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- Alexandria, va,

8001 BRADDOCK ROAD, SUITE 101 SPRINGFIELD, 22151 Virginia, U.S.A.
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This is not a lenghty story, but I did get ripped off from the firm I worked for. .....

The Company is "Buyers Resource / Advantage first mortgage"

The owner is Scott Hardy

The story is this....

My job is to protect home buyers. I am a Real eatate buyer agent. That was also our companys nich. I loved and still love what I do even though I am with a different firm now.

From time to time we would get home buyer leads that either came in from ads, or in house, or even from your own sphere of influence. The process is the same. If some one wants to purchase a home, I routinely counsel the buyer, then send then

the homes they want to see on paper, then I would help them find there home. If they are not in the state I am licensed I would then refer them to a good buyer agent where they live. Sounds simple huh.

Well every Real Estate office has a "Broker" in charge. His or her duties are to assist and train the agents. I am an agent. I went to the broker because I needed to know where or who we refer business to, for folk that want to purchas a home in Maryland. She then gave me the name and number of a company.

After couseling the client, I referred the client to the company and buyer agent in Maryland.

Well to make a long story short, due to poor managment in the company, the broker was let go. Later our BUYERS RESOURCE went under. At least the real estate side. All of the agents went to different companys.

When I went to collect one of my last checks the owner decided to only pay me HALF of what they owed me. His reasoning was

" You were not suppose to sell off company leads ".

I did not hide in some back alley and refer that deal to the other company because I was being sneaky. I was told to by my boss...THE BROKER who the owner hired. I followed instructions. I did as I was told. And I was punished.

I ask you. Is that a way to run a business. I WANT REVENGE!!!

just a side note.

They are advertising that they have more offices than they do.

They are advertising that their agent only represent buyers.

That is false. They do not have ANY agents as of this writing.

They lost over half of their loan officers.

They are advertising homes that are already sold to get people

to call in.

And if you have any doubt simply call and ask for an agent. They will give you to the new broker. His name is Adam. They give

you to him because there is no one else.

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Stop Lying Scott....

#2Author of original report

Mon, November 02, 2015

The Real Estate side of this business was on a 100% commission split. So the fact that you would short change those that worked so hard for your franchise is shameful. Even worse is that after all these years you still want folks to believe you. Shame Shame and I hope this thread lives on. And as a result, you pay for ripping off your independant contractors. I will not go away and neither will RipOff Report!


After all these years Mr Hardy and Buyers Resource are still misleading people

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, November 24, 2005

I am the individual that started this report.I was not a salaried employee. The Agents, myself included, that worked for this company were paid straight commission. Lets stay with the matter at hand. This individual did indeed attempt to illeagaly steer people to the mortgage Company under the same roof. That was part of the reason all the agents left the company. The second part was because he decided to short chang the commissioned agents and salaried employees that worked there. Mr Hardy should be ashamed of himself for ruining the franchise name "Buyers Resource".


Agent was a salaried employee, was settled in full

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, January 21, 2004

Since the agent did not leave a first name when making this complaint, I can only narrow it down to one particular agent who was a salaried employee, who had an active real estate license. In the employees employment agreement it was in writing that she was to recieve a 1/2 commission for any real estate sales in addition to her salary. This issue was settled in full.

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