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The better business bureau does not:

*Report complaints about member businesses.

*Actively investigate complaints about member businesses.

*Verify information provided by member businesses.

I lost $16,000 to a fraudulent business called Allsports Distribution Inc. (a member of the Maryland BBB, Nicholas Greaves, President). Before I invested in this business, I checked them out with the BBB. They reported no complaints for Allsports although they were under criminal investigation and about to be closed down by the Maryland Attorney Generals Office. The BBB also falsely reported that Allsports had been in business for over twenty years, when in fact they had just started business.

After it became obvious that Allsports ripped me off, I complained to the BBB. During my conversations with the BBB representatives, I found that they knew that Allsports was not in business for 20 years, and that Allsports was violating Federal Trade regulations and defrauding customers all across the country. They also knew that the Attorney Generals Office of Maryland had a case against Allsports. Knowing all of this the BBB reported no complaints and showed Allsports in good standing. I checked the BBB's Report for Allsports long after my many complaints and they still showed Allsports in good standing and with no complaints! This went on until the AG's office in Maryland shut down Allsports in 1998.

As soon as Allsports was no longer in business, and could not pay their fees, the Better Business Bureau canceled Allsports membership. I have a list of thirty people defrauded by Allsports, many of whom relied on the Better business Bureau to help them make their decision to do business with Allsports. There are many others who lost much more money than I did. Some mortgaged their homes to get the money to invest in this scam! If the Better Business Bureau had performed their job as they advertise, many of us would not have been ripped off by Allsports! I consider the Better Business Bureau part of the scam that was perpetrated against myself and others.

I would like to get the word out about the Better Business Bureau, so more people are not ripped off! I would also like to hear about other stories concerning the BBB. I will collect the stories and post them on the web. Please feel free to contact me at the following address [email protected] or telephone 503-661-2635. My name is Kerry Deaver

> Or visit my Web Page http://bbbfraud.cjb.net

Testimonials sent to me:

"I have read your site and I couldn't agree with you more. Sadly what really hits below the belt is the fact that the BBB charges a consumer a fee to make a complaint over the telephone. And even if they pay their hideous fee, a consumer cannot get the immediate help they need to stop businesses from ruining their lives. It takes way too many complaints from the general public

to get any kind of response. And if we are lucky enough to trigger an investigation, we are not privileged to the information regarding the progress of that investigation.

I will never rely on them again."

D. Durgin



We were going to register with the BBB too. We asked what type of background check they would do on our corporation to ensure that our prospective customers could be confident in making a purchase from us. They told us that we only had to register, pay our fee and we would be listed!

Needless to say, we passed on the offer of being listed with the BBB. Although a lot of people think the BBB holds a lot weight against fraud. However, out of principle we have boycotted the BBB.

We hope that our testimonial will assist you in your attempt to educate the people that the BBB is worthless and to stick to purchasing from companies that are registered in their home state. If they are not registered with the state, then you may have problems later! By being registered in their home state, you can always report fraud to the AG. Good Luck!

By the way, as a consumer you should post your message to all the alt.* news groups so everyone will know about what you have found. Not many folks know it. We try to tell folks but they think we are biased as a business.

EarthVision Communications Inc.

"Taking Cellular to Mach II Speed"



The BBB sounds a lot like TRUSTe, the organization that gives tags to e-commerce sites that claim to respect users' privacy. Yet TRUSTe certified sites have performed egregious invasions of privacy, in violation of their stated policies, and no site has ever lost their certification. It's just a badge that sites can sign up for to fool people into a false sense of security.


Open Directory editor lavendergreen.


"I will pass along the word and email as many people as I can about BBB. But what is going to be done about them is what concerns me."

Tea Clinton


"I've been wondering why every other commercial I see on TV lately is promoting the BBB. I suppose it's damage control. I was glad to find your site, sorry you lost so much but glad to see someone trying to open the eyes to the public. My complaint is car repair. I called the BBB to find out information about a company called All Tune and Lube and found they have a satisfactory rating. This mechanic shop did such sloppy work, documented by independent mechanics, that the car is now nothing more than scrap metal. For one thing, the car had no oil, which we didn't discover until we got home. I called the Bureau of Auto Repair who tried to mediate. We couldn't come to an agreement and ended up in small claims court. The judge overseeing the case said he would render his decision in a week. He made his decision the same day and I now have to pay All Tune and Lube $800. for completely ruining our car. If I appeal and loose, I risk the chance of having to pay their lawyer fees. I have since met many people who have filed complaints with the BBB about this company, but nothing was mentioned to me about complaints."

Brenda Brown


CIVIL SUIT FILED AGAINST THE BBB of the Southland Inc. and it's President, Mr. William G. Mitchell. As reported by the N.A.A.S.

"BBB's 'Despicable Conduct'Formerly a member of the BBB, Antares Corporation withdrew it's membership and charged William G. Mitchell and the BBB of engaging in 'despicable conduct' according to court documents filed in the case."

"Better Business Bureau or Bad Business Behavior?

Libel, Slander, Invasion of Privacy, using funds from a non-profit entity for personal use, using the assets of a non-profit entity for personal profit, interfering with the economic acitivty of a legitimate business or organization, deliberately making false statements about legitimate and law abiding companies, are very serious charges for any one to face, let alone an orginization like the BBB which puffs it's reputation with such sugary statements as 'Our mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between businesses and the public.'"



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