One,
The truth in the system.

#2UPDATE Employee

Thu, January 27, 2005

I am one of the thousands of General Sales Agents. In laymans words I am the agent you reserve with. First off let me ask what is a Prefered Renter? Well to start off with i am a prefered renter. I went to the website to see how it was done so I could affer that extra bit I am known for when someone asks questions.I am 46 years old and have never in my life had the need to rent a vehicle. What is a prefered renter to us the company? A valued customer who needs a more slimlined service for speed that is gladly offered to one and all for no aditional costs. What is prefered service? Well Basic Prefered is speedy handling of the rental itself. Also speeds up many steps in the actual reserving of the vehicle by filling some questions automatically. Not every location has prefered services. Specially the smaller locations. Basically means you paperwork is all filled out and set aside with your keys. You stand in no lineup waiting for a rental agent to draw up your contract. Like Budget Hertz, national,thrifty we all have a special speedy service. Like all the others we also have different levels of this service. Ours is called Wizard. Prefered, Prefered select, CEO/Chairmans Club, Presidents Club. They all depend upon the amount of your life is spent sitting inside a rental car. As you get invited into the higher levels you get more things. Currant newspapers and the likes. What most people who joins overlook reading up on these files are personal files, you and you alone can use them. No your better half nor your children or inlaws are included on that. If you want them to have that service enroll them for thier own Personal number. Now lets look at the actual wizard profile {Prefered Level} Automatic fill in lines are Name, prefered car group size codes,Avis Worldwide Discount codes {if applicable}, credit card information, company name {again if applicable}, Mailing Address, Drivers License,Credit card typing, and insurance preferences if any. No where on the profile is a section for the P8/G8 gas option codes. Never has been and still no signs from above if ever will be. [Personal note please add this feature along with a place to keep stored e-mail adresses PLEASE!!] So what do we agents have to let the counters know you want the gas option? Theres a small remarks line. You will see anything types into this line on you actual rental agreement. But it is just a remarks line not an actual automatic flag like the other lines. Again back to my little extra in service. I mention it is a good idea to check you paperwork before you pull out to be sure the counter agent didnt miss the remarks line. As an agent I will tell you any problems you report will be followed up with the booking agent. Too many reports back to that agent and they find themselves unemployed. So let me assure you when I am talking to you be assured I am fully aware and how strictly to detail I am in making your reservation. And Very Proud to say that in over 4 years, taking on average 150+ calls per day I have not yet had one RTF {company speak for complaint} Unfortunatley you did not mention if you actually used your wizard number for you weekend rental though I fully believe you would have. Was it an inteded rip off? No my friend I think it was an honest oversite by the counter agent to catch the remark. copied from your post ........I got really furious and called Avis, and their customer support wasnt helpful at all......... We are all trained in dealing with customers. The smarter more experienced of us have the ability to remember when someone is hollering,cursing,rude, obnoxious we know it is not personal to us but just general frustrations and that persons way of dealing with thier frustration. But some agents can be hurt by this and not take one step beyond meeting the basic parameters of company policy to actually quick solve your problems. I am not saying you were in any way abusive yourself I was just generalizing there to make a point. Having friends working in that department I can tell you if you were not satisfied with that persons service call 1-800-332-7900 the direct line to the CS department and nicely ask a different agent if he/she could take a quick look into your case and see where things stand. Lastly let me state that as an agent reading and commenting on this is not my job. I am on my own doing this. While searching for something on a personal complaint I came across this web site and out of sheer curiosity decided to look see what was said about us. This I can proudly say was number 47 in a long list of other rental car companies listed


AVIS DOESN"T TRY HARDER mistreatment and disrespect of thier employees

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sat, February 28, 2004

I work for avis rent a car for 5 years i worked 70 hours or more a week. In October of 2002 my son was born with many complications he was in icu for 4 weeks i had a c-section and went back to work within 3-days because i didn't qualify for time off.I went back to work because i could not afford to lose my job. When i returned the company told me to file a life event change so my son had medical i did it right away.i took my son into the doctors several time and nobody said anything i told them i was waiting on his insurance card.I asked the company where his card was and they told me that they we looking into it. I then took my son into the doctor on december 22,2002 he was having problems breathing my doctor said he need to be put on a apna montor she called to place the order and the insurance said he wasn't covered i then callled avis and they said that i didn't summit the life event change i went home and got my copy and gave it to they said that they would find out what was going on.sadly on december 26,2002 my son passed away i was at work and came home at 5:00 am and found him. I called work to let them know what was going on and bruno answered the phone and said your joking right.I was pissed off this was nothing to joke about.we had to call new york and colorado for me to take time off of work the manager in arizona said that i might loose my job if i don't return to work. the company then called and ask when the funeral was and i explained that it was a familly only. At my son funeral 4 managers showed up i was mad that i couldn't burry my son in peace this company is a joke when i return to work i resinged my postions with the company and then i received a letter from gigna state that avis back date the medical coverage my son would still be alive to if it wasn't for these &@@@@@ DONT RENT FROM THEM


You are correct in being as preferred member!

#4UPDATE EX-employee responds

Fri, June 14, 2002

I worked for Avis Rent a Car for 2.5 years and worked the preferred booth all the time. In your preferred profile, if P8 (Gas Option) is selected the rental agent should automatically add it. It does NOT have to be stated if its in your profile. That is the whole purpose of being a preferred member. Sounds to me the agent made the mistake and therefore, Avis should rectify this very simple problem. I'm surprised customer service wasn't more cooperative with you. I would also call the location you rented and ask to speak to the airport manager and I'm sure they would be happy to credit you. I worked for several car rental companies over the years and Avis was my favorite. Usually their customer service is excellent. Of course I see your complaint is 2 years old but I hope they took care of you.

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