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38th Street and 5th Avenue New York, New York, U.S.A.
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I just bought a Compaq PC at COMP USA from their main New York City location. A few weeks back, my computer crashed and I decided to call the store location to see if I could get some support.

I was greeted with the rudest, most indifferent staff. One gentleman who was completely ignorant to my needs, didn't even deign to find the proper information to help me further research my dilemma.

I took it one step further and decided to speak to a supervisor. For a supervisor, she lacked even fewer customer service and interpersonal skills, refusing to understand my frustration and actually treating me with hostile condescension.

This is not really an investigative report, but more a commentary on COMP USA's deplorable customer service. Couple this with their usurious prices, COMPUSA has lost a consumer and I warn anyone else who may think of doing business with them.

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Why do people think that a computer store is permanently obligated EDITORS NOTE: ..They have taught you well


Sun, March 11, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #1785.
It was sent by advocate4compusa at [email protected].
COMP USA lacks Customer Service (#1785)

COMP USA (Computer Stores)
3/28/00 (Last Modified: 3/28/00)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: advocate4compusa
Their phone number: 213-555-1212
Their relationship to the company: Advocate

The complaintant didn't pay attention to his/her CompUSA salesperson's warranty coverage comments at the time of purchase. Had the complaintant purchased one of CompUSA's terrific two or three year Technology Assurance Program (TAP) service agreements, he or she would be entitled to free,
toll-free 24/7 support provided by CompUSA's 800 person-strong Dial-A-Tech help desk center in Dallas, TX. This CompUSA help desk center also provides per-incident and three month and twelve month tech support under separate purchase plans.

I sell at CompUSA, and you wouldn't believe the calls I field from customers asking for detailed technical support--often for products they didn't even purchase from us. This detracts
from our mission to sell products. If we're answering technical questions, we can't sell. If we're not selling, we're not helping keep the lights on at the store, and we're not
adequately providing for our families.

If the complaintant had had a medical or dental problem, he/she wouldn't have thought twice about compensating health professionals for their time and effort. Why do people think that a computer store is permanently obligated to answer every technical question posed by anyone who calls or walks in the door? We have things to do, too.

If the complaintant had chosen not to purchase CompUSA's TAP coverage, he or she could have purchased a Dial-A-Tech support plan, and would have been supported until the problem was fully
resolved. More than likely, CompUSA management and store personnel made the complaintant aware of the Dial-A-Tech option, but the complaintant likely wanted a free ride. When he/she didn't get his/her way, he/she pouted and decided to
b***h here.

Once a CompUSA cash register indicates that a customer's purchase has been approved, that customer is entitled to 30 days complimentary 24/7 tech support from our Dial-A-Tech support
center. That's nice, isn't it?

If the complaintant did not purchase a CompUSA Technology Asurance Program (TAP) program, he or she must direct technical support inquires to the computer manufacturer, not to the store.
All CompUSA documentation makes this perfectly clear. Our stores act as manufacturer's agent for the first two weeks of the product's life, then it is the responsibility of the customer
to seek assistance from the manufacturer. If one doesn't like this, he/she can purchase the terrific TAP plan or go elsewhere.

The complaintant has no basis for his/her complaint. He/she was lazy and called the store rather researching his/her problems
and instead of calling his/her manfacturer's technical support team. By putting the onus for solving his/her problems on CompUSA's sales staff, the complaintant is being grossly unfair to CompUSA and its employees.

This is an unfair complaint. The customer had viable alternatives.

Complaintant says, "COMPUSA has lost a consumer." We're sorry you feel that way but you wanted to tie up sales personnel to answer your questions instead of bringing your system in for a checkup, or instead of subscribing to our service or tech
support plans. Why, you could have probably solved your own problems by buying Microsoft's excellent new troubleshooting guide books. You could have tried running "scanreg /fix" in DOS mode first.

You could've accessed Microsoft's Knowledge Base-- assuming your PC would run and access the Net-- there were many things you could have done, instead of bothering dedicated, hard-working
CompUSA employees. We're too buys at the store level to pamper you or to hold your hand when your computer burps.

We care very much about our customers but we care more about them when they try to help themselves first.



COMP USA should be proud of you for sticking up for them and avoiding the consumers complaint. They have taught you well. Why don't you now attempt to explain her specific problem?

I pulled some specific points from the victims very short Rip-off Report:

computer crashed that was just purchased

Some support.

rudest, most indifferent staff

ignorant to my needs

supervisor, she lacked even fewer customer service and interpersonal skills, refusing to understand my frustration and actually treating me with hostile condescension.

deplorable customer service

Why don't you concentrate on these issues instead of boring us with all the other nonsense? Companies like Comp USA are just getting too big to give customer service and only worried about the bottom line.

[email protected]

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