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Complaint Review: Best Buy - Utica Michigan

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- Almont, MI,

Best Buy
Utica, MI Utica, Michigan, U.S.A.
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Be forewarned Best Buy employess ARE as dumb as they look

Listen to this, its ridiculous!

Now keep in mind, im only 23, Im somewhat experienced in business and used to be in a professional career sure, but dealing with these people I felt like a sophisticated ceo or the president of the united states. Its like they dont understand normal english.

I talked very patiently and very very clearly with them, yet they were totally unhelpful and cost me a hundreds of dollars over a little printer repair.

I mean they cant even pay enough attention to talk with costumers. Its a joke. And I want Best Buy to at LEAST hire more professional type people in key positions such as MANAGER. You gotta have SOMEONE to keep the kiddies inline and to be there to help someone in need. Listen to what happened to me when I asked for the manager! Its hilarious! Its ridiculous! Its so pitiful.

I took my printer to get it cleaned and fixed by them. I explained to the seemingly intelligent and listening youth that I needed my printer by the next day and if they couldnt do it, I would take it somewhere else. It was very important and I made it very clear. I asked a lot of questions to make sure they could do it.

He said... ok (they could do it)

(they say that a lot there i learned)

wait til you hear what happened! ok i cant wait... they dont fix printers! can you believe it? they just clean them. This goes into a 3 day ordeal, over a printer i needed fixed by the next day, and they dont even fix printers..

I told him clearly that i thought it would need to be fixed and if after being cleaned it still needed to be fixed can they do that? He said... uh ok

you can? yeah.. ok

can you build me a spaceship for $25 and a stick of gum and a baseball card?

the kid in the blue best buy shirt will say... "uh.. ok" "just call back tomorrow" (when hes not working)

So he says they will clean it and check it out and if there is any problem they will call me that night. They never called so I went back the next day to pick it up.

It hadnt even been cleaned yet! I was shocked and furioius. I couldnt believe it but I stayed in control. I let them know I was dissappointed and that it caused me inconvience to drive all the way there and now I would have to drive to the city to pay Kinkos to print my reports. They looked at me blankly and said.. "ok"

I clearly explained the situation to now 2 more people about what I wanted done and that it probably needed a repair as well as cleaning. They said "ok" they would do it right away and to pick it up tomorrow.

I came back the 3RD DAY and guess what!?? They cleaned it, but it doesnt work. To fix it I need to take it to the service center even further away and it will take 2-3 weeks!!!!!


I could not believe it! I was exasperated! And in good faith..

I asked to speak with the manager. Just to explain to him what happened and to let them know they should have some sort of meeting to work on their communication skills so that this doesnt happen in the future.

The manager broke himself away from a couple of girls, and oh no.. the manager looks about maybe 20 years old and hes a big dumb stud who comes over and acts like a big shot and tries to INTIMIDATE me! Can you believe it. Im not scared of you kid, Im just tryin to help you. It was so ridiculous, at this point im embarrased for all of them. So I tell him the story and suggest he works on their communication skills.

The whole time he argued points with me and offered me my money back. I told him, Im telling you this for your own benefit. You cant pay me back. Ive lost a few hundred dollars worth of my time and resources here. And I dont care about paying for the cleaning. Im not mad. Im tryin to help.

He tells me!!! I dont know what your talking about sir... Our people here have very good communication skills...

Can you believe it? I was so flaburgasted, furiously disgusted. I just laughed and disgustedly said whatever. I could not even look at them any more. It was obvious there was no helping this guy or any of them. He was the worst by far. So he says give him his money back and strutted back over to the giggly girls.

Hey I know what its like. I was a foreman when I was 16. I was an office manager when I was 17. (I left school early) That stuff goes on, I made mistakes and made a fool of myself once in a while. But never that bad, but hey this is Best Buy and these arent super intelligent people.

But hey, listen BEST BUY... THE LEAST you can do is put a one or two intelligent, qualified adults in the store.. ok? It will help you a great amount. Trust me, your customer!

Look at the builders squares and the home quarters that are going out of business becuase of the.."lets hire cheap stupid people strategy". Home Depot in my area kicks their butts! I am a construction contractor now and I go to Home Depot any chance I get. Becuase they are helpful. They are there when I need them. Most of the people are intelligent and somewhat experienced.

Go to the Builders Square or Home Quarters, both of which have now gone out of business in my area, and you know.. you know you are in for a NIGHTMARE shopping experience if you have to get help from the understaffed incompetent help there.

Thats why they go out of business and Home Depot rules.

Hey and guess what BEST BUY! You always have plenty of people there, you never seem to be understaffed, yet they all just stand around and play dumb behind the service desk. I have a suggestion! Pay half as many people twice as much. I think you would kick a*s that way.

A gaggle of teenagers isnt worth as much as a few sincerely motivated, thoughtful people. Start shelling out the bucks and the faith to creat a positive moral behind that desk and you will save more and make more. All your doing now is paying people to blow you off and blow off your customers.

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