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Complaint Review: CDS ENTERPRISES - Laurel Maryland

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14625 Baltimore Ave. #312 Laurel, 20707-4902 Maryland, U.S.A.
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The people at fakeid.org (CDS Enterprises) are theives. I sent them $90 and $10 in photos, payed postage, and spent lots of time filling out a form.

When I wrote them an email, they jerked me around and kept writing me stupid generic emails that did nothing. When I told them it was unacceptable 1 MONTH after sending out my order, they started ignoring me. I sent the 6 or 7 emails and they refused to respond, even to threats to drive up to their address with a police officer.

Thank you.


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Kaern Benson

Los Angeles,,
Fakeid Comments by fake id Ripp Off artists, fakeids, degrees, diplomas, social security.

#2UPDATE Employee

Fri, August 09, 2002

To who it concerns I have worked for several novelty companies, such as the one above. during my employment, I was required to answer telephone calls, process orders, validate orders, etc. There have been several problems that i came accross everyday with different customers. 1. Most customers who order a novelty cannot be trusted. They themselves are most likely crooks, k and send in bogus checks, money orders and use fraudulent credit cards. 2. The customer places an order, uses a false method of payment, and expects to receive overnight service. This is impossible with such a business, especially if customer has paid by credit card or by check or money order. 3. The companies have now regulated all payments and allow the checks, money orders and credit cards to clear, before any order for novelty products is processed. Why? Because simply put, the customers are the crooks, not the establishment who provides such a service. 4. Customers then start making threats, rude and abnoxious remarks to staff, and then start spamming the email. this resulted in the customers email being blocked permanently. Why? Use your own common sense. We just get sick and tired of the whining. 5. Companies such as FAKEIDMAN.ORG, FAKEIDRESOURCES.COM, RIPPKARENOFF.COM, AND others who also sell the same novelty products, setup bogus sites to promote their own site. They do this by naming all the scam fakeid novelty sites, and then praise the sites that they own. This results in legitimate sites being ridiculed or receiving bad publicity. The result is the people who setup these bogus sites gain business of naive consumers. The consumers do not realize they are operated by bogus companies. 6. One should check to see the policy of all order processing. If it says your check will be held until cleared, then it will be held until cleared. No matter how you pay. The best way is to pay by wire or cash (unmarked bills). You will be sure to receive your order. 7. All the sites process all the orders they receive or else they would be locked. the problem is they process them in order of priority. So if your order is delayed, don't go saying nasty things, just be patient, and your order will be received. If you become rude or irritated, you will only jeopardise your own position by being locked out of the system. Most of these sites now have software that will scan for spams, and automatically delete you. 8. Go ahead, order from who you want. Do not be a pest, and do not try to send bogus checks, fraudulent money orders, checks or credit cards, they are automatically referred to the local police station in your area, and the local authorities. This will only cause you lots of grief, and it could be many years down the line, not the time you place your order. I have seen some sites send out the whole order to the local authorities, including photos of customer, so behave, and don't mess around, it will not be of any benefit to you. 9. Most operators running sites like FAKEIDMAN OR FAKEIDRESOURCES also have a guest book, and when I worked for them, they made me log in to create a fake username and a fake password with email address. One of my jobs was to post nasty messages about the different competition, even if they did nothing wrong. Not very nice of me, was it? Alkl I can say is sorry, but I was in university, and needed the money for booze. At the time it seemed like a good job. 10. Good luck to all of you, and I suggest you purchase from a company that is experienced and informative about the items theyt sell. 11. Laws vary from country to country. In the US it is very strict, so if you order from the US company, you will get nothing but "NOVELTY" written accross the id, no matter what any US company tells you. If you order from Canada, Thailand, Europe, South America, Africa or the United Kingdom you will likely get what you paid for without the word "NOVELTY" written accross it. 12. US Companies have the strictest laws, so be careful. United Kingdom is second in place with similar laws. What matters is where the address you ship to for order. If USA think twice, if U.K think thrice, all others are fine. 13. GOOD LUCK!


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#3Consumer Suggestion

Sat, June 22, 2002

My name is Stanislao. I am interested in stopping crime with common sense. If anyone has trouble with crime, I will gladly attempt to solve their problem for FREE. you can contact me at [email protected] Please note all clues and other information disclosed is confidential, but if the client wishes, he/she may allow me to alert the police and/or F.B.I.

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