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City Of Phoenix Police
West Washington Phoenix,, 85002 Arizona, U.S.A.
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A juvenile deliquent, now turned to adult courts, lives directly behind me. He is currently awaiting hearings/trial in adult court on 6 counts of aggraveted robbery. He is 15 years of age and was bonded out on intensive home arrest wherein he has to wear a braclet to be monotered.

On Sunday Feb.21,2000, this juvie came or tried to come around the corner, driving a car, his brakes squeled and he almost lost control, straightened out and headed south. In a few minutes he came from the west and headed north, laughing real loud. At this corner, he almost collided with a south bound car. another few minutes goes by and he is again returning, slamming on brakes and fish tailing around the corner. We were able to get tag number, so i called the police> I reported him as underage, reckless, on house arrest and on a bracelet.I gave them the tag number and the discription of the car he was driving. NO OFFICER EVER SHOWED UP.

Two hours later this continued practice still ongoing, I called the police once again. I was told, THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO
I then called the Parole Officer leaving a voice mail message, I called the Maricopa Co. probation dept. was told there, that they do not make arrests. I then asked them who monoters these bracelets and was told the sheriffs office. I called the sheriffs office, instead of referring me to the dept. that monotors the bracelets, they informed me that the sheriffs office can do nothing INSIDE the city limits. I called crime stoppers, they said all they could do is put out a report to watch and locate this car.I was also told since this was a holiday weekend there were many offices closed that would deal with this situation and that I could try calling back on Tuesday.

So with that information and the fact I was furious from trying to take a criminal off the streets, I returned outside to watch him continue to drive reckless and now having his "homies" in the car with him, all laughing and yelling. They were smart enough to know they could get away with what they were doing, due to the holiday.

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Justa a quick coment

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Thu, June 25, 2009

I just want to say that unlike the scottsdale couterpart Phoenix Police officers from what I have seen are very professional. We do have to understand that they can't be all places all of the time. They have a very hard job and they do a great job.


RE: Mike's comments

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Tue, June 03, 2003

I'm afraid that you can give no such assurances that this would have been followed up on if it were a "valid" complaint. I live in MA....and we just had a hearing in a town near me concerning an officer who chose to NOT respond to a hang up call. Dispatcher called him to check on this (officers had been to the house before for domestic violence) and the officer lied, saying that he couldn't take it because he had a burglary suspect in the back of his car. He later admitted that he did not but rather he didn't want to take the call as the end of his shift was only a few minutes away. This is just one example of many that I could cite. (By the way, another officer did respond....and yes, the woman in the house had injured the male pretty badly, resulting in hospital treatment for head injury). So let me get this straight: a 15 yo kid is supposed to be under house arrest and is driving like a LUNATIC up and down the surrounding streets, nearly causing accidents and risking the lives of those around him. And this is hardly the sort of the the police would give a "flying f*ck about" (to quote you)? Um, pardon me? If this kid should injure or kill someone doing something like this, who do you think this is going to come back on? Not the neighbor who apparently realized the great danger this little puke was causing. I'm the first to admit that our officers are placed under great stress and are required to place their own lives on the line for the people of their community. Not enough respect is given to the fine men and women in our departments. But I have to say that I'm glad you USED to be an officer. I hope you found a line of work better suited to your attitude.

Mike Foster

From the other side of the coin

#4UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, May 01, 2003

I would hope that anyone reading understands that the resorces of any large city's public safety department will become over-taxed during a holiday weekend. As a former officer, I can assure you if a valid complaint was received in this instance, it was followed up. A person who thinks otherwise has only to contact the department's public information sector and request a report. Finaly, it is clear in this case that the individual who called the police is portraying the actions of a young person whom he or she seems to know a great deal about and while the incident may loom large in the eye of the caller, it is hardly the sort of thing that the police would give a flying f*ck about. Thank you,

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