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Complaint Review: Compaq Computer Corporation - (gee, I wonder why not.)

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Compaq Computer Corporation
unknown (they don't include that info) (gee, I wonder why, not.), U.S.A.
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A week before Valentines Day, My amazing boyfriend told me he was taking me to buy myself a new computer for Valentines Day. The love of my life, Marc Anthony; My Computer, not my boyfriend! I have never had a "brand new" computer, so you can understand why I am so attached to him. We're inseperable, (We're together right now). I just can't send him back to the company, and I shouldn't have too. You see Marc Anthony is "Mute", although he's had several problems since I brought him home from Staples 2/7/00, (I have to take a break, I'm crying too much to type). I should have known there would be complications, he had all the symptoms; . . ."compaq shall not be responsible for technical or editorial errors" . . . that is printed on THEIR MANUAL. In the Window's menu, under 'Support' it states "See Manufacturers Manual for Support". O.K. This is where the fun begins. The reason I needed 'Support' was because my "Internet Access" computer COULDN'T connect to the INTERNET. If your not familiar with MODEL #7360 MY PRESARIO, it has added a special section of buttons designed for the internet. I chose this particular computer, because of those features. The first day, It took me approximately 11 HOURS to get online! That's right, 11 hours compared to the 11 seconds it took for Compaq to upload my information, after the initial registration, I lost my connection. (Eventually, I learned the REAL reason why, but for now, let's follow the story), I tried effortlessly to contact Compaq, because I was having so much difficulty. It was like being in a house of mirrors. I called the number listed for technical support, after giving the drab pre-recorded operator all the information, I was given another number to call; after giving the same drab pre-recorded operator all the information, I was given yet another number to call, just for "My Presario" models. I couldn't believe it. (It gets better!) After giving the same drab pre-recorded operator all the information, I was put on hold. By the time I finally heard a voice, I was so frustrated and frantic, I started blurting out everything so quickly, the guy couldn't understand me. Which was "cookies" because I couldn't understand him either. (He had an accent) Talk about a lack of communication. Eventually, he determined that I had no "drivers" for my modem. This was serious. He assured me, that he would mail me a disk with the "updated" drivers, that my model (desperately) required. He promised he would mail them OVERNITE. Yeah, right! I waited patiently for the mail, UPS, and FEDEX. I wouldn't leave the house, for fear that they would come while I was gone. I even made a sign to hang from my eave with an arrow pointing to my door! All I wanted were the drivers, for Marc Anthony. 5 day went by and I gave up on the mail, realizing I was going to have to do this my way. A friend offered good advice, "You could download em' off the internet.", (I'm not stupid by any means, but some of my friends are, apparently!) I did some backtracking, and found the REAL reason for all of Marc Anthony's ailments . . . When you go to register your computer, the first time, a screen appears that offers "free" internet access. There are 3 choices MSN, which is the MicroSoft Network, the Compaq Net and Zero Net (or something), I didn't chose any of these, I have my own choice!

Hence, (the Sorry- Oh!) you don't take our service, we take our drivers trick! BRAINSTORM, I reinstalled my registration, and this time I chose Compaq.NET, for 30 days free, (after having to sign up for 30 days and giving them my boyfriends credit card number). I was quickly launched into, you guessed it, COMPAQ HELL. After going through their "online" registration,(which I considered more of an interrogation), I was free to surf the web on my "Internet Access" computer. Well folks, you would think that this would be my "happy ending". NOT! When you hear the words, Internet Access, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? If you said, The Internet, The big 3 W's . . . wrong again! Can you say COMPAQ. There are 7 button's on the "Special Keyboard" (made by Compaq), each has a different job, e-mail, shopping, chat clubs, search, the built-in tech, compaq and the "i", (that this computer was rated so highly for in all the magazines), the INTERNET button, along with the rest of them are all REDIRECTED TO COMPAQ. So! So I un-redirected all of my buttons, (which takes some behind the scenes re-programming.) Guess what came in the mail, two weeks after I had called. By then I had already been to their "Customized" Compaq web-site, (It displays my name in tiny letters, yeah thats custom)! Needless to say, during that two weeks, one of which I was online I emailed compaq several times because I couldn't get the audio manager (preinstalled), to work. I guess they don't like the fact that I reprogrammed their buttons, they won't answer my mail, I can't get logged=on to their site anymore. I was allowed on the forum, as a guest, once, they won't let me back in. I tried to call again, (as horrible as it was), but would you believe, when I call the second number(which is their technical support number), listed in the book, on my line their is only silence, just like my Marc Anthony. He's six weeks old now, he still doesn't say anything, but I will sit here in silence before I let them (compaq) brainwash him again. The problem isn't in my multimedia, please don't think I'm stupid, I've done everything I possibly can, aside from opening him, which I will not do -- that would void my warranty. I believe it's a/c adapter for the amplified speakers, thats causing all the silence. I just want compaq to replace the speakers or whatever, but the computer himself, no, they aren't permitted to see him. It might send him into a Compaq-Coma. I keep him updated, clean and covered; sometimes I just wish I could hear him.

I'm sorry, if I bored you with my story, but its true.

I love my Marc Anthony. I thought I might be able to trade the speakers at staples, but after two weeks they no longer honor any thing. I was waiting for drivers, didn't know I didn't have sound, I always kept it low anyway, it's JUST THE PRINCIPLE!

We're still waiting on the $200 refund!


Sandra Goff

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