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Complaint Review: Bayside Auto Sales - Millsboro Delaware

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- Maryville, Tennessee,

Bayside Auto Sales
Route 24 Millsboro, 19966 Delaware, U.S.A.
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This is a Story that I have been dieing to find a site to bust these scumbuckets and I finally found it. Back in January of 2001, I had an accident with my car and needed a new vehicle. My credit wasn't that great, so I turned to Bayside Auto Sales which was just down the road to me at the time. I test drove a 93 Blazer. I basically talked with Bob, a finance guy there who told me that this is a great truck and I wouldn't have any problems with this truck for years down the road.

It ended up costing me $5,995. I drove it to work at back for about 4 weeks before the first problem started. I enganged the truck into 4-wheel drive and it would not disengage out of it for a few miles down the road. Of course i call up bob and told him this, and he told me that it was MY fault because I engaged it into 4-wheel drive while it was moving. Well hence what he said, I looked in the owners manual and low and behold, you are allowed to engage it into 4X4 while moving. I gave him a call back and explained him to it and he told me and I quote "all cars and trucks require maintenence" so I laughed it off and hung up the phone.

I didn't really worry much about this problem because I really had no use for the 4X4. About 2 weeks later, I started having troubles starting the truck. I would have to pump and pump and pump the gas becore it would start. I called up Jesse Hall, the owner of Bayside Auto Sales and he told me to bring it over to his shop (Longneck Car Care). About 2 weeks go by and he finally tells me it was fixed, the fuel pump went. Thinking that they would have fixed it for me for free, or at least at a discounted price since it was owned by the same owner of Bayside Auto Sales, I was EXTREMELY wrong.

It ended up costing me 450 dollars. About another month goes by before my truck decides to break down again, about a mile from my house. Once again I call up Jesse and return it to Longneck Car Care. I asked him if I was going to get any discount on it since Im having so may problems with this vehicle and I get a steady "no". So another week goes by and I get the truck back, finding out that the "rotor Button went, a part that costs 7.50 to fix, costs me 125 dollars. About another 3 weeks goes by and I start having troubles starting the truck.

Because of my experiences, I refused to take it back to Longneck Car Care. I ended up finding the problem and fixing it myself, the Fuel Pump Relay went, costing me 10 dollars to fix myself. Another 3 weeks went by and the Starter went on my truck. I ended up having a friend fix that for a nice price. Finally, about a month later, I fianly had the last straw. The WHOLE entire fuel system went on me. I called up and talked to bob and of course they refused to help me out at all.

My mother who was helping me out at the time, called up Jesse (the owner) who was EXTREMELY rude. He tried blaming all the problems on me and telling my mother that she was a bad parent. I ended up just towing the truck back to them and leaving it there with the keys in it. I have never has a more awful experience in my life and i have definitely learned my lesson.


Maryville, Tennessee

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nothing but a Con Artist

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Fri, April 16, 2004

I also forgot to add one last thing. About 2-3 months after I returned the Blazer vehicle to them, My step brother who was living with me at the time was looking for a job. My step brother has NO prior skills or experience in automotive repairs and Jesse was willing to hire him at his auto repair shop for cheap hire. This explains to me why they could never fix my truck properly. This guy is nothing but a Con Artist and I advise anyone thinking about purchasing a vehicle at Bayside Auto Sales OR having their vehicle fixxed at Longneck Car Care to GREATLY reconsider.

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